“Pierre, have you had your father and do you know if he will call the Prince?  “: how Nicolas Sarkozy would have facilitated the sale of PSG to Qatar

“Pierre, have you had your father and do you know if he will call the Prince? “: how Nicolas Sarkozy would have facilitated the sale of PSG to Qatar

It is a complex file, with multiple ramifications, with regular shocks, and that touches the highest peak in the state. A week after the information from “Complément d’Enquête”, France 2’s investigative program, which returned to the role played by Michel Platini, then head of UEFA, and Nicolas Sarkozy, then President of the Republic, for the award of the Soccer World Cup to Qatar in 2010 and the sale of PSG in exchange for the purchase of French fighter planes, it is Mediapart’s turn to deliver its share of revelations. And they are explosive.

The French media has obtained unpublished documents from the judicial investigation for “corruption” into the concession of the 2022 World Cup to the Emirate. These documents update the hitherto unknown role of Pierre Sarkozy. The eldest son of the former president, also a DJ and hip-hop producer under the stage name of Mosey, would have intervened with his father, in 2010 and 2011, “to help businessman Sébastien Bazin sell PSG to Qatar.” »

“Pierre Sarkozy thus joins, in the judicial file, another ‘son of’, Laurent Platini, whose contracting by Qatar was negotiated during the same sale of PSG,” Mediapart continues.

The judicial investigation shows that the seizure of PSG would have been obtained by Nicolas Sarkozy in exchange for Michel Platini’s vote in favor of the Emirate, during the famous lunch at the Elysee on November 23, 2010, which was also attended by the Crown Prince and current Emir of Qatar, Tamim Al-Thani. “Nicolas Sarkozy is suspected of having thus served the interests of his friend Sébastien Bazin, then head of the Colony Capital fund, and wishing to sell PSG at all costs, which has become a financial abyss,” says Mediapart. .

“Elysée notes and text messages from Sébastien Bazin’s phone reveal the end of this secret story, based on arrangements between friends personally involving former President Sarkozy and Emir Tamim Al-Thani, continues the ‘article. Above all, the intervention of father and son Sarkozy, as well as the general secretary of the Elysee Claude Guéant, would have allowed PSG’s sale price to double. “While Qatar wanted to invest only 30 million euros in PSG, Sébastien Bazin managed to get 64 million euros (…). Sarkozy’s father and son were later rewarded by Accor, when Sébastien Bazin became the head of the hotel group in 2014.

“Several documents show that Nicolas Sarkozy allegedly negotiated on February 3, 2010, during a meeting at the Elysee Palace with Prince Tamim Al-Thani, for the Emirate to buy PSG in exchange for French support for Qatar 2022. Nicolas Sarkozy he then received Sébastien Bazin at the Elysee on April 7. »

During a lunch at the Elysee on November 23, 2010, also attended by Claude Guéant and Crown Prince Tamim Al-Thani, President Sarkozy apparently found the words to convince Michel Platini to vote for Qatar for the award. the world Cup. A vote that took place a few days later.

“Several documents and testimonies show that Michel Platini would have been “returned” that day. He denies and assures that he had already decided to vote for the Emirate”, indicates Mediapart.

According to the news site, “an hour after lunch started, he (sebastien bazin) writes to his lobbyist in charge of Qatar that Nicolas Sarkozy just called him and that he “gave him the key messages”. The next morning, the Colony boss rejoices in an SMS to the same advisor: “NS called me back. H.H (His Highness, His Excellency Prince Tamim Al-Thani]confirmed that the deal will be done after December 2, the day of the vote (for the world cup). »

When the plan to sell the club was threatened, Bazin did not hesitate to request the intervention of Pierre Sarkozy. Like this exchange dating from December 29, 2010 and reported by Mediapart: “Pierre, have you had your father and do you know if he will call the Prince? I talked to the taxi [du prince Tamim] and Nasser and for the time being I told them that I intended to go to Doha on Saturday and Sunday but without any certainty of meeting the Prince!!! “Thank you for everything you do,” he concludes to the attention of the president’s son. »

For Mediapart, “the head of Colony can in any case congratulate himself on Sarkozy’s “impulses”. The deal was officially announced on May 31 and signed a month later. Qatar agreed to pay €64m in two installments, according to an internal PSG audit by Football Leaks. That’s $34 million more than the initial offer. »

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