Juventus, at the center of a new scandal

Juventus, at the center of a new scandal

The old woman is exhausted. After several years of hegemony in Serie A, Juventus sinks. This season, the Bianconeri are in a worrying eighth position after eleven games, with a record of 5 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses. In the tough league, the Italians are close to elimination in the UEFA Champions League. Tonight they will play in a big way against Benfica (1st tied with PSG, 8 points) since they are third with only three points on the clock. The Lisbon match is therefore crucial for the Turinese, who could take the door.

What’s next after this announcement?

Which would be a huge snub for a club that doesn’t really need him at the moment. Indeed, Juve is going through very difficult moments behind the scenes. In addition to being designated by UEFA for the Super League project that he leads with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, the Vecchia Signora is in a mess. this Tuesday, the Gazzetta dello Sport reveals that several Piedmontese leaders or former leaders are in the crosshairs of justice. They are also sixteen to be monitored as part of a preliminary investigation carried out since 2021 by the Turin prosecutor’s office.

Sixteen leaders in the crosshairs

The president Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved (vice president), Maurizio Arrivabene (general director) or even Fabio Paratici (former sports director) are notably singled out for justice. This case, which concerns possible falsifications of accounts by the Bianconera team, in particular as regards player transfers and financial statements, is causing a stir on the other side of the Alps. The pink paper publication specifies that the chief prosecutor of Turin, Anna Maria Loreto, is interested in falsifications in terms of accounting and transfer window for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020. She also rejected Andrea Agnelli’s summons request, who is still facing trial.

the GDS It adds that the Turin prosecutor’s office has notified the members of the Juventus board of directors, the directors with strategic responsibilities, the Juventus auditors and the members of the college of auditors of the conclusion of the preliminary investigation. According to the indictment, “The evidentiary framework allows profiling an activity of alteration of the balance sheet items (and therefore of the operating results) as a consequence, in the first place, of an anomalous resource to the purchase and sale operations of sports performance rights of a large number of athletes, operations concluded at values ​​established by the parties arbitrarily and in order to satisfy the needs of the balance”.

Several questionable transactions

Then it is stated: “These operations were considered fictitious, also in light of the content of the conversations recorded during the investigation (…) Another intervention, aimed at modifying the budget results, was identified in the so-called salary maneuvers.” In the report prepared by the Turin prosecutor’s office, we know that Juventus declared a loss of 39,596,000 euros instead of 84,506,000 euros and a positive net situation, equal to 31,243,000 euros instead of negative, equal to 13,367. 000 euros. In 2019, he said he lost €89,082,000 instead of €230,732,000. In 2020, he said he lost €209,514,000 instead of €222,477,000.

The prosecutor also announced that some of the suspects have been charged with the crime of fraudulent declaration after the use of invoices for non-existent transactions. “After revealing how Juventus paid agents sums for services that were not compensated and are therefore considered non-existent, with simultaneous damage to the Treasury for an improper deduction of VAT.”. It should be added that the players’ salary reduction agreements for the months of March to June 2021 are also being studied by the courts.

Juve play big

This makes Juventus suspect of several suspicious operations in terms of financial management or transfers. The exchange between Arthur and Pjanic or the CR7 case is observed. Juve has 20 days to provide explanatory evidence before the prosecution decides. The FIGC (Italian federation) could also take charge of the case. Both on the sports field and behind the scenes, the Italian team is definitely having a terrible year and will play very big in the coming days. Business to follow…

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