Panasonic Multishape ER-CKL2 lawnmower test: shaving in wide widths

Panasonic Multishape ER-CKL2 lawnmower test: shaving in wide widths

The Panasonic Multishape is, as its name suggests, a body care device that can take many forms: to change the function, you just have to change the head. Trimmer, razor or, more surprisingly, toothbrush, the main body simply consists of a lithium-ion battery and a motor.

After having bought it alone or combined with one or more accessories (multiple references depending on the accessories included), you can purchase other heads according to your wishes and needs. The Panasonic ER-CKL2 Blade Trimmer is designed for beard and hair trimming as well as body hair removal. According to the data sheet, the battery of the main body allows a range of 70 minutes. Launched at €85, will it convince us to embrace the principles of the Multishape philosophy?

Editor Rating: 3 out of 5


If Panasonic tries to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of razors and razors with its Multishape concept, it does so rather soberly. Indeed, the ER-CKL2 mower is, aesthetically speaking, very sober. All dressed in blue, it looks totally devoid of embellishments such as a chrome rod, any ideogram or a particular texture.


However, even if the ribbed rubber surface sometimes found on certain grip-enhancing devices is absent, the ER-CKL2 lawn mower holds well in the hand, even when wet. Therefore, there is no risk of inadvertently falling. And that’s a good thing since it’s possible to use it in the shower. It’s also surprisingly light with our scale showing a weight of just 173 grams. However, the materials seem of quality and prepared to withstand many years of use before showing any signs of weakness (fissure, crack or other). Even the mechanical parts (mainly to remove the head or to adjust the height of cut) inspire confidence.

Small originality, the back of the main unit is flat. It doesn’t look like much, but you can put it in your sink without the risk of it falling over, which is not the case with all the other mowers in our comparison.


The head separated from the main unit.

As we have said, the ER-CKL2 mower aims to be sober… perhaps a little too much. In fact, its control panel is limited to a single start button. We forget about the speed selectors or the various and varied indicators, and that even for the rest of the autonomy. Only a small diode in the shape of a socket lights up when the batteries are almost exhausted. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the machine is properly charged before tackling the haircut so as not to pay an inadvertent homage to Mister T’s famous Iroquois haircut.

Additional functions are also conspicuous by their absence. It is true that these are not necessarily numerous in razors and clippers, but we would have liked a technology to detect hair density, for example. We are also thinking of a lock system to prevent unexpected triggering of the device. Well, no, none of that, we can only turn the ER-CKL2 lawnmower on or off, nothing more.

If Panasonic has been poor with the options, it fills us with the cutting heights since this model has 58. To offer so much variety you have to go through a trio of shoes (rather a quartet by the way) to fix the blades. . Finally, by turning the wheel located at the base of the head, the cutting height is modulated, from 1 mm to 30 mm in steps of 0.5 mm.


The ring and its cutting height indications.

Good point, each clog has its letter (A, B or C) and the hoop clearly indicates the measure according to this data, clog A goes from 1 to 10 mm, B from 11 to 20 mm and C from 21 to 30 mm. Add to that the unobstructed cutting height and you get the promised 58 increments. The latest D-comb is designed to shave body hair to a 1.5mm cutting height. Attention, sometimes it is necessary to palpate before inserting the combs well into the guides of the shaving head.


At least the charger will be compatible with other Panasonic shavers or trimmers…

Panasonic has not yet switched to the universal charger and has therefore renewed its proprietary version of the Multishape. In the long term, therefore, it is very possible that the latter invades the cupboard or the cup in the dining room of the house.

Editor rating: 4 out of 5

Shaved off

Until now, Panasonic cutters have been noted for their excellent cutting performance and the Multishape ER-CKL2 is no exception. The blades are perfectly sharp and never pull on the hair, contrary to what sometimes happens with other hair clippers, especially when the beard is full. Here, a single pass, completely painless, is enough to trim coarse hair, body hair or head hair.

Be careful, the Panasonic ER-CKL2 lawnmower is designed more for large surfaces because the row of blades continues to measure 4 cm. Another grievance, the shoes are truly imposing, whatever cut-off heights they allow to reach. Consequently, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get through the tightest places and especially above the philtrum, the area between the lips and the nose that is gradually becoming our justice of the peace in terms of agility. electric razors and razors.


The €1 coin gives an idea of ​​the size of the clogs.

Of course you can also get a narrower shaving head, being the Multishape concept a priori made for it


  • Clean and efficient cut.

  • 58 cutting heights.

  • Possibility of acquiring other heads for other uses.

Weak points

  • Imposing size of the hulls.

  • No additional features.

  • There is no universal charger yet.


global brand

Editor Rating: 3 out of 5

How does the rating work?

The ER-CKL2 trimmer has many qualities of Panasonic devices, including perfectly sharp blades that contribute to a clean cut without pulling even thick hair. In addition, its 58 cutting heights will delight fans of perfect gradations as well as lovers of brushes cut to the millimeter. However, you have to deal with a main unit completely devoid of (even basic) options and bulky combs that make the lawn mower suitable for large areas of the face and body. Fortunately, there are other bosses to deal with other situations, but you will have to return to the cash register to take advantage of them, the Multishape system forces.

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