Dragonflight: Pre-Expansion Event Guide - World of Warcraft

Dragonflight: Pre-Expansion Event Guide – World of Warcraft

Dragonflight’s pre-expansion event takes you to Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. The primalists have sent elementals there that WoW players must defend against to prevent these ancient lands from falling to these new enemies. Elemental attack allows you to collect level 252 items, as well as a toy and a special set. Find all the information about the pre-patch 10.0 event that will take place before the release of Dragonflight.

This page is based on the first test session that took place in the WoW PTR. Things are likely to change between now and the launch of the event.

1. Recognize elemental attacks

To find out where the event is active, you need to open the world map. You will notice the presence of several icons signaling the attack elementals. This can happen in various areas like the Northern Barrens, Un’goro Crater, or the Badlands.

Arriving in an area hit by the invasion, you will find that the attacks take place in various places. However, not all places have the same interest. Some attacks are small in scale with only a few monsters to kill. Others are larger in scale with the possibility offace a bossa giant elemental that requires multiple players to defeat.

Each elemental attack is linked to an element: air, fire, Earth Where Water. The powers of monsters and bosses differ depending on the elemental storm you are facing.

2. Elemental Attack Deployment

When the Primalists attack an area, you will notice the presence of many monsters. Some are creatures you normally find in the area that have been corrupted by the elements. I am thinking, for example, of the harpies of the Northern Barrens. The new elementals are also present in number, with normal and elite versions. The weather in the region can be altered by rain or snowfall.

Regardless of the area or the type of elements, a Primalist attack always takes place in 3 steps :

  1. You kill enemies in a loop to trigger the boss spawn.
  2. When the boss appears, the game informs you of the presence of a main protection. This is an elemental protection that surrounds the boss and makes it impossible to attack. You must kill monsters to reduce the protection from 100/100 to 0/100.
  3. Once at 0/100, the boss can be attacked and killed.

Once the boss is eliminated, you can kill enemies again to make it respawn. And so right away.

Trick : Some enemy spells can be temporarily avoided. During an air elemental attack, for example, you can be pushed back by the wind or blown back if you are hit by a cyclone.

wearing a primary protection (a clickable item on the stage), you will benefit from a 60-second buff that will protect you from negative effects. Be careful, then you will suffer from a elemental depletion which will prevent him from gaining any other protection for 2 minutes.

3. Bosses and rewards

When a boss spawns, the icon on the world map and area map changes to show that the boss has been summoned. In this case, run at full speed to face him.

Each element has its own boss, with specific abilities. Depending on the amount of players present, the boss is more or less difficult to defeat but without a doubt during the first days of the event there will be so many people in the attacked regions that killing the bosses will be child’s play.

Among the Elemental Lords, we find in particular:

  • Air: Rampant Stormlord
  • Earth: Lord of the rumbling earth
  • Water: Lord of Frigid Ice

Each boss has their own techniques and we will especially highlight the fact that the Frigid Ice Lord can lower his visibility quite a bit, to the point of being practically blinded by a snowstorm around him.

Bosses drop level 252 items, as well as gray items and Primal Essences, a currency specific to the pre-expansion event.

Primal Essence can be used to purchase new items from vendors located in Stormwind and Orgrimmar:

  • A toy bag of raging winds.
  • A set of Primal Storms available in Cloth, Leather, Mail, and Plate.

4. Pre-Expansion Event Screenshots

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