Netflix launches a package with advertising at 5.99 euros.

Netflix launches a package with advertising at 5.99 euros.

With the aim of attracting consumers with modest incomes, this new subscription will be marketed from November 3 in France.

The countdown is on. Within three weeks, Netflix will launch in twelve countries, including the United States, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Japan and Korea, a new cheaper package, which includes advertising. In France, this new offer, called Essential with advertisement, will be offered from Thursday, November 3 at 5:00 p.m. Its price: 5.99 euros per month, or 3 euros less than the lowest rate currently in force on Netflix. This equates to a 33% discount.

Until now, consumers could choose from three ad-free plans: Essential (8.99 euros per month), Standard (13.49 euros per month) and Premium (17.99 euros per month). Now they have a fourth option but with advertising.

Aimed above all at attracting new households with more modest economic means, the formula Essential with advertisement approaches the package Essential. A single simultaneous stream, access to a wide range of series and movies, in high definition, on all screens, and the possibility of canceling or modifying the subscription at any time. However, users will not be able to download programs offline.

In fact, 85% of the catalog will be available. If all the iconic Netflix series, documentaries and movies like Strange things, The crown, money theft some titles are included, for questions of “rights restrictions“, It cannot be broadcast at the moment, specifies the platform, which negotiates with the rights holders.

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No more than 5 minutes of advertising per hour

In exchange for this cheaper package, subscribers will have to accept commercial breaks, at the beginning (pre-roll) and during the programs (mid-roll), within the limit of 4 to 5 minutes per hour. Against twelve minutes maximum on French television channels. No banners or thumbnails, just video, in the form of short spots of 15 or 30 seconds. The commercial breaks inserted, for example, in television series will not exceed 30 seconds in pre-roll and 60 seconds in mid-roll. In the case of recent films, the interruption will occur at the beginning of the program and with a maximum duration of 75 seconds.

The streaming giant will also prevent the same ad from running on a loop. The experience must remain fluid for users. Finally, for the peace of mind of parents, the “child” profiles will be exempt from all advertising.

The arrival of Netflix in the advertising market is a new playing field for advertisers. The latter will be able to target a public that is partially insensitive to advertising and, in particular, a young public, which they can no longer necessarily reach through traditional television. “There is great interest from advertisers.“, assures Netflix. Big brands like L’Oréal or the car manufacturer General Motors have already signed up for the streaming platform.

Audience certification

Netflix, which has delegated the technical direction and marketing of this new advertising offer to Microsoft, promises you a “premium” configuration. Brands will be able to refuse to let their ads air on programs that contain, for example, images of sex or violence. At first, the orientation will remain very broad and will focus essentially on the platform’s program offering: French women watching Emily in Parislovers of Strange things in Japan and Great Britain, etc… But this orientation may change in the future. To validate its audience data in all the countries where its new formula with advertising reaches, Netflix will use a trusted third party from the first quarter of 2023. This is how it has reached agreements with DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science.

In France, Médiamétrie, which in principle fulfills this role of trusted third party, had spoken out against the self-measured audiences of platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+.

Proof that things are changing, its English equivalent, the BARB (Broadcasters Audience Research Board), will publish from November 2 a measurement of the daily audiences of Netflix, but also probably of Disney + and Amazon Prime. It is the first time since the streaming video industry emerged that an independent body will measure the audiences of the giants in the sector on the same basis as that used for television channels. Therefore, this novelty will be carefully analyzed by all audiovisual professionals around the world. Netflix has prepared for this revolution by scheduling the release of the long-awaited fifth season of The crown. An event that the British should follow just two months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

After losing subscribers in previous quarters, Netflix hopes to rebound thanks to its new package that includes advertising. The streaming giant does not advance any objective. In its latest results for July, it had indicated that it expected a modest start in ad revenue. “But we believe we can make it grow and make it substantial over time.“, had explained Greg Peters, the director of marketing and operations of Netflix. According to the specialized firm Ampère Analysis, in five years, the American streaming giant could collect an additional 5.5 billion dollars in advertising revenue.

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