In the Cauldron, a new boil

In the Cauldron, a new boil

More than four months after the chaotic bombardment against Auxerre and the four games behind closed doors that followed, the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium is once again authorized to receive the public, this Saturday for the poster between Saint-Étienne and Grenoble (3 p.m.). Although they will be a great asset to get the Greens out of the red zone, the Saint-Etienne fans have not forgotten anything of the unfulfilled promises of the summer and retain a stubborn resentment against the Caïazzo-Romeyer duo, still at the helm of the club.

Stands desperately silent. This is how he accompanied Geoffroy-Guichard’s first outing from Saint-Étienne this season, against Nîmes (1-1). There was no anger, not the slightest boo two weeks later, during the resounding and sadly historic defeat against Le Havre (0-6). Hardly more cheers or outpourings of joy when Jean-Philippe Krasso and his gang crushed Bastia (5-0). Finally, the reception of another great reduction, the Bordeaux, took place in a deafening calm in spite of the victory (2-0). In fact, it’s simple: for the first two months of the season, the ASSE played its home games in a bubble. Not sanitary, but purely disciplinary. In fact, the Forézienne venue received a heavy penalty, that of a full closed session imposed for the first four games of the exercise (not to mention three firm penalty points). It must be said that the last coming of the public in the openings of the Cauldron had given birth to a very sad spectacle. As soon as the play-off defeat against Auxerre (1-1, 4-5 TAB) and relegation to Ligue 2 were registered, many fans invaded the pitch, some of them throwing smoke bombs in the direction of the presidential grandstand . .

“I have never seen so many people cry like that night. » Max, present in the second leg against Auxerre

The Auxerre trauma and forced expulsion

This night of anguish and chaos, Max is not willing to forget her. At 21 years old, this regular kops (north or south, depending on how many seats are available at the box office) was one of those who burst onto the pitch after Icaun’s last shot on goal. “I didn’t throw anythingpromise. I was in the grip of adrenaline, anger and sadness. I didn’t think about it, I was crying during the whole session and besides, I had never seen so many people cry like that night. » Also present, Lucas, also 21, is “I stayed a few minutes in the stands. With my friend, when we saw that she was really degenerating, we left. This anger was understandable, but it went too far. » Like all the other lovers of the club, ten times champion of France, the two young fans had a hard time living this forced distance. “I don’t know a follower who has lived it wellinsists Julien Beal, a subscriber for fifteen years and spokesman for Socios Verts, a project that aims to bring together enough contributors to, in the long term, enter the club’s capital. We were able to do all the trips, and there are no incidents to be regretted, which is to be underlined. » After having enabled several parking lots for visitors, the Foréziens will finally return to their lair, this Saturday afternoon (3 pm), in front of Grenoble.

“Many fans agree to be behind the players, but not behind the coaches. » Lucas, Greens supporter

Changes (still) pending

They will find there a formation that no longer has much to do with the one that was relegated at the end of last season, between a very lively transfer window (eleven arrivals, twenty-four departures) and another game philosophy led by a well-known coach. to the State, Laurent Batlles. “Pascal Dupraz, the game, did not know what it wasJulien Beal denounces. We were so unspoiled that now when we see five successful passes in a row we are shocked. » At the moment unable to chain the good results, Anthony Briançon’s couples languish in the relegation zone (18me square). Nothing to worry about Max, convinced that the “The new team has great potential and with a Cauldron boiling over, it can cause sparks. » To tell the truth, it is not the still irregular performances of these Greens New style that are likely to annoy your followers. To understand where the crux of the problem lies, it is necessary to reread the press release published after the loss of the dam and signed jointly by the two shareholders, Bernard Caïazzo and Roland Romeyer. “At some point we will announce important news for the future of the club and ours” , was written in particular. Between the lines, it could be understood that the two strong men of ASSE, hotly contested, intended to finally hand over the baton. Despite the rumors and the bid project carried out by David Blitzer, the sale did not materialize. Nor the long-awaited big changes.

“In the heart of the reactor, nothing has changed: neither the shareholders, nor the members of the Board, nor the communication department, nor the administrative staff… In fact, extra-sports has not changed” bitterly points out the spokesman for the Verts Partners, who will publish a white paper on Monday with proposals for the future of Saint-Étienne and are waiting for a new owner to have a role to play. “The more we have made a garment, the more essential we will be in the eyes of the future buyer” , he continues. Until then, Romeyer and Caïazzo (persona non grata at Saint-Étienne, the latter now living in Dubai) will continue to arouse resentment from the fans. “They don’t respect usaccuses Lucas. Yes, it seems that they want to sell the club, but they always screw up the deal by asking for too much money. » Before adding: “Many fans agree to be behind the players, but not behind the coaches. »

“The pardon will not jump. Honestly, I think everything will go well this season. » Julien Beal, spokesperson for Socios Verts

Serene despite the sword of Damocles

Despite the closure of the Jean-Snella stand (that of the Green Angels), still behind closed doors for two games, there should be a large crowd and a warm atmosphere for this reunion. “I can’t wait to be there. I’m really looking forward to experiencing things with the fans. I heard in Saint-Étienne that the people want to come back. It will have to push us forward.” Laurent Batlles waits. “I suspect there will be hostile chants against the presidency, but above all I want to push my team” says Lucas. Everyone also knows very well that a sword of Damocles is still suspended over the heads of Saint-Etienne: at the slightest slip observed in the stands, the reprieve (three penalty points and two additional games behind closed doors) risks falling. Well informed of the general mood among fan groups, Julien Beal is convinced that this will not happen. “The pardon will not jumpensures. Honestly, I think everything will go well this season. “There will be no overflowHire Max. It would be necessary to be suicidal to impose new sanctions on the club, we have already eaten enough. » In the recent past, the Cauldron has sometimes sealed away its protégés. It is up to him to remind all of France that he can also push them to sublimate.

By Raphael Brosse
All the comments collected by RB, except those of Laurent Batlles, at a press conference.

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