UGG: beware of scams, the brand warns against these popular counterfeits

UGG: beware of scams, the brand warns against these popular counterfeits

I placed an order 2 weeks ago and still haven’t received anything.

Surely you have not seen it happen yet, but on social networks a shower of comments points to report the many scams regarding the sale of fake ugg boots. “I left a comment warning that it was fake and they deleted my post.”, protests a young woman on TikTok referring to one of two fraudulent websites: and

UGG: “ and Zebra did not receive a genuine UGG product from Deckers and should be treated with suspicion”

Thinking of having acquired goods ultra mini uggsof UGG ultra mini platform or of Tasmanian UGG… Numerous french consumerss have never received their long-awaited fashion boots. “And say I placed an order 2 weeks ago and there are -80 euros in my bank account and I still haven’t received anything”, “these are fakes pretending to be real”, “bought 10 days ago, nothing received” we can also read below the posts of several TikTokseuses who denounce these actions of these two sites absolutely fake.


WARNING, THESE ARE COUNTERFEITS! Tag @ugg please #scam #ugg #fyp #tiktok

♬ original sound – Typhène.b a fraudulent site

Sold as “MyUGG™ Boots“, these fakes they are as a bonus, characterized as the “best sellers” on the site. Interestingly, going from 149.90 euros to 79.90 euros, being rated 4.9/5 stars and accounting for more than 1789 suspicious comments… Showing an impeccable description and “Contact” sections visible with a photo purchased from an image bank to spend a fake “Frequently Asked Questions” service by a true… These ugg fakes however, they have everything to trick anyone who does not pay attention to certain details. Distrust.


There are other sites of the same type to mention a few #attention #ugg #alertearnaque #arnaque

♬ original sound – clear sells fake UGGs

going hand in hand with, is so much a fraud. If we analyze the site in depth, the conclusion is implacable: it is empty. Only “MYUGG™ boots” that are passed off as authentic models are marketed. Facts demonstrated by a home page and a “boots” section whose clicks all lead to the same purchase page, the only one.

What do we notice? the Counterfeit UGGs sold by they also have everything to appease unsuspecting Internet users. From the price that mysteriously drops from 89.99 euros to 39.99 euros and that “would save 50 euros”, to the rating of 4.93 stars out of 5 and the mention “last units in stock”… But also the countdown to the timer “sale end” timer that pressures the buyer to place an order as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it is not surprising that multiple consumers are victims of fraud. What didn’t our fashion expert miss? Apart from this list of very suspicious elements and these tempting reductions, the configuration of the site is probably the same as that of… But also and above all, thetotal lack of social networks Instagram, TikTok or Facebook page of MyUgg and Zebra. For these reasons, the latter conducted the survey with the only entity capable of enlightening us on the subject: Deckers Outdoor Corporation, the Californian group that owns the UGG brand, the only one. Meet.

Marie France: what are the scam sites selling counterfeit UGGs?

Brittany Lewis, UGG Public Relations and Communications Manager: The presence of counterfeit products on the market is a sad reality for many luxury brands, including UGG. Although we are actively seeking removal of this product through various means, counterfeit UGG products are still offered to consumers primarily through online websites, auction sites, and buying advice.

How to get a refund in case of a scam?

Unfortunately, if a consumer purchases a product from unauthorized sources, we cannot accept the product for exchange/refund or replacement under warranty and cannot assist in disputes related to such purchases. We recommend that you contact the company that issued the credit card used to make the purchase, eg: American Express, Mastercard, Visa for assistance. Deckers dedicates significant resources to combating counterfeit products and fraudulent websites and encourages the customer to report the site to our customer service team.

What are the only ways to buy real UGGs?

Deckers Outdoor Corporation owns the UGG brand in various classes in various countries around the world. Deckers Europe Limited and its related subsidiaries sell UGG branded products to consumers, wholesalers and other customers in the EMEA region. and zebra not provided with an authentic Deckers UGG product and should be treated with suspicion.

How to recognize the real UGG?

We recommend that you shop on the authentic UGG website ( or on the websites of authorized retailers that are generally well known to consumers. By purchasing from an unauthorized site, you risk becoming a victim of fraud and identity theft. To find a list of authorized sellers, you can use the store locator on our website.

Tips from our Fashion Journalist

Our journalist even adds that in order to distinguish authentic UGGs from counterfeit ones, it is essential to look at theheel tag. This must mention “UGG Australia” and be stamped with the symbol “®” that proves its authenticity. Also, the first G in “UGG” is also larger than the second in the original tag.

On the sidelines, the security QR code attached to thecardboard packaging, is a great way to ensure the authenticity of the UGG you just bought. This flash code is automatically scanned and redirected to the brand’s official website if it is a real UGG.

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Likewise, the sole flexibility it is also a foolproof technique for detecting right from wrong, since the original model is twisted and shows no signs of resistance. The extra item? Shoe size is always listed in US sizes.

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