Benfica-PSG: "We were not far from rape", Parisian supporters denounce excessive searches in Lisbon

Benfica-PSG: “We were not far from rape”, Parisian supporters denounce excessive searches in Lisbon

The testimonies of Parisian fans who were victims of more than extensive searches by Portuguese commissioners and policemen multiply after PSG’s trip to Lisbon to face Benfica in the Champions League. RMC Sport collected the stories of these experienced and shocked fans.

Mistreated by Benfica, PSG lost its first points of the 2022-2023 campaign in the Champions League with a draw (1-1) in Lisbon. If the couples of Lionel Messi and Gianluigi Donnarumma seemed satisfied with their result and with this trip to Portugal, the Ile-de-France fans experienced a much more complex trip. After the delay of the CUP at the Estadio de la Luz due to police regulations, some Parisian fans complained that the searches were too extensive at the entrance to the Lisbon venue. Some testimonies also relate to body searches bordering on abuse or groping.

“Dozens of Parisian fans have been humiliated by stewards, as certain accounts of PSG fans on social networks like AverageParisian. They have literally gone too far with their demeaning pursuits, don’t let this go, it’s a sheer SHAME!”

“He starts to put his hand under my bra and insists”

Contacted by RMC Sport, a follower told her version of the Parisians’ trip to Lisbon. Very soon, the security device turned into oppression for the tricolor fans. From the exit of the subway near the stadium, the tension rose a step between the visitors and the members of the Portuguese device according to the story of this woman.

“We arrived at the search and that was the moment that impacted me the most. I am a fan who travels a lot in the Champions League and it was humiliating. At first I did not react, I told myself that it was a hint, that it was normal, it just goes a little further than usual, Edith narrated for RMC Sport after her traumatic trip. But after a while I felt discomfort, there was something wrong with the excavation, and yet I did a lot.”

And the support to continue with an increasingly chilling testimony: “At first he feels your arms, between your breasts to see if there is anything, it is normal. But then he starts moving his hand under my bra and insists on looking if I didn’t hide anything under it, this PSG fan explained to me again. I felt his hands on my breasts. Then he reached behind my back, down and runs his hands around my waist and into my pants. I feel. I go to my panties then I make a sign to him. She replies ‘she’s fine’. Then she continues, I feel that her hand is close to my private parts. She ends up taking off, she feels my pants and then she asks me to spread my legs. I execute and she asks me to open up even more, suddenly she moves her hand to my crotch, there I tell her that I don’t agree and she continues saying ‘okay’, after that, I passed. She had 30 seconds of hesitation wondering what had happened.”

A phenomenon for many Parisians

Edith also clarified that her situation was not an isolated event. According to her, many PSG supporters suffered a particularly extensive and intrusive search around the Stadium of Light.

“I turned around and saw my friend Céline who was going through the same thing. My male friends coming out of the quest went through the same thing. The other Parisian supporters who were with us were very upset because they all went through this quest, relaunched . the person concerned. We said to ourselves: but what’s going on? We didn’t understand why we had to go through this, we weren’t virulent and we didn’t deserve such a thorough search.”

“The police only expected one thing, to fall on us”

First shocked and embarrassed, many PSG supporters later experienced a sense of anger after this extreme pursuit. But in order not to aggravate the situation, they did not overreact in Lisbon.

“At that time we did not know how to react because we were afraid that they would accuse us of overflowing,” Edith complained again. […] The police only expected one thing: to get on top of us. The leaders immediately calmed things down. But when we suffer that, we are not well. It is a humiliation. On top of that, our things were thrown on the ground. It was very shocking. Conditions like that to come and support your team are deplorable.”

Paulo: “It was a palpation of my genitals”

Also interviewed by RMC Sport, Paul-Henry Strasser alias Paulo, testifies to what he experienced in Lisbon on Wednesday. This member of the Collectif Ultra Paris was part of a group of six supporters, men and women, and all say they are victims of inappropriate searches by the commissioners and even sexual touching.

“The commissioner came up to me, pulled down my shorts and started pulling up my boxers. He had his hands inside my boxers and he was frisking my genitals. My voice still trembles, this fan of the capital club confided with emotion to RMC Sport. On the female side it was the same with the hands in the bra and in the thongs, with a touch (sic) of the genitals. That’s what happened to him and I would like this message to be heard by everyone.”

And ‘Paulo’ to share his anger after this traumatic episode. For him it is clear, he was the victim of a sexual assault: “We can clearly talk about sexual touching. When a person should not touch you or anything, it is clearly sexual touching.”

Some felt like rape

Like Edith, very upset and clearly under the impression that she was experiencing “collective rape”, the Parisian fans shared her anger after her return from Lisbon. Retransmitted by many Internet users, the protest has grown to the point that the keyword “BenficaVioladome” appeared on Twitter after the third day of the Champions League. Men and women alike, the action of the mayordomos and the police apparently spared no one.

“As for the search… I had never seen that… and I have already done some trips, you know that,” launched another follower in response to a call for testimonials on social networks. “

“I have already had ‘extensive’ searches in France and Europe. But never like the one in Lisbon, added another PSG supporter. We all left shocked by what had just happened.”

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A phenomenon already seen for the Maccabi Haifa match

The excess of zeal denounced by many Paris Saint-Germain supporters during the trip to Lisbon does not seem exceptional. Several Portuguese media recalled that Maccabi Haifa fans had transmitted similar complaints after their team’s match in the Champions League opener on September 6.

Extensive body searches against Israeli visitors also denounced by the journalist Renaud Marquot, who had accompanied them to Lisbon.

Already for the duel against Maccabi Haifa, the commissioners and police officers in charge of access to the stadium had behaved in a very limiting way with the fans.

Jean-Guy Lebreton with Maria Azé and Aurélien Tiercin

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