Bitcoin : combien reste-t-il de milliardaires en BTC ?

Bitcoin: How Many BTC Billionaires Are Left?

news hardware Bitcoin: How Many BTC Billionaires Are Left?

With its price volatility, Bitcoin has not spared crypto wallet owners, even the wealthiest among them. Thus, since the cryptocurrency has triggered a significant drop in its value, some of the richest have lost their status as millionaires, even billionaires, in Bitcoins.

Bitcoin: a rich generator of cryptocurrencies

Rising from €0.001 in 2009 (its cost of production) to €54,000, at its highest point in November 2021, Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the most profitable investments in the history of finance.

In just 13 years, its value has multiplied by several million due to the law of supply and demand. This surge in value has ranked Bitcoin among the largest market caps in the world, ahead of Mastercard or Nvidia stock, in record time.

For this reason, several early investors managed to build colossal fortunes after buying BTC at a time when the cryptocurrency was considered a geek currency.

Today, while Bitcoin hovers around €20,000, how many billionaires are there despite the crypto crash?

Bitcoin Billionaires Despite Crypto Winter

While many believe that the crypto market has entered its bear market, several millionaires and billionaires have seen their wealth status change in just a few months due to the volatility of the virtual currency.

If in November 2021 around 19,000 bitcoins were needed to be a billionaire (in euros), today it is necessary to have more than twice that, that is, around 50,000 BTC.

As a result, in these difficult times, the Bitcoin network has fewer and fewer billionaires. Thanks to the transparent blockchain ledger, these extremely rich addresses can be accessed at any time and by anyone.

Therefore, we know that there are 16 Bitcoin billionaires left. Among the initially anonymous addresses, we know that some wallets belong to the largest crypto exchange platforms, such as: Binance, Bitfinex, Okex.

Of course, this figure is constantly changing depending on the price of Bitcoin.

In this sense, one can largely estimate the number of billionaires that will emerge if Bitcoin returns to €54,000 (its highest price to date).

Crypto Billionaires: Will Their Fortunes Recover?

Certainly, it is not unlikely that the price of Bitcoin will go up sooner or later; furthermore, it is the very principle of finance: phases of rise and phases of fall. Regarding Bitcoin, its trends are exacerbated: we speak of a bull run when the price of the asset rises and a bear market when it falls.

Just based on the scenario in which Bitcoin recovers its price, it would almost triple the number of billionaire BTC addresses.

Still using the blockchain, we see that there are 45 addresses that contain more than 19,000 BTC. Therefore, we can imagine that if the price of 1 Bitcoin rises to €54,000 and the wallets maintain their capacity, then these addresses could be billionaires in BTC assets (in euros).

Let’s imagine: if Bitcoin decides to go further, to €100,000, then there will be almost 104 billionaires with 10,000 BTC each.

All of these assumptions are just estimates; It is by no means guaranteed that Bitcoin will ever go up. This uncertainty around finance and cryptocurrencies could also have the opposite effect.

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