HYBE announces closure of VLIVE, Kpop fans worry

NAVER and HYBE (Big Hit Entertainment) teamed up in 2021 to merge their fan community platforms into one and create the “the best kpop platform in the world“.


It was explained that Naver will create a new community platform for fans by combining VLIVE and Weverse users, content, and services.

Later, HYBE announced that it had acquired LIVE and that the company will gradually integrate the functionalities of the application from July 18.

HYBE announces closure of VLIVE, Kpop fans worryweverselive vlive ef

Until the end of 2022, VLIVE users will be able to continue using the app; after the end of 2022, they will need to use the Weverse interface, including Weverse Live.

HYBE announces closure of VLIVE, Kpop fans worry

Only the content of artists already on the Weverse app will be transferred from Vlive to Weverse Live.

HYBE announces closure of VLIVE, Kpop fans worryold live weverselive

Weverse Live has uploaded the artists’ old VLIVE videos and fans are raising concerns about the change. Many artists also started using Weverse Live, which received mixed reactions from netizens and Kpop fans.

weverselive vlive er ew

Fans expressed their discontent when they realized how long it took for Weverse Live to add subtitles to their videos, leaving many international fans unable to watch the content.

HYBE announces closure of VLIVE, Kpop fans worry

Additionally, group BUSTERS uploaded a statement on October 5 stating that the group will be returning to their fancafe as a platform to communicate with fans as the VLive service will end at the end of 2022.

HYBE announces closure of VLIVE, Kpop fans worry edwd

As VLIVE will disappear at the end of 2022, fans and netizens are wondering what will happen to the videos of artists like NCT, RED VELVET, EXO, STRAY KIDS, TWICE, etc.

weverselive vlive er 2022weverse live live
It has been revealed that all rights to view content and channels of non-Weverse artists will disappear upon termination of the service, and the channel operator will not be able to use or post the content on the app.


However, for artists who are on Weverse, their content will automatically transfer to their Weverse channel.

Netizens and Kpop fans commented:

  • What fans of non-Weverse bands are supposed to see for now…
  • Hey..??? What will happen to our NCT videos…?
  • I don’t know why people blame Hybe for this decision. Naver was going to end the service until Hybe bought it. Hybe is not a charity, so don’t expect them to keep it going when it’s not profitable for them. Many great idols have already left “VLive”, so it’s probably even worse at this point.
  • Hybe tried to re-upload it and even uploaded some of the Vlive videos to Weverse so I don’t understand why people are complaining.
  • I think that those who criticize Hybe are very young and have no idea how companies work. They are just mad about losing their favorite idol videos. They don’t think beyond that and understand that a company can’t just maintain an unprofitable platform for no reason.

In a nutshell, Naver bought 49% of Weverse and Weverse used the money from the sale of 49% of their business to acquire “Vlive”. Naver didn’t sell ‘V live’ because it wasn’t profitable, but because Naver probably thought it was more profitable to buy Weverse shares since BTS accounted for the majority of ‘V live’ sales anyway. Now that Naver acquired Weverse’s shares, they probably thought it was better to merge Weverse and “V live”, which was probably the point of the deal in the first place.

  • Watching Vlive is one of the greatest pleasures of my life and now it’s gone thanks to Hybe.
  • Please make sure all of our idol videos are uploaded.
  • I was happy to use VLive. Bye
  • Oh no, I can’t review my artist’s videos in the VLive app anymore?
  • I can’t believe they are actually finishing the app.

What do you think?


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