Aldi hits very hard with its hot air fryer at a mini price!

In addition to recipes, utensils for cooking food rely too much on the taste of food. Aldi puts on sale, as of Wednesday, October 12, a tool that make cooking easier. In addition to being easy to use, this device is cheap. The tool in question is the hot air fryer. As its name suggests, it will save you several liters of oil. Even better, the price is unbeatable. How much exactly? Learn more details in this article.

An inexpensive tool

We emphasize the fact that this new kitchen appliance is economical. Do you know how many liters a year a single person consumption of edible oil? According to reports from the Insee (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies), a single person consumes about 16 liters of oil per year. For a couple without children, the figure rises to 36 liters of edible oils per year.

Good with this new cookware sold at Aldi, you will save much more. Why ? Simply because to fry you no longer need to use oil. At least it is used, but very little.

Source: Aldi

An unbeatable price at Aldi

In addition to saving money by reducing your oil consumption, the hot air fryer is sold at a bargain price at Aldi. This magnificent device, you can have it tomorrow if you only pay 44.99 euros.

This price is below other models available in the market. On average, this fryer it is sold between 80 and 300 euros. When you buy it at Aldi, you even have a satisfaction guarantee. This is what is listed on Aldi’s official website:

“At ALDI, the hot air fryer to cook with little or no oil costs €44.99 and you also have a 2-month return and a 3-year guarantee”

In addition to satisfaction guarantees, the store offers you 3 years warranty. It must be said that at this price and with all these offers it is almost a gift. Starting tomorrow, go quickly and buy it at Aldi distributors closer to you .

Source: Aldi

The features of the hot air fryer

If this offer price does not convince you to buy it, the following features will surely change your mind. This new device has the following characteristics:

  • Removable cooking basket with a capacity of 2.6 liters
  • Power: 1400 watts
  • Timer: 60 minutes
  • Touch control panel.
  • Temperature setting up to 200°C
  • 8 preset cooking programs
  • Fry with little or no oil

All these features it will make your life easier in your kitchen. We would also like to point out that this device is from the Ambiano brand. This is a brand you can trust completely.

How these features will make your life easier

Do you want to cook meat, nuggets, vegetables… or make French fries, one device can do all your preparations. In reference to the aforementioned features, here are the advantages for you of buying this tool that is sold at Aldi:

1. Prepare many dishes

With these 8 preset cooking programs, it is very easy to prepare different dishes.

2. Cook healthier

What is healthier than eating? foods with very little oil . Also, for athletes and those who count their calories, this new technology it’s made for you.

3. Easy to use

It is not necessary to turn fish or meat several times to ensure proper cooking. You just have to put the slices this fryerand wait.

4. Save time

No matter what you cook, depending on how powerful you want, cooking will be very short.

5. Virtually odorless

Once you put the food , the neighbors will no longer be able to know what your dish is. Why ? No odor comes out of this appliance during cooking. You are not smell the delicious smell only once you take out your food.

6. Easy maintenance

This kitchen utensil it is very easy to maintain; it is also easy to wash. Just unplug it and wash it afterwards.

Here’s everything you need to know about ambiano hot air fryer. This fryer is available at Aldi from Wednesday, October 12, with an unbeatable price below 50 euros.

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