Linky counter.  Can you be penalized if you refuse to install this system?

Linky counter. Can you be penalized if you refuse to install this system?

In France, nine out of ten households are already equipped with a Linky meter, this state-of-the-art electricity meter. But what about the many refractories? “Is it true that those who reject the meter will have to pay €50 a year to Enedis? » This question comes from François. We put the question to Enedis. We explain to you.

Less than 10% of homes to equip

First, François, you should know that the massive rollout of Linky meters was completed at the end of last year. “The Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) has prepared a positive assessment of the deployment: at the end of 2021, in accordance with the initial program, we have reached the objective and installed 90% of the meters”, Enedis replies. This left less than 10% of homes to be equipped, that is, 3.8 million meters.

According to the latest data, as of September 20, 2022, “35.4 million meters have been installed”. As winter approaches, the electricity distribution network operator encourages its millions of Linky meter users to better control their consumption thanks to this tool in order to move towards greater energy sobriety. Customers equipped with smart meters can track their actual consumption data, up to half an hour, by accessing their private customer account on the Enedis Internet platform.

“Enedis continues to install Linky meters for all customers who want it. We see that the demand is high with 30,000 meters installed per month and we invite customers who wish to equip themselves with the Linky meter to call 0 970 831 970 (price of a local call)”, adds the utility company.

Will those who are not yet equipped have to pay?

In a report published on November 25, 2021, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) planned to charge people who refused to install the new system. So what happens today?

If you reject the installation of a Linky meter in your home, you must transmit your consumption index, at least once a year, to avoid billing for meter reading. “Indeed, for customers who do not have a Linky meter and who have not transmitted a consumption index in 2022, the CRE has announced a billing system for meter reading that will be gradually implemented as of 1Ahem January 2023, Enedis explains. Customers who have not sent their consumption index will pay an additional €8.48 every two months, that is, €50.88 without taxes per year until the old electricity meter in their home is replaced by a Linky. »

The network administrator accompanies all these clients via information that includes a personalized link that allows them to enter their self-report online, with reminders by email or SMS. And it appeals to the initiative of Enedis, offering them the possibility of making their statement directly with an advisor. »

What about the Linky meter?

“At a time when the government has just launched a “Every Gesture Counts” mobilization campaign, and when all stakeholders are calling for individual and collective energy sobriety, Linky is more than ever an essential tool at the service of electrical energy consumption. more responsible”, Enedis says.

The Enedis platform on the Internet, which collects the data from the meters, offers several services: identify your consumption peaks during the day, compare your consumption for one day, compare your consumption with that of households with the same type of dwelling and the same power characteristics.

In the light of this data, the customer can control his consumption by identifying “abnormal excessive consumption”which will lead you to modify an overly greedy device or even to choose a price and power offer more suitable to your needs. “Closely following the energy impact of its uses makes it easier to identify the elements with the highest consumption at different times of the day: an oven starts at noon, a dryer starts in the afternoon…”, concludes the electricity distribution network operator.

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