FIFA 23 Review Bomb Victim On PC, Here's Why!

FIFA 23 Review Bomb Victim On PC, Here’s Why!

game news FIFA 23 Review Bomb Victim On PC, Here’s Why!

Officially available from September 30, FIFA 23 once again seems destined to be one of the best-selling cultural goods in our region. Does this mean that the Electronic Arts title has convinced everyone? Not necessarily.

FIFA 23 is the last game of the license to be called that. As you may know, the contract between the international federation and EA has ended, and the publisher will change the name of its simulation EA Sports FC next year.

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FIFA 23: A New Cross-Platform Compatible Anti-Cheat Tool…

A change that should mainly concern use of the FIFA name, but could also allow developers more room to roam. Anyway, the novelty is FIFA 23, with an annual routine that does not revolutionize the license, but brings a number of new features while refining the improvements made last year.

FIFA 23 Review Bomb Victim On PC, Here's Why!

Obviously, the reactions are numerous, with players more satisfied than others. It must be said that the license is a success every year, and that the ways to enjoy the title as well as the expectations are very varied. So it’s hard to please everyone, but it’s obviously on PC what reviews they feel the most important. A few weeks ago, and in anticipation of the release of FIFA 23, Electronic Arts unveiled its new strategy to combat cheating, especially on PC, where modifying files and installing third-party software is much easier than elsewhere.

So instead of relying on third-party anti-cheat software, EA has embarked on the development of its own tool, called EA Anti-Cheat. The goal ? Protect PC gamers by intervening at the kernel level, but also console gamers, FIFA 23 is cross-platform. Since the software is developed in-house and installed at the kernel level, it was intended to be much more respectful of players’ personal information.

Which infuriates PC gamers!

FIFA 23 Review Bomb Victim On PC, Here's Why!

An argument that obviously did not convince some of the players. On Steam, the title received over 6,000 reviews for a “pretty negative” overall review. In the last few hours, the publication of negative reviews has increased a lot, so we can talk about review bombing. However, players are not making EA pay for a controversial statement or editorial decision, but the alleged impact of anti-tick on game performance. Players are reporting severe performance issues affecting their experience, often linking these issues to bugs in EAAC’s anti-cheat system that would not work, send error messages, or not work at all. totally ruin the game.

In general, the same game as last year. However, the addition of the anticheat is currently a very big problem. Since for my part I still can’t launch the game…

My i7-12700f cpu and my rtx 3070ti are too weak to run this game. The crashes, the lags, the freezes, it’s completely unplayable. I requested a refund although I don’t expect a positive response. I got scammed, I move, life goes on… Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, I’ll never play fifa on pc again.

the game doesn’t work I can’t access the game or is the anti cheat that doesn’t work or I can’t access the game the truth is I’m disappointed because it’s one of the games that I like the most): (yes)

FIFA 23 Review Bomb Victim On PC, Here's Why!

Some players seem to have managed to fix part of the problem by uninstalling their anti-cheat software. or starting Steam and Origin as administrator, but others indicate that nothing helps. However, in many negative reviews, players say that they are ready to reevaluate your appreciation if corrective patches quickly optimize the experience. It is also important to note that it is difficult to know if these negative comments match the overall experience gamers on PC, or if they’re just disappointed gamers, quicker to express themselves than everyone else. For now, Electronic Arts did not react.

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