Calling the creation of Rocket League Octane Islands in Fortnite!

Calling the creation of Rocket League Octane Islands in Fortnite!

creators and creators,

The famous Octane from Rocket League landed in Fortnite in the 22.10 update to allow you to power up your experiences. This is no ordinary vehicle. Octane moves almost exactly like in Rocket League thanks to turbo acceleration, supersonic speed, jumping and double jump and dodge. She soars through the skies and rolls on walls!

Rocket League Octane vehicle in Fortnite

To celebrate the Octane’s arrival in Fortnite, we’re challenging creators to create islands to unlock the vehicle’s full potential. That doesn’t necessarily mean going as fast as possible (but it’s a possibility!), but rather finding fun ways to use Octane. We’ll be highlighting some of our favorite islands in a special row on the Discover menu in November 2022. Please find additional information below, including instructions, tips and shipping details.

Island Creation Instructions

We look for :

  • Revolutionary islands featuring a driving Fortnite experience that unlocks the full potential of Rocket League’s new Octane Generator. Explore the possibilities offered by this unique vehicle!

  • From a thoughtful level design. Try switching genders with Rocket League’s octane generator.

  • Imagination: reinvent the wheel or play with the codes of a known genre.

    • Racing, death racing or other, many different genres expect only one thing: welcome Octane! For example, use the Octane’s unique features to create an entirely new ride.

island tips

Now that you’ve read the instructions, here are some tips for adding character to your Octane Islands. It’s not required, but it can help you get started!

Use the new turbo boost

In addition to the Rocket League octane generator that generates octane, creators also have access to theturbo acceleration. This new gadget is a customizable pickup truck that is powered by Octane and regenerates its unique resource, Turbo.

Fortnite Rocket Boost Device

turbo acceleration.

Use the new Rocket League gallery (props)

In addition to the two new devices, the rocket league gallery (props) is it availabe. With this new gallery, you can create islands with Rocket League themed elements. Attach accessories like trellises, banners, a car statue, and sparkly chevrons!

Fortnite Rocket League Accessories Gallery

The Rocket League Gallery (Accessories).

Discover Rocket League’s Octane Park Model Island

We mentioned the Rocket League Octane Island Walkthrough earlier, but to inspire creators, the team at 404 Creative has released the island as well. Rocket League Octane Park Model. Head over to this island for ideas or just to take a short break while you create your island! Access the Model Island of Rocket League Octane Park with the code 7808-4434-5127 and discover the potential of Octane.

Participation criteria and conditions

Participation criteria

  • We accept only one island per creator.

  • We look for high quality experiences that show the potential of Octane.

    • Fully functional islands that make smart use of props, where boundaries are clearly defined, and whose mechanics are well thought out enhance the player experience as well as maximize chances of being picked.

  • Focus on innovation. In addition to the Rocket League Octane Generator, you must use at least one gadget added in 2022.

  • Each application must be accompanied by a video preview.

  • Apps do NOT have to be new islands.

    • This creation call offers a unique opportunity to develop an entirely new island that showcases Octane’s potential, or an island you’ve previously created, which you upgrade to accommodate Octane.

  • We invite you to create promotional trailers.

    • It is not essential to include a trailer of your island, but we recommend that you do. Please note that the application videos (described above) are, on the other hand, mandatory.

How to take part

The application period begins on October 18, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. (CEST). During this time, please submit your island to us using the creative submission form and remember to choose the Call for Octane Island Creation option from the drop-down menu. Applications must be submitted prior to November 1, 2022 at 5 am (CEST).

warm up your engines Y Your creativity for Rocket League Octane Island Call!

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