La PS5 est de nouveau en stock, mais pour combien de temps ?

The PS5 is back in stock, but for how long?

news good plan The PS5 is back in stock, but for how long?


Almost 2 years after its launch, the PS5 is still just as shy… Getting your hands on Sony’s prized console is no easy feat! Fortunately, from time to time, some sites find some semblance of stock. And that is what is happening now! Find out now where to find a Playstation 5 to be ready for the launch of God of War: Ragnarök.

The PS5 is available again!

the playstation5 is definitely THE next generation console the most wanted and unfortunately this is not going to change. Whether in physical stores like Fnac, Micromanía, Cultura or multiple online sites, it almost never appears in stock. On the other hand, it is found much more often on online resale sites at a much higher price.

Update 6/10 at 4:58 pm: sold out in E. Leclerc

Update 6/10 at 4:15 pm: PS5 bundle at E.Leclerc.

Updated on 6/10 at 10:43 am: Sold out.

Update 6/10 at 10:30 am: PS5 bundle on Cdiscount.

Buy the PS5 Pack at €749 on Cdiscount

Updated on 6/10 at 10:23 am: Sold out.

Updated on 6/10 at 10:16 am: PS5 pack available at E.Leclerc.

Buy the PS5 Pack at €600 at E.Leclerc

But luckily patience is always rewarded, so the PS5 is currently in stock!

However, the price is now €549 for the Playstation 5 with Blu-ray and €449 for the digital version. There is therefore an increase of €50.

This increase sounds like a real first. We’re generally more used to seeing the price of consoles drop, as was the case with the PS3, which was deemed too expensive when it launched.

Unfortunately, inflation caused Sony to increase the price of the PlayStation 5, while the price of the Change or some xbox s series Y xbox series x remains unchanged for now.

How to get your hands on a PS5 more easily?

Did you react too late and the Playstation 5 is out of stock again? Don’t worry, while stocks are still tight, it’s now easier to get your hands on a PS5.

For this, we give you several tips.

First, create alerts and as soon as possible register at waiting lines to be notified by email as soon as the console shows the tip of its nose.

Also remember to save your bank details in advance, as well as your delivery address so you don’t waste time shopping and see the PS5 slip through your fingers.

To make it easier for you, we have listed all the sites that regularly offer PS5 reruns :

  • Check PS5 stock on Amazon
  • Check PS5 stock at Fnac
  • Check PS5 stock on Cdiscount
  • Check PS5 stock at Micromania
  • Check PS5 stock at Boulanger

Released from November 19, 2020, PlayStation is finally starting to offer a worthwhile catalog of games with titles like elden ring, Keana, Forbidden Horizon West, lost Y Ratchet and Clank break up.

But other titles, like god of war ragnarokexpected by the end of the year and early 2023

Here is the list of the big releases coming to PS5:

Play Release date
Requiem from a plague tale October 18, 2022
Ghotam Knights October 25, 2022
god of war ragnarok 09 November 2022
The Callisto Protocol December 2, 2022
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy February 10, 2023

But other games will be announced soon; the year 2023 promises to be full of premieres. Sony does not intend to stop there!

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