PS5 : elle est de retour en stock avant le Black Friday !

PS5: back in stock before Black Friday!

news good deal PS5: back in stock before Black Friday!

Black Friday arrives in less than a month. We’re not absolutely convinced that you’ll find a PS5 during this event, but why not earlier? If you are reading these lines, in any case it is possible because it means that we have just sighted the famous white Sony console. On the other hand, don’t waste time and quickly click on the link below!

A PS5 just before Black Friday: a bargain!

Why is it that after two years since its release, Sony’s flagship console is still nowhere to be found? There are several reasons for this problem, the fact is that players who are always waiting are starting to get desperate and we understand that.

The shortage of semiconductors affects the production of PS5 as much as that of graphics cards and other electronic products. Even if we start to find graphics cards at prices very close to their MSRP (manufacturer advertised price), they are still quite rare and the same is true on the console side and especially the PlayStation 5. As a result, they are found with higher often in the form of bundles with controllers and games, as retailers don’t want to run out of stock in just a few minutes…or attract resellers!

Exactly, these resellers don’t really help our business as, with the intention of getting rich, they have bought bare consoles en masse at their base price to resell them much more expensive at outlet for a huge profit. . And if we do not encourage you to supply this market, this behavior is not illegal. But from an ethical point of view it is clearly disturbing…

If, once again, your console has gotten out of hand (and we know how extremely frustrating that can be), don’t be discouraged! On the contrary, do not hesitate to check this news again throughout the day because we will update it as soon as we are informed of a new drop.

And our source is very responsive, it will take us very little time to share the information with you. Get ready, as stocks usually sell out within minutes.

Update 10/13/2022 at 10:35 am: consoles in stock on Cdiscount.

Buy the PS5 Horizon Pack at €749 on Cdiscount

Buy the PS5 Pack with controller + 2 games for €749 on Cdiscount

There are three simple things you can do in just a few minutes to hopefully find a PS5 soon:

  • Sign up to get started on the trading sites that are used to trading you, like Amazon (on the waiting list), Cdiscount, Fnac, Micromania, etc.

The goal here is to save valuable time. The one that will make all the difference. Fill in all your personal information, such as your payment method and the address you want it delivered to. Thus, as soon as the console is in stock, you will only have to validate the order and that’s it.

As you may have understood, the objective of the maneuver is to shorten as much as possible the time between the first click and the validation of the order.

  • Check PS5 stock on Amazon
  • Check PS5 stock at Fnac
  • Check PS5 stock on Cdiscount
  • Check PS5 stock at Micromania
  • Check PS5 stock at Boulanger
  • Physical stores are your friends

This is a trick that costs you absolutely nothing except a bit of your time. Whether it’s signing up for a queue, reserving a PS5, or even getting the last one that was in stock at the back store by asking the salespeople nicely (and with their most beautiful smile, for sure!), going to the stores in your neighborhood is always a great idea and it costs nothing to try. In any case, more and more people seem to be able to get hold of their PS5 by going straight to the store.

  • Don’t forget to follow our JV updates!

Rest assured, we spend our days searching for the best deals for you, and the PS5 is obviously one of them. It’s also our job to notify you as soon as Sony’s newest product reappears at a trusted retailer. Don’t really worry, our sources are very responsive, you can trust us on that.

  • Here is the list of the next big PS5 titles:
Play Release date
Requiem from a plague tale October 18, 2022
Ghotam Knights October 25, 2022
god of war ragnarok 09 November 2022
The Callisto Protocol December 2, 2022
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy February 10, 2023

Of course, others will make it to this list as early as 2023, but we’re already expecting an extremely busy year-end period. Sony seems to have a lot of surprises in store for us and we hope that more stock will be available before the end of the year holidays.

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