10 amazing video games from famous brands

10 amazing video games from famous brands

game news 10 amazing video games from famous brands

Major brands have invested in video games in many ways. If we’ve been used to product placement in our virtual worlds, like KFC restaurants in Crazy Taxi, Samsung tablets in Perfect Dark Zero, or more recently Monster Energy drinks in Death Stranding, some brands have really given rise to the creation of real video games. your honor In this selection of beetles we highlight companies that have made us play to sell us other products.

7-Up (Cool Point)

The famous lemon-flavored soft drink found itself front and center in 1993 when Cool Spot landed on the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo (before making its way to the Master System, Game Gear, Game Boy, Amiga, and MS-Dos the following year). Indeed, Spot, the hero of this platform game, is none other than the red dot that serves as the logo for the 7-Up bottles. The American drink is also clearly visible on the title screen of the software, at least in the non-European versions, the 7-Up bottle having been replaced by a fairly classic soda in the old continent. For the little information, it was David Perry (Aladdin, Earthworm Jim) who carried out the project on behalf of Virgin Interactive. The game is getting a sequel called Spot Goes to Hollywood on the Mega Drive, PlayStation, and Saturn.

Actimel (Team Actimel against the Megakrasses)

10 amazing video games from famous brands

After 7-Up, we stay in the realm of cold drinks, but this time dairy. Team Actimel vs. MégaKrasses is a 2D platform game released for PC in which the player controls a hero from the Actimel team. Its objective? Catch up with the MegaKrasses and thus defend the digestive tract of ordinary people. Thus, the levels take place in a human body, which does not prevent the hero from having to retrieve bottles of Actimel, or even entire packs of the famous drink. Impossible to miss the mark, it is present at the top of the screen on all game boards, the letters “Actimel” must be collected, and the final scene shows a giant bottle of Actimel repelling the MegaKrasses with the catchphrase, displayed. on screen, “Actimel makes you stronger.” You get the message?

Adidas (Adidas Power Soccer)

10 amazing video games from famous brands10 amazing video games from famous brands

Branded games aren’t necessarily bad. Take Adidas Power Soccer, for example, developed by the talented studio Psygnosis (Wipeout) for Sony’s PlayStation. This is an arcade football game licensed by Adidas that allowed for spectacular special moves (such as the Predator Shot). The tackles were legion, and it was not uncommon to give a little poke between an opponent’s eyes to dampen his enthusiasm. Arcade, we said! The German provider was in the spotlight through banner ads during loading screens.. Three sequels were released with Adidas Power Soccer 2, Adidas Power Soccer International 97, and Adidas Power Soccer 98.

Burger King (Sneak King)

10 amazing video games from famous brands

Sold for the price of a Whopper menu, the Sneak King game features the mascot of the fast food chain Burger King. In this title developed by Blitz Games (Fuzion Frenzy), the player must infiltrate different locations (sawmill, downtown, etc.) to deliver Burger King menus to hungry people. As part of a massive promotional campaign that ran in 2006, the three Burger King games are said to have helped the chain dramatically increase sales. For the record, know that Sneak King is an Xbox exclusive, and at Burger King’s request, Blitz Games managed to put the Xbox and Xbox 360 version on the same DVD, which is weird enough to underline.

Domino’s Pizza (Yo! Noid)

In the 1980s, Domino’s Pizza’s mascot was a man in a red bunny suit. It’s this weirdly unsettling character, let’s face it, who becomes the hero of a platform game for Domino’s Pizza in 1990. Me! Noid is actually the adaptation of a Japanese game called Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru, developed by Now Production and published by Capcom. On foot or on a skateboard, the player progresses through highly varied levels. The biggest difference between the two versions lies in the addition of pizzas in the minigames, as well as in the boss fights, the Domino’s Pizza mascot obliges..

Kellogg’s (Tony and his friends at Kellogg’s Land)

10 amazing video games from famous brands

What better way to start the day than a good bowl of cereal washed down with milk, to enjoy in front of a video game? Quickly, to keep the sugar-glazed cornflakes from getting soggy. Tony and Friends in Kellogg’s Land is a platform game developed by Factor 5 and published by a German company called Rauser Advertainment. In this title, the player goes through different colorful levels as little Kellogg characters, namely Tony (Frosties), Dig’em Frog (Smacks), Coco (Cocopops) or even Toucan Sam (Froot Loops). The player must collect cereals and complete the levels before the time runs out.. It’s classic, but it’s pretty well done for a controller game of this type.

Mc Donald’s (Global Gladiators)

In its eagerness to establish its brand in the world of video games, McDonald’s, assisted by Virgin Interactive, decided in 1992 to associate its logo with platform games. On the Nintendo side, players were able to have fun at McDonaldland, while on the SEGA machines, we tried to save the world from pollution in Global Gladiators. It is this second title that we have decided to include in our selection. While Mick and Mack eat a good McDonald’s, Ronald McDonald decides to play a little prank on them by teleporting them into a comic strip.. The goal of this adventure directed by David Perry (him again!) is to advance through the levels by shooting the enemies you come across with a glue gun. Only here, to get from one level to another, you have to recover the McDonald’s logos hidden in the levels. If that doesn’t give you the big yellow M in your eyes…

Pepsi (Pepsi Man)

The war between Pepsi and Coca Cola turned out to be particularly violent in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1994, Coca Cola first drew its video game, a platform game (yes, another one) edited by SEGA for its Game Gear, released exclusively in Japan. It was in 1999 that Pepsi released its hero Pepsi Man on the first PlayStation. Developed by KID, the title proposes embodying the Pepsi mascot and traveling through a city to save the inhabitants by delivering… Pepsi bottles. Released exclusively in Japan as well, the software takes the form of a runner (with the camera positioned behind the hero’s back) where the protagonist sprints through the streets of a city. very busy looking for Pepsi cans and Pepsi dispensers. The adventure is as rhythmic as it is fun thanks to wacky stages and comical cutscenes.

Smarties (Smarties Fusion)

Following the adventures of M&M’s on PS2 and PC, having shown that sometimes it’s better to leave the treats where they are than to bring them to our gaming machines, the Smarties also wanted their moment of glory on PS2. Given the poor quality of this 3D platform game, in which Blue must save his friends threatened by the evil Dr. Soursweet, we wondered at the time of testing what could be the usefulness of these apps eaten away by extremist marketing . It’s not really pretty, it suffers from various bugs, it’s not very manageable, Smarties Meltdown isn’t to put on every hand. The last straw for a game based on small chocolate bars!

Taco Bell (Tasty Temple Challenge)

10 amazing video games from famous brands

To finish this selection, will you take many tacos from Taco Bell? Distributed at the time with the brand’s children’s menu, Tasty Temple Challenge invites you to embody Baja Bill. This funny character only thinks of one thing: eating. One day he discovers a temple full of Taco Bell food. with tacos, nachos and other pizzas. Great, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the creatures get in his way to prevent him from feasting too easily. Tasty Temple is a 3D first person game in which the player fights against scorpions and snakes (as well as a boss) using hot sauce. All while consuming signature Taco Bell dishes to get healthy. The explanatory manual had a set of 7 errors, except there were 22 to unearth.

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