Boycott: guilt makes you deaf

Boycott: guilt makes you deaf

Now that the specter of the boycott is fading into media limbo – everyone will go off to play and gorge themselves on collaborations – another false debate is starting to intrude on televisions: should we watch this 2022 World Cup? In fact, it’s mostly a diversion that, like private jets, avoids asking the real questions and revealing the real responsibilities…

the end line it’s now part of the course of any show, as soon as an actor or personality finds themselves in front of a camera or microphone: “Are you going to follow the World Cup in Qatar? » It is not about being fooled by the process. This angle of attack is quite surprising, because one wonders who says it is forbidden for the average viewer to turn on their television for the Blues game. In the end, there are many more pro-Qatar “experts” to be outraged by this dictate than paragons of virtue to seek to impose it. Roschdy Zem, for sale at C for you on France 5, there was no cut. He confessed his guilt… yes, he will be in charge of the matches “without hiding the social and ecological aberration” . He also developed his point of view to justify himself: “It is very late. It takes place in two months. The award for organizing the World Cup was ten or twelve years ago. Neither the political authorities, nor the sports authorities, nor the players, not even you the media are going to report the results, so why today are we going to take the viewer hostage by saying “Don’t watch the World Cup.” We knew who we were giving the World Cup to, […] we had all the elements. […] From the moment we make the decision, it is not the spectator and less the players who should be told not to play. »

The occult and personalities

In fact, the “blame” lies first with our government (remember the role of Nicolas Sarkozy, then President of the Republic, in favor of the emirate’s candidacy) and with the FFF, and then also initially with FIFA. The trend is quite similar to what is possible to hear about ecology. It is always much easier to ask the Pekingese to take responsibility for the planet: selective sorting, buying a bicycle, etc. – to impose at the “macro” level – State, companies – painful decisions for the portfolio. Of course, there can also be an unexpected effect around this kind of concern. For example, those communities in France or Belgium that “give up” giant screens. That said, in November-December, even with warming, crowds surely wouldn’t have swarmed under a marquee, while the energy crisis and inflation equally encourage this wise “ethical” decision.

In short, Christophe Galtier is certainly not a climate criminal. Asking him to account for his masterly gaffe on “sail tanks” or even apostrophizing him during a conference as happened last Thursday is to limit the discussion to my fault individual – “I Take the Train” – when it is all of professional football that is in dire need of reform.

However, this overall vision does not prevent citizens from thinking and acting in their soul and conscience. In addition, the testimonies are multiplying, in particular about the SR, of the choice of a personal boycott of the competition, without in general being considered as a model to follow. This is finally the meaning of Amnesty International’s latest letter to the Blues, announcing that the NGO will support the Danes on Sunday night. “Didier Deschamps, your coach, whom we had also contacted, had however announced in a press conference that you were free to speak and that you would not oppose the questioning of the players towards Qatar or the French Federation.we can read there. Was it out of courtesy to his future host? Not the slightest individual intervention in the media or collective lawsuit evoking the issue of human rights in this country. The deafening silence of his team in the face of the thousands of migrant workers who died on construction sites in Qatar and the thousands of others subjected to forced labor. » Basically, you who have the freedom to speak, to express yourself… But it’s no use blaming football, because if this sport sometimes seems like a religion, neither the players nor the fans need to go through the confessional. The World Cup in Qatar is purely secular: politics, economics, ecology. It’s time to realize…

By Nicholas Kssis-Martov

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