Celebrate Fortnite: Nightmares 2022

Celebrate Fortnite: Nightmares 2022

In Fortnite update 22.20, dj lyka awaits you at the Tree of Reality to help you transform into a beast with… lupine features.

Becoming a monster is not the only novelty of Fortnite: Nightmares 2022. Also complete quests and get special rewards, challenge cube monsters in Zero Build Horde Assault, celebrate with re-introduced items, and more. Fortnite: Nightmares 2022 lasts until November 1 at 7 am (CET)!

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Claws to make you cry wolf

After dancing to the frenetic beat of DJ Lyka’s mix, hop on one of several alteration altars near the Reality Tree, where you will have the opportunity to do theritual gesture. (If you’re far from the Tree of Reality, don’t worry, there are shrines elsewhere!) Once you finish the ritual, you’ll get the howler claws. Use them to get wolf abilities:

lupine trail

Once Howling Claws is equipped, howl to activate the ability. lupine trail for a limited time, before going on cooldown. This ability triggers a sight that regularly marks enemies in a close radius. If there isn’t, Lupine Track goes directly on cooldown.

(Either you you are the target of this ability, your sixth sense warns you with a heartbeat that intensifies as the beast approaches…)

Fortnite Howler Claws

Howler Claws.


When equipping Howling Claws, you get… claws. But they’re not just for scratching behind the ears. Thanks to the cutting abilityyou can chain four ferocious melee attacks.

air cut

Your claws also allow you to cut in the air. Thanks to the Air Slash Skillyou can perform a double jump that deals damage to your opponents when you hit the ground.

No buildings, lots of monsters.

Fortnite Zero Build Horde Rush

Horde Assault is back, but this time the monsters have the upper hand… This is a Horde Assault zero construction ! Will you be able to eliminate hordes of monsters, get score multipliers, chain eliminations, survive in different zones and face the final boss with your companions without relying on the safety of buildings? You’ll find out by playing Zero Build Horde Assault, available from the Discover menu. long after the end of Fortnite: Nightmares (more precisely, until November 15, when the servers will be down due to update 22.40).

This is because Zero Build Horde Assault will last beyond November 1st for a limited time. After Fortnite: Nightmares ends, keep an eye out for Horde Assault missions that you can complete for a special in-game reward…

Take control of your nightmares

Now you know all about the Horde Assault missions, but there are also Fortnite Missions: Nightmares Available now! These quests will have you performing the ritual at Alteration Altars, visiting nightmarish locations like Grim Gables, or using reintroduced items like candy and the pumpkin pitchers. Complete Fortnite: Nightmares missions to earn XP and other surprises.

Fortnite Pumpkin and Candy Launcher

Fortnite Candy: Nightmare and Pumpkin Launchers.

Two Fortnite: Nightmares missions will be available daily for 14 days. If you complete five, you will unlock the end of all glider. If you complete 13, you will unlock the chrome Cage back accessory. Finally, if you complete 25, you will unlock the anti-creator peak. The missions will be available until the end of Fortnite: Nightmares, on November 1 at 7 am (CET).

Fortnitemares Bonus Objective Rewards

The islands beyond paradise

Call Fortnitemares

Do you want the horror to last? Or party? This year in the Fortnite: Nightmares Crafting Call, we challenged creators to design islands with themes of horror, ecstasy, or both. Check the row horror and ecstasy from the Discover menu during Fortnite: Nightmares 2022 and check out some of our favorite islands.

Tremble before these concepts become reality

Fortnite Nitemare comes to life

the suits sinister eye Y mourning torment have been added to the item shop. These outfits were inspired by the designs created by the winners of the March Concept Royal: @drewings Y @kitsunexkitsu ! Read the interview of these two talented artists to learn more about their inspirations, their artistic experience, their feelings after their victory, and more.

New in update 22.20: Custom slashes for keyboard gestures

The “Use custom diagonals” option was added to the Mouse & Keyboard settings tab in the 22.20 update. This new setting allows you to adjust the diagonal movements of your character.

To enable this option, go to the Mouse and keyboard tab and set the Use custom diagonals option to “Yes”. Then adjust the “Front Diagonal Angle” and “Rear Diagonal Angle” as desired.

Notes on competitive modes

Important bug fixes

  • Recovery cards no longer sink if the player is eliminated in the water.

  • Players can once again see the evolution progress of their EvoChrome weapons in competitive modes.

  • Moving the right analog stick on a gamepad no longer accidentally moves the selection in menus.

  • Fixed an issue on mobile where water would appear to float above the ground.

A new enemy seems to be grabbing a lot of headlines from his camp set up on a new floor of the Grim Gables house… If you can defeat him, you’ll be able to obtain his mythical weapon! (You will have most likely I need a hand.)

Also, some wild animals have disappeared during Fortnite: Nightmares… Maybe a zombified species is behind all this? Or maybe they fled in a motorized canoe, which would explain their disappearance…

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