Tout savoir sur la nouvelle Honda CB750 Hornet à 7800 euros

Roadster – All about the new Honda CB750 Hornet at 7,800 euros

The Hornet is back at Honda. After ten years of hibernation, the Hornet emerges from its hive ready to sting – market share – but in a completely different format: the raging 599cc inline 4 comes out, instead of a single overhead cam. The same engine that, by the way, will power the…

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Honda started from scratch mechanically: this 270° twin set has nothing in common with the one on the NC750, all the better for the sporty look! – , starting with its super square dimensions (87 x 63.5 mm) and its beautiful power of 92 CV. Elongation and “spicy” should be on the program, as well as solid increases with its torque of 75 Nm at 7250 rpm.

We knew it was essential to maintain that high-rpm power spike that was something of a Hornet signature.“, explains the head of development of this 2023 Hornet, Fuyuki Hosokawa, aware of the contrasting reactions to this change in engine architecture…

All about the new Honda CB750 Hornet at 7,800 euros

The Hornet saga, started in 1998, effectively embodies the “Japanese-style” sports roadster with its sharp and explosive 4-cylinder. Tough frame, powerful brakes and already 96 hp when it came out (102 hp for the Ultimate), the CB600F Hornet was the bike for angry bikers and famous Hornet Cup track racers.

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Bringing it back to life with a twin will inevitably raise a few eyebrows, at least those who are starting to be “salt and pepper”… The younger ones this new Hornet is intended for, especially in the A2 version, will be less sensitive to this notion of ‘mechanical heritage’, even totally indifferent!

All about the new Honda CB750 Hornet at 7,800 euros

But at the same time, being a new generation for today’s uses, we wanted the engine to be very generous in torque with a real pulsing feel between low and mid-range.continues Fuyuki Hosokawa, who ignores another advantage for Honda: a parallel-twin costs less to produce because there are fewer moving parts.

190 kg for 92 hp: spicy, the Hornet 2023!

If Honda takes liberties in mechanical terms, the general spirit is instead faithfully in line with the “Hornet tradition”: its sharp appearance and its components are openly sporty, as well as emphasizing its slenderness. At 190kg fully fueled, the Hornet is barely heavier than the 189kg CB500F!

All about the new Honda CB750 Hornet at 7,800 euros

This contained mass gives it a weight/power ratio of 2.81 kg/hp: “best in class“, its designers proudly point out. Agility is clearly at the top of its specifications when reading its data sheet below: short wheelbase (1420 mm), restricted cast angle of 25 ° and above all a 160 rear tire mm, a rarity in this category.

This choice goes against the trend of 180mm, not particularly necessary but much more rewarding on the terrace… Honda puts sensations before fashion: MNC welcomes the approach, which is also more economical both in the change of tires as in use: less rubber on the ground means less resistance to advance and therefore less fuel consumed.

All about the new Honda CB750 Hornet at 7,800 euros

On consumption, precisely, the new Hornet would take a reasonable sip “4.35l/100km” whether it be a theoretical autonomy”340 km with the 15.2 l contained in the tank“, according to Japanese engine manufacturers.

Note that Honda could have gained a few pounds with an aluminum frame like on the old Hornets, but opted for a tubular steel element, which is cheaper to produce. Way to contain costs and therefore the sale price, to the extent that this novelty hits hard in terms of peripherals…

A very, very Hornet part of the cycle!

Showa 41mm inverted fork, Nissin 4-piston brake calipers in radial position: the front axle of the new Hornet immediately announces its sporty claims! MNC notes however obvious similarities with the last generation CB500F – only the triple clamps differ – down to the size of the front discs: 296mm.

All about the new Honda CB750 Hornet at 7,800 euros

But no matter: the result is convincing on the “small” 500 that enjoys a remarkable road feel, which bodes very well for the “big” 755 cc! Not to mention that all of the Hornet’s rivals are far from being as well equipped (see chart below), in particular the market reference MT-07 and its “good old” telescopic fork…

The 2023 Hornet adds a layer with its advanced technologies (dart?!): its electronic accelerator is associated with three driving modes – rain, standard and sport -, which act both on the responsiveness of the twin cylinder and on the control of traction but also engine braking and wheelie control. A “User” mode allows you to adjust these parameters by hand: sophistication worthy of a high-end roadster.

All about the new Honda CB750 Hornet at 7,800 euros

A connected five-inch color display completes this advantageous picture, which harkens back to the elegant Triumph Trident 660. This left-hand-controlled instrumentation also benefits from “Honda smartphone voice control“, which is used to activate phone functions by voice (Android only).

Calls, music and messages can be accessed while driving (blah…) as well as, more interestingly, GPS navigation via a very handy screen share that MNC discovered and validated on the Forza 750 scooter. The Hornet also turns on its hazard lights during sudden braking and has automatic indicator recovery.

Honda’s new roadster at a fair price?

If this new Hornet wants to be accessible with its 795 mm saddle, its compact size and its contained weight, its performance, its peripherals and its electronics may make one fear an equally “spicy” addition… Especially knowing that the “The ” simple” CB500F is already at 6799 euros!

All about the new Honda CB750 Hornet at 7,800 euros

But MNC’s little finger – always well informed – let him know for a few days that his price would be aggressive, to tickle the MT-07 and Z650 headliners. Good choice: Honda reveals to us on the spot a price set at 7800 euros!

The more efficient and sophisticated Honda is therefore a little more expensive, although it falls well short of the €8,449 of its close ‘cousin’ CB650R and its 95bhp 4-cylinder. The latter is also at risk of being quickly cannibalized by this new Hornet!

This well-placed price puts the Honda directly ahead of the Yamaha, currently at €7,599. This new Hornet is on its way to “pump the stinger” out of the competition! Stay connected.

And the competition?

Honda plays, as is often the case, at two tables between small roadsters and beefier models with its new Hornet, which offers comparable size and price to “entry levels” but superior equipment and performance. Approach successfully followed by the Triumph Trident and its three-cylinder 660 cc 81 hp at 8,545 euros, a luxurious and well-equipped 189 kg motorcycle (2 riding modes, traction control, TFT screen).

The Hornet also and above all hunts in the field of the MT-07, the best-seller in the category since its launch in 2014 thanks to its vigorous 73.5 hp twin-cylinder and its featherweight of 184 kg at 7,599 euros. Honda intends to seduce young bikers who are looking for a bike that is less “basic” and more efficient than the Yamaha, but who are not yet ready to get on the villainous MT-09 (or the CB1000R).

Another designated rival of the Hornet: the Kawasaki Z650 at 7799 euros, which will also have a lot to do to keep in touch with its 24 hp deficit. The Verte and its 68 hp twin-cylinder remains a safe bet, thanks to its accessibility, its reasonable weight (187 kg) and its technological updates (color screen and traction control).

The Suzuki SV650 is also in Honda’s sights with its cheerful 73 hp twin-cylinder, the last V-Twin in the category at €7,099: an endangered species as its replacement uses one.

Technical and commercial sheet Honda Hornet 2023

Honda CB750 Hornet 2023


Guy Inline twin, 4-stroke, 270° timing
Displacement 755cc
Bore x stroke 87×63.5mm
Cooling Liquid
Distribution DOHC single, 4 valves/cyl.
Compression rate 11 to 1
Power (advertised) 91.8 hp at 9,500 rpm
Torque (advertised) 75Nm at 7250rpm
Food electronic fuel injection
Approval euro5
Conso (announced) 4.35l/100km
A2 compatibility yes (limited to 47.5 hp by electronics)


Gearbox 6 gears
last lap by chain
Clutch Multi-disc in oil bath, anti-drip

part of the cycle

Frame Tubular steel “Diamond”
front suspension

Showa SFF-BP 41mm inverted fork, non-adjustable

front travel 130mm
rear suspension

Showa single shock with linkages, adjustable preload

rear travel


front brake

Dual 296mm discs, Nissin 4-piston radial calipers

Back brake 240mm single disc, single piston caliper
Front tire 120/70/17
Back tire 160/60/17

Dimensions, weights, capacities

Length 2090mm
Length 780mm
lead angle 25
Hunt 99mm
distance between axis 1420mm
saddle height 795mm (not adjustable)
floor clarity 140mm
advertised weight 190 kg with full fuel
Fuel tank 15.2 liters
Commercial information
Availability Multinational estimate : 1st quarter 2023 in the
Colors Black, white, gray or yellow
To guarantee 5 years parts and MO
  • Sport Pack: gear lever, windshield, passenger seat cover
  • Style Pack: handlebar ends, handlebar riser, tank pad, rim strips, skid pads
  • Touring Pack: Stitched Rider Seat, Rear Panniers, Tank Bag, Saddle Bag
Reward €7,800

Honda Hornet 2023: the official videos

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