Ancelotti responds to Xavi: 'I would always prefer to win the Champions League'

Ancelotti responds to Xavi: ‘I would always prefer to win the Champions League’

With Dani Carvajal, Carlo Ancelotti appeared at a press conference on the eve of the match against Shakhtar in the Champions League.

How do you tackle the game? : “This game is very important to reach nine points. We are well prepared for this game. Not everything went well on Sunday. We want to play a better game and show something else, another attitude. The rival has all our respect. As you know Courtois is out. Modric and Lucas Vázquez are back. Ceballos has had problems in training, sore hamstrings and he won’t be here tomorrow.”

Modric will start? “I don’t know, I have a question.”

Hazard said he wants to play more in the press. Did he tell you that too? “Each player knows his situation very well. I have to explain to them what is going on. Eden has not talked to me about it. He is very competitive. His situation and that of the other players is very clear.”

Do you understand the criticism of Benzema? “When Karim can’t have his level, there can be opinions like that. It’s normal, but it doesn’t affect him.”

Xavi said that LaLiga was fairer than UCL : “I would always prefer to win the Champions League. La Liga is very important but the Champions League is the most important competition. They are different. One is played for 38 games and the other for much less”. or bad luck. If I say that we had bad luck against Osasuna, it’s that I obscure the problems we had with the ball and the good play of our rival. Rather, it is necessary to talk about small details that make the difference and it is also based on a strong mentality. Real Madrid was the team that handled it the best”.

Do Xavi and Messi ignore Real Madrid? “I myself am sometimes surprised at what we have been able to do.”

Courtois uncertain for the Clásico? “He’s much better. We don’t know if he’ll be against Getafe this weekend, but he could be back against Shakhtar next week or for the Clasico.”

With Real you always ask yourself if it is the best: “I can’t give my opinion on that. Playing football well means a lot of things. You can’t be successful if you only do one thing well, especially in the Champions League. It’s easier to say that the best wins the Champions League.” League.”

Did you watch last year’s games? Does the past affect the present? “It is the history of the club that plays for us. This team has had extraordinary success in this competition. It helps us now and in the future.”

Camavinga is better off the bench: “I agree. When the game is more open, he feels better. It is a matter of time, that he accumulates experience in positioning on the field. It is something that will improve. He has an extraordinary quality. What he lacks is a little experience because he’s 19. That’s normal.”

shaketar : “It’s a team that has a lot of problems in training. It started very well in the Champions League. It has a similar style to last year, it’s a playful, vertical team. They have fast attackers and strong counterattacks. We have a lot of respect for them” .

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