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Exceptional energy check: here we explain how to benefit from this help!

the energy check It has existed since 2018. It is a nominative aid intended for the most modest households to help them pay their bills of energy. These aids concern both electricity bills (EDF, etc.) and gas bills. (Engie, etc.), wood, fuel oil, etc. You can also finance some energy rehabilitation works.

To deal with rising energy prices, the state has established a new exceptional energy control. From an amount of 100 to 200 € will be subject to a payment to 40% of the most modest households at the end of the year. This measure is added to the extension of the tariff shield in 2023.

Why the exceptional energy check?

In front of the rise in energy prices and with the arrival of winter, the government had to take certain measures. To protect the French, he will pay exceptional power control At the end of the year. And this will be, in addition to the one that is usually sent at the beginning of the year, part of these measures.

The rise in energy prices in France is not lost on anyone! According to INSEE, between the second quarter of 2021 and the second quarter of 2022, the rise in energy prices contributed 3.1 points of inflation out of a total of 5.3%. ” Two-thirds of this effect reflects the higher cost of energy consumed by households themselves. To move and keep warm. The remaining third comes from the repercussion, on the prices of other products, of the increases in the cost of energy for companies. The “tariff shield” measures reduced these effects by half. Without the shield, inflation between the second quarters of 2021 and 2022 would have been 3.1 points higher.“, reports INSEE

because the fee bills transport and housing is on the rise in the household consumption basket, those with lower incomes are more affected by the rise in energy prices. So, the measures of Tariff shield, however, mitigate inflation and specifically for the poorest and oldest households.

12 million homes

Therefore, the Government has decided to take matters into its own hands by implementing various measures to protect the French from this increase in Reward.

One of these measures is the payment of an exceptional energy check to low-income households at the end of the year. This helps households entry the lowest is usually sent to eligible households at the beginning of each year, during the March and April period. Therefore, a second exceptional energy check will also be senté this winter to 12 million homes, with a value between 100 and 200 euros.

Who does this exceptional aid affect?

The government announced it in mid-September. In anticipation of the energy crisis and with winter approaching, the implementation of the exceptional energy check aims to support the purchasing power of the most modest. For an amount between 100 and 200 euros, this financial aid affects the poorest 40% of households. The income of the latter does not exceed a ceiling, that is, 12 million households in total, according to government estimates.

In order to limit the impact of the energy crisis that is approaching this winter, the tariff shield, already extended until December 2022 for gas, and until February 1, 2023 for electricity, will be renewed in 2023. The goal is to offset the expected sharp rise in energy prices for homes and small businesses.

The increase in gas and electricity prices will then be limited to 15%. The limit is higher than that of 2022 (which was 4%) but it is worrying “all homes, condominiums, social housing, small businesses and the smallest municipalities”, announces the government. This measure implies:

  • an average increase in bills of about €25 per month for homes that heat with gas. The increase would be around €200 per month without a tariff shield.
  • an average increase of around €20 per month for home heating with electricity, instead of €180 without a tariff shield.

What is the amount of this check?

amount you have to pay exceptional power control it will be between €100 and €200 depending on income and household composition. The state plans to carry out its payment at the end of 2022, the Prime Minister indicated during her press conference on the aid related to the increase in energy for the most modest homes. She affects 12 million households. East measure exceptional will be added to the annual energy check.

An exceptional energy check will be paid to the most modest households:

  • €200 for the first two deciles. (20% of the most modest households whose income is less than €13,310).
  • €100 for deciles 3 and 4. (Households whose income is between €13,310 and €18,610).

How to use the exceptional energy bonus?

The exceptional energy check, like the classic energy check, cannot be cashed by your bank. It is used to pay various expenses directly to energy providers. Electricitynatural gas or liquefied petroleum, gas oil for heating, wood, biomass or other fuels for heating supply or hot water production, etc.

  • You can use your energy check to pay your expenses directly online. The state credits it directly to your customer account.
  • In order for your energy check for the coming years to be deducted directly from your electricity or gas bill, you can request your prior assignment either online or by checking the pre-assignment box on the energy check before sending it to your provider.
  • You also can Use this check to fund energy efficiency work. Therefore, this work must meet the criteria that the state requires energy transition tax credit. (Condensing boiler, heat pump, etc.).

You have lost your energy bonus, what to do?

Can’t get your hands on your Energy Check or Exceptional Energy Check anymore? You must report its loss or theft. To do this, you have two options:

  1. Online at the following address:
  2. Contact energy check support by phone or mail. You must provide your contact information, tax identification number and the number of your check Energy.

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