TENNIS.  Laver Cup 2022: Djokovic teaches Tiafoe a lesson before his double, live matches

TENNIS. Laver Cup 2022: Djokovic teaches Tiafoe a lesson before his double, live matches

TENNIS.  Laver Cup 2022: Djokovic teaches Tiafoe a lesson before his double, live matches

LAVER CUP 2022. Just before playing his doubles match with Matteo Berrettini, Novak Djokovic corrected Frances Tiafoe in 1h12 and two sets (6-1, 6-3).

The essential

  • Novak Djokovic successfully entered this Laver Cup 2022 after correcting Frances Tiafoe in two sets and 1h12 (6-1, 6-3). Earlier in the day, Matteo Berrettini defeated Felix Auger-Aliassime in three sets and 2:16 in the first match of the second day of the Laver Cup 2022. A little later in the afternoon, Cameron Norrie lost to Fritz in three sets. and 1h29 (6-1, 4-6, 10-8). In terms of points, Team Europe regains a two-point lead over Team World.
  • There is only one match left in this second day of Laver Cup 2022 with the double Djokovic/Berrettini and Sock/De Minaur.
  • Follow the Laver Cup 2022 live and in full with all the matches and live results.


21:50 – Doubles will start soon

Novak Djokovic will have to continue very quickly this afternoon of the second day of the Laver Cup 2022. The Serb will team up with Matteo Berrettini for the double that will face Jack Sock and Axel De Minaur.

21:40 – Djokovic’s vibrant tribute to Federer

Novak Djokovic paid a very nice tribute to his great rival Roger Federer after his great victory against Frances Tiafoe: “Without a doubt it was one of the most beautiful moments for sport and television. We suspected that it was going to be a great moment of exception. Also there is sadness to see him leave this sport. But we saw him happy and I am very grateful and privileged to live such a moment. It is one of the most beautiful moments I have lived in my life”.

21:35 – “You had to recharge your batteries,” says Djokovic

After his success for his entry into the race in this Laver Cup 2022, Novak Djokovic gave his first sensations: “I am happy to continue this series in London, I controlled the match well, I was happy with my comebacks. After a very emotional day yesterday , we had to recharge our batteries for today and I’m happy with my performance and the two points for my team”.

21:30 – It’s over! Tiafoe corrected by an exceptional Djokovic

Novak Djokovic easily won his first match of this Laver Cup 2022 in straight sets and 1h12 (6-1, 6-3).

21:28 – An ace to conclude

Novak Djokovic wins his game after another ace in this Laver Cup 2022 and leads five matches to three. He is one game away from winning the match.

21:27 – Tiafoe continues

Frances Tiafoe chained passes in this second round to try to stay alive in Djokovic’s head-to-head.

21:24 – Tiafoe starts with a good pass

Frances Tiafoe is better in this second set and starts very well in Djokovic’s service game after a good pass.

21:22 – Tiafoe returns with 4-3

Frances Tiafoe more easily wins her service game in this Laver Cup 2022 match and is back three games to four in this second set.

21:19 – Djokovic wins their heads-up

Still very little difficulty in winning their matchups for Novak Djokovic, who leads 4-2 in the second set after winning the first set 6-1.

21:13 – Tiafoe is still there in this game

Frances Tiafoe wins her face-off after ruling out two double break points. The American has not yet said the last word about him in this third game of the second day of this Laver Cup 2022.

21:12 – The miracle to save Tiafoe

Frances Tiafoe takes advantage of the help of the net to fire a second double break point. The American is hanging by a thread in this Laver Cup 2022 match.

21:10 – Magnificent pass from Tiafoe to save a break point

Novak Djokovic had put pressure on Tiafoe, but the American made an excellent pass late in the race and erased a double break point.

21:09 – Tiafoe double fault

Frances Tiafoe double faults and gives Djokovic a double break point.

21:07 – An ace and shutout for Djokovic

Novak Djokovic continues to develop for his first match in this Laver Cup 2022 with an ace that closes a new shutout.

21:04 – Good shots in this game

Novak Djokovic and Frances Tiafoe sometimes deliver beautiful exchanges in this matchup, like this one.


Where is the Laver Cup 2022 taking place?

If the 2021 edition of the Laver Cup took place at the TD Garden in Boston (USA), the 2022 Laver Cup will take place atlondon o2 arena (England). The editions take place alternately in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Which teams are in the Laver Cup?

During the Laver Cup, two teams compete: Europe and the rest of the world.

World Team:

  • Felix Auger-Aliassime
  • taylor fritz
  • Diego Schwartzman
  • Alex de Minaur
  • Frances Tiafoe
  • sock
  • Tommy Paul (alternate)
  • John McEnroe (captain)
  • Patrick McEnroe (vice-captain)

European Team:

  • Novak Djokovic
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas
  • casper ruud
  • Roger Federer
  • Andy Murray
  • Matteo Berrettini (substitute)
  • Bjorn Borg (captain)
  • Thomas Engqvist (vice-captain)

What is the Laver Cup?

A kind of Ryder Cup of tennis, the Laver Cup is a clash between Europe and the rest of the world. His name refers to the tennis legend, Rod Laver. The 2022 Laver Cup is the fifth edition. Each team consists of six players, two of whom are chosen by the captain (Bjorn Borg for Europe and John McEnroe for the rest of the world), the other four players qualify by their ATP ranking.

On the Laver Cup program: three singles matches and one doubles match over three days. If the matches of the first day are worth 1 point, those of the second day 2 points and those of the third day 3 points. The matches take place in 2 sets with, possibly, a long tie-break of 10 points in case of equality. The first team to score 13 points out of a possible 24 is declared the winner. In case of a tie at 12-12, the teams decide after a decisive doubles match in one set.

During the Laver Cup, each player is required to play at least one singles match during the first 2 days and a player cannot play more than 2 times, in singles, during the 3 days. For doubles matches, at least 4 players per team must play and a pair can only be selected once (except in the case of 12-12).

In the Laver Cup list, Europe won the first four editions (2020 was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

What channel transmits the Laver Cup?

Laver Cup Television Rights Holder, be in sports broadcast the event from the first edition.

What is the Laver Cup schedule?

During the three-day competition, the six players selected by the captains (Bjorn Borg for Europe and John McEnroe for the rest of the world) compete in singles and doubles matches. This is the schedule for the 2022 Laver Cup:

  • Friday September 23: three singles matches and then a doubles match
  • Saturday September 24: three singles matches and then a doubles match
  • Sunday September 25: one doubles match and then three singles matches

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