WoW Patch 10.0: All About the Dragonflight Pre-Patch - World of Warcraft

WoW Patch 10.0: All About the Dragonflight Pre-Patch – World of Warcraft

Pre-Patch 10.0 prepares for the arrival of Dragonflight, WoW’s ninth expansion. It brings the overhaul of the talent system, the new dracthyr-evoking class/race, the Forbidden Reaches area, the ability to edit the game interface, the Primal Storms event, and several new features. Find all the important information about World of Warcraft Patch 10.0 on this page.

Patch 10.0 will be released on October 26 in Europe. It will be divided into two distinct phases.

Please note that some elements have been intentionally left out, such as new loading screens or models. The goal is to give you an overview of patch 10.0 without being overwhelmed by endless data 😉

1. Stage 1: October 26

1.1. Talent system review.

Goodbye 3-talent ranks, hello 6 or 8-talent ranks. Don’t panic, if the interface can be scary at first glance, it’s not hard to understand. Each specialization now has two talent trees, one for its class and one dedicated to its specialization. This gives you access to more customization possibilities.

In practice, you will gain a point of talent for level from level 10. There is an alternation, which means that you will gain a point of talent for the tree of class, then a point for the tree of specialization and even early. In total, once you reach level 70 in Dragonflight, you can spend 31 talent points for the class tree and 30 in the specialization tree.

This is what you need to remember:

  • Each talent is represented by an icon whose shape changes depending on the type of talent:
    • Round Icon: Passive Skill.
    • Square icon: Active skill.
    • Hex Arrow Icon: Access to two talents, you must choose one.
  • You can now modify your talents anywhere in the world.
  • You can save templates: one for your raids, one for Mythic+, etc. It is also possible to export or import them.

FYI, War mode doesn’t change, as do your PvP talents. These new trees will necessarily take some getting used to, but they have the great advantage of offering more diversity for players.

1.2. New race and class combinations.

All races can now be Mage, Priest, or Rogue.

1.3. customizable interface

The WoW interface becomes customizable. Oh joy, oh miracle. For example, you can activate the combo bag, which displays all of your items in one huge bag.

But that’s not all and you have the possibility to edit other elements. You can add shortcut bars, move almost any window where you want, and more. It is possible to change the size of the icons, hide certain elements and even save several different interfaces. So you can, for example, have one interface specific to your tank spec and another to your DPS spec.

This new interface adds functionality to WoW that was previously offered by some add-ons, and that’s great.

1.4. class changes


1.5. new achievements


  • New Mount Collection Achievement: Thanks for the ride! – Get 500 mounts (usable by the same character). Reward: Otterworld Otterke Bearer


  • An Army of Mini Pets – Gather 1250 different pets. Reward: Mini Crystal Monster.
  • Skillful Pet Owner: Collect 1,500 different pets. Reward: Mysterious Canatracian.
  • Is it my fault that they adore me? : Collect 1,750 different pets. Reward: Purple Violence.
  • Little Streams Make Big Rivers – Collect 2,000 different pets. Reward: Mister Musquoxelès.
Mini Crystal Monster: 1250 pets
Mysterious Canatracian: 1,500 pets
Purple Violence: 1750 pets
Monsieur Musquoxelès: 2000 pets

1.6. resurrection sickness

In Shadowlands, if you came back to life this way, you would get two penalties. Your stats and damage dealt are reduced by 75% for 10 minutes, and your items lose 25% of their durability. With patch 10.0, Blizzard has decided to greatly reduce the damage duration, but the cost to repair items will be higher.

  • Your stats and damage dealt are reduced by 75% for 1 minute.
  • Your items lose 50% of their durability.

1.7. loose but good to know

  • Solo Brewing : Players will be able to earn seasonal rewards, vicious mount credit, and conquest points, unlock achievements, and progress through their large weekly vault, such as in Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas. Interaction mode will also be enabled. Dragonflight-specific rankings and rewards will be available from the start of Dragonflight Season 1.
  • Accessibility : New features including interaction keys, gamepad support, the ability to cast spells by holding down a key on the keyboard, and more.
  • raids – Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination, and Tomb of the Founders now use group loot.
  • monster tag : Up to 5 players from both factions can attack the same enemy to progress quests and loot (previously, enemies were not shared between factions). War mode remains unchanged.
  • sets : Eternity’s End class set bonuses become heirlooms and deactivate in combat.
  • Hairdressing : All services become free.
  • New toy “Seed of Renewed Souls” : Welcome the spirits of the forest and put on your Soulshape. 5 minute cooldown. Available from Lady Muunn in the Heart of the Forest.

2. Phase 2: November 16

2.1. New Race Class: Dracthyr Evoker

The Evoker is the newest class in Dragonflight. Originally from the Dragon Isles, he can alternate between two forms, humanoid or draconic. Available to Alliance and Horde players, Evoker has two specializations: DPS with the Devastation specialization and Heal with his Preservation specialization.

You must have purchased Dragonflight to play a Dracthyr Evoker in patch 10.0.

2.2. New Area: Forbidden Ranges

The Forbidden Reaches are the starting area for the Dracthyrs. The evocative dracthyr wakes up after a long sleep and will discover, over the course of fifty quests, that the world is very different from the one he knew before. He will gain the first abilities from it, learn to fly and shapeshift into a humanoid appearance.

You must have purchased Dragonflight to play Forbidden Reaches in patch 10.0.

23. Uldman: Tyr’s Legacy

Uldman: Tyr’s Legacy is a 5-player dungeon in Dragonflight. This is a new version of Uldaman with new rooms and new bosses. This is an experience that mixes elements that we already know from this WoW dungeon with completely new monsters and mechanics.

2.4. Pre-Expansion Event: Primal Storms

Dragonflight’s pre-expansion event takes you to Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. The primalists have sent elementals there that WoW players must defend against to prevent these ancient lands from falling to these new enemies. Elemental attack allows you to collect level 252 items, as well as a toy and a special set.

2.5. leveling changes

The Dragonflight expansion brings several changes and new features to leveling up World of Warcraft. Whether for new players or those with multiple characters, here is the list of changes Dragonflight has made.

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