MotoGP Australia J3 Debriefing Johann Zarco (Ducati/8): “I had a lot of riding in second and third gear and therefore my power was cut off”, etc.  (Integrity) - Paddock GP

MotoGP Australia J3 Debriefing Johann Zarco (Ducati/8): “I had a lot of riding in second and third gear and therefore my power was cut off”, etc. (Integrity) – Paddock GP

This Sunday, October 16, 2022, johann zarco answered questions from journalists at the Phillip Island circuit at the end of the Australian Grand Prix.

The French driver has almost always been out front this weekend but he is still struggling to align the planets. This time, again, it was the start that failed, before making a very good comeback from 19th at the end of the first lap…

As usualwe report your words here without any formatting, even if it is partially translated (vouvoiement for English, tu for French).

Johann, did you miss your game? Because we saw you very far at the end of the first lap…

johann zarco : “yes, I had a lot of rolling in second and third gear and therefore the power was cut. My exit system didn’t work and I couldn’t get the bike back down. It cost me a lot of positions, but I couldn’t register the bike well in the first corner with the heavy bike either. So I couldn’t risk overtaking because the others were much more comfortable at the beginning of the race. But what I saw was that they were pushing the tire a lot, so after only three laps the group behind was already struggling with the tyre. So from that moment on I started to come back and it was good to have a good rhythm: I really gave a lot and there were a lot of places where I was very strong. In others, less, and I made a mistake behind Marini when I got to the leading group, and maybe that cost me a bit. And with the energy spent to catch this group, I just wanted to breathe a little behind Marini, but because of that mistake I had to attack again to stay with them. I tried to fight and I had good fights, with Brad, with Aleix and also with Bastianini. We had a good race, but the last fight, with Aleix and Binder, made me lose contact with the group of the top five where Bastianini was. So there was a good pace and it’s really a shame for the start and it’s a sign that I can be very fast but the feeling on the bike is still not good. Having that, as soon as I want to put the bike into the corner naturally, I will always have the same problem at the beginning of the race. If we can find the solution, since my style is different, then maybe I can become really strong. »

Have you ever run into this issue, and is it the same one Pecco suffered from during testing?
“We had it in FP1 so we studied it and we were able to figure it out. This morning it worked, even with the wet tires, then there, I don’t know why. Maybe this track is particular to this system so maybe the different settings cause a problem for the start. »

Apart from this problem at the start, do you have the feeling that your pace allowed you to aspire to be in the top five, even to the podium or to victory?
“Yes! I should have been in this group to be with them, have more fun with them and relax a little more, because the laps I had to do under 30 were not easy. And likewise, when I got to the group then, the front wheel got a bit hot: then you start to lose the lead, and although I wasn’t fighting for a podium, I didn’t want to commit the slightest mistake, as the goal was to finish the race, I was still able to overtake the other riders well , but when I got to this group it’s always more difficult to overtake, because if they’re ahead it means they’re going fast (laughs). help to ride naturally. Because I don’t really ride 100% naturally on the bike, I do it more with a method, so you can see the method can make you fast, but not win races yet. So you have to be natural on the bike Clete, as Rins did today. »

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