OL: Is Laurent Blanc ready to change the system at Rennes?

OL: Is Laurent Blanc ready to change the system at Rennes?

Laurent Blanc at OL training on Thursday (credit: David Hernandez)

For the premiere of Laurent Blanc, OL will travel to Rennes this Sunday afternoon (3pm). Given the urgency of the results, the Lyon coach could be induced to innovate tactically.

It is urgent. This sentence, Laurent White white he’s said it a dozen times since coming to OL. In a week, the new Lyon coach was able to take stock of the troops at his disposal after not having needed much time to know that theOL necessary points. It is often said that the arrival of a new coach creates a new dynamic and within the club we expect it to start on Sunday in Rennes.

“When there is a change, there are new expectations and among the players there is a desire to show what we are capable of, how we play and what we want to play. Nicholas pointed out Tagliafico Friday at a news conference. Maybe that’s why the intensity can change.”

Dembélé and Lacazette in a better mood

He wasn’t there yet last Sunday, but Laurent White white felt this change. For a week, he has seen players “who have rediscovered the notion of pleasure and who have set the pace”. The ills of Lyon will not have evaporated in a fragment of seconds, you have to understand that. The evil is much deeper and the Lyon coach is aware of it. With his coaching staff, he is working mentally to give Lyon’s thoughts a new direction, but it is simply through the pitch that the confidence and desire will return. Nicolás Tagliafico insisted on this desire for collective cohesion to recover the time and points lost in the last month.

“You have to work a lot as a team, that is the basis of everything. If you see your partner fighting, you are also fighting and it is together that we have to raise our heads. the Argentine defender stung. There should not be eleven players working alone, but as a team. Collective trust must be generated. It’s difficult individually.”

Boateng revived?

the intervention of Tagliafico surprised more than one in the assembly hall of the training center this Friday. Like what he shows on the pitch with his aggressiveness and his South American claw, the winger didn’t try to hide it. He weighed his words but they perfectly reflected the observation that can be made from the outside. This formation does not work as a team and cannot be saved by individuals who suffer so much. what do they give “A team split in two lately.”

In his rush for points, Laurent Blanc may well have to make changes against Rennes. Both in the players and in the system. On Friday he confessed that he was looking for “the right direction” put alexander Lacazette and muse Dembele in the best conditions. The two players respond to these experienced players that the new Lyon coach wants to rely on. Already lined up together, the two attackers often seek each other out even if success has not yet been achieved. Above all, aligning the two pushed Peter the forest unbalance his team as Nicolás Tagliafico points out.

A system that sticks to the urgency of points

So how to combine the presence of “Two players who can score between 30 and 40 goals for you” without being cut in half? For the first time with OL, Laurent White white could well innovate with a scheme that, however, had cost him his place in the psg, a Champions League quarter-final night. In Rennes, there is a good chance that OL will evolve into a 3-5-2. A system that allows Dembélé and Lacazette to be together but also to have a reinforced midfield.

“We can change the system, but the mentality will be the same: to cause problems for the opponent. When you have the ball, you are in control of the situation. When you don’t have it, you are exposed by the opposing talent. You defend, but it is more interesting and fun attack and create.

More solid defensively, more compact offensively?

In this system, theOL it can largely mask some of its weaknesses. Used in plunger, Bad taste he will be able to talk about his quality of centers while having more solid coverage behind him with certainly Sinaly Diomandé. With three centre-backs, Lyonnais would finally have size, especially if Jérôme Boateng he managed to revive under white and played the liberos.

Since the start of the season, set pieces have been a real weak point at OL and Peter Bosz had already pointed out this size deficit, which was joined by his successor. “That sees a team that doesn’t concede many goals but wins all the games”. Only the 3-5-2 pill seems to go much better among the followers with Laurent White white than the Dutch coach. The latter had suffered a lot of criticism last season during the winter when it had already been necessary to look for points. Today, however, this system would win all the votes while changing tactics with players lacking rhythm is a risky bet. It remains to prove it on the ground…

The probable composition: Lopes – Diomandé, Boateng, Lukeba – Gusto, Caqueret, Tolisso, Aouar, Tagliafico – Lacazette, Dembélé

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