Le nouveau diagnostic de performance énergétique

DPE reliability still under attack, the profession presents its proposals

“Stop Diagnosis [de performance énergétique] low cost” : this is the appeal of the Chamber of Real Estate Diagnostics of Fnaim (CDI-Fnaim), in response to the new survey by the UFC-Que Choisir on the reliability of the DPE. It must be said that the results of this one, while the DPE was supposed to be better aligned than it was a few years ago, leave you wondering: “Of the 7 homes that have been the subject of numerous diagnoses (between 4 and 5 each), 6 of them have not been recognized with the same energy class, and there is even one home whose assigned class ranges from B to E although it is low consumption!”, we can read in a press release issued by the association. A more than problematic result, although this tool has acquired considerable regulatory weight, and even in the long term it should partly govern the rental housing market. A fact required by law, it is in fact the thermometer that allows to know if a property will be rentable or not, according to its energy class and the calendar of prohibition of the rental of less isolated housing, integrated in the Climate Law. and resilience. If it is possible to vary the energy class of the home simply by changing the provider, or by choosing, voluntarily or not, a less competent and less expensive diagnostician, the entire philosophy of the text would be betrayed. As a solution, the UFC-Que Choisir asks in particular the public authorities to “review in depth the certification system to assure consumers that the use of a certified professional is a real guarantee of quality”.

The situation is not “unacceptable”

The CDI-Fnaim can only say that it agrees with some of the conclusions and proposals of the consumer association. That a house can be classified in different energy classes by different diagnosticians “is not acceptable”, reacts in a press release. If the professional organization agrees that a reinforcement of the initial and continuous training of the actors is necessary, it considers that part of the problem also comes from the calculation method, imperfect despite the work. “colossal” It has been taking place since July 2021. But the first cause of these failures, for the CDI-Fnaim, must be found on the side of the professionals whom it describes as “low-cost”, visibly taking advantage of the development of this market to prosper. there breaking the price and not worrying about doing their job properly. A new type of eco-criminals, as we can know in the field of energy rehabilitation, in short.

An authority that would sanction unscrupulous diagnosticians?

“It is time to build a true professional branch and, why not, think of an authority that can sanction unscrupulous diagnosticians who tarnish the image of our sector”, proposes the organization. Another avenue mentioned: a framework for the prices of services to avoid a “price differential” Linked to “quality deterioration”. The professionals in the sector believe that they will not be able to do it alone, and that a takeover by the State, via regulatory changes, would allow us to get out of this situation. One thing is certain, if they react, the public authorities will have to hurry: the first important deadline for the ban on the rental of poorly insulated homes is set for January 1, 2023, the date on which the worst thermal filters in the class G of DPE will leave the market.

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