These Android and iOS apps are temporarily free |  NextPit

These Android and iOS apps are temporarily free | NextPit

Like every week, NextPit offers you a selection of good deals on mobile apps and games for iOS and Android, usually paid but temporarily free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This list of free apps is updated weekly with at least two weekly editions, Tuesday and Saturday. Between publication and the time you view this article, some apps may have become paid again. Google Play Store promotions on apps are pretty easy to predict, but it’s more complicated with App Store promotions since Apple doesn’t specify the validity period of the reduction.

Little tip: Find an interesting app, but really can’t use it right now? Install the app anyway, then remove it from your device. This way the app will be part of your app library and you can reinstall it for free whenever you need it. A good way not to miss an ephemeral promo

Temporarily free Android apps on the Google Play Store

Temporarily Free Productivity/Lifestyle Android Apps on the Google Play Store

  • Smart QR Code Scanner Pro (€0.79): TSmart QR scanner is the fastest QR and barcode scanner for Android, or so it claims. It’s more than just a scanner, as you can also create your own QR codes/barcodes. The pandemic has certainly made QR scanning mandatory for almost everyone, so having this app on your smartphone
  • hitch id (€5.99): SnagID is a mobile app that can generate a site audit inspection report or a professional task list and issue report in PDF or XLS format, and also offers multilingual support
  • Gallery (

    An intuitive photo album app that organizes your photos and videos into moments, allowing you to relive and share the best moments of your life.
  • Rainsee Navigator (€0.59): Rainsee Browser is a fast, easy to use and secure web browser, but since it was developed by one person, there will be some limitations

Android mobile games temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • epic hero war (€0.59): A side-scrolling real-time strategy online defense game that combines role-playing games. Build a powerful army and kill enemy hordes in missions and battles with other players!
  • Broken Words PRO (€1.99): Broken Words PRO is a new word search puzzle game that will test and train your knowledge of English words and their definitions in an entertaining and challenging way.
  • space shooter: galactic attack (

    A classic and well-rated shoot ’em up where you have to shoot enemies in space in a deliciously mindless way.
  • ShapeOminoes (€1.89): The goal of this game is simple for those who like puzzle games: your task will be to complete a randomly generated shape three times using different types of ominoes.
  • dungeon princess (€0.69): A very popular role-playing game, the second part of which is also temporarily free.
  • Crazy Halloween Puzzle (€0.59): A puzzle with very interesting gameplay on the theme of halloween;
  • Teach your monster to read (€5.99): An award-winning phonics and reading game that has helped millions of children learn to read. The app is commonly used in kindergarten, elementary, kindergarten, and elementary schools as an interactive educational resource.
  • clash of bricks (€0.59): Your goal is to break the bricks on the board scoring as many points as possible. You will achieve it by shooting at the bricks with balls of the same color.
  • HD Magnetic Balls (

    Your objective will be to eliminate all the balls from the board, adding as many points as possible by shooting them with other balls

Temporarily free iOS apps on the Apple App Store

Temporarily free iOS productivity/lifestyle apps on the Apple App Store

  • military retirement pay (€0.99): Did you serve your country as a military? If so, the Military Retire Pay app is perfect for you as it has been specially designed to display your current, past and proposed future military pay by rank and years of service. It will help you calculate an estimate of your retirement balance based on the information provided.
  • image roulette (€0.99): This app helps to beautify your photos with filters and random effects, where you can also put a date stamp on your photos with just one click
  • walker pedometer (€1.09): An alternative activity tracker that tries to motivate you to walk a little more each day.
  • bedtime | wide watch (€0.99): As its name suggests, this app shows the time in big letters on the screen, it’s as simple as that

iOS games temporarily free on the Apple App Store

  • The game of the woman at the window (€0.99): Want to be (un)pleasantly surprised? You will be alone and looking for your way, you will definitely find different surprises in an unpleasant way! It’s time to stay alive
  • blood air (

    A game that you can simply play to release the pressure. It claims to be an “immersive hack ‘n’ slash game”, so get the most powerful abilities possible and clear the ground of your enemies.
  • infinite ninjas (€1.99): There’s a quartet of ninjas to choose from in this authentic cartoon style 2D endless action game. Here you will have to overcome many obstacles, such as evil ninjas, ninja dogs, monsters, half men and zombies.
  • Re: Factory (€3.99): This sandbox strategy game will allow you to rebuild an entire world in your image and likeness. Your mission will be to build an automated factory on an alien planet, which is housed in an incredible world that will work according to your laws.
  • pixel push football (€1.99): Pixel Push Football is an arcade game and it makes no apologies for it. It offers physics-based gameplay and paper soccer rules. When you get tired of playing with the AI, there will always be other human opponents to test your strategies.

What do you think of our selection this week? Found other great apps or games on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Feel free to share your tips in the comments.

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