What is the best 3D printer brand in 2022?  - printin3D.net

What is the best 3D printer brand in 2022? – printin3D.net

If you want to get your hands on a 3D printer, you probably know that it’s still a real investment. Although the price of 3D printers is much more affordable today, to aspire to have one that has a certain thoroughness and a shorter printing time, you have to be able to afford the price. Whether for professional or home use, keep in mind that some brands stand out more than others. However, is there any particular brand that has been strong this year? We tell you everything in this article.

Voxelab, the low price brand par excellence in 2022

As strange as it seems, It is already possible to get a 3D printer for less than €200. The Voxelab brand is proof of this. Therefore, it is not uncommon to turn to their models when starting out in the field. And it is not a mistake to do this, because, despite their rather low price, Voxelab 3D printers are still very qualitative and have an ergonomic interface that is easy to use. Its main flaw, a fairly long printing time.

Your most popular model is probably the EagleHowever, it is difficult to find it in the market. Given its success, Voxelab has launched theEagle X2, which is one of the best selling 3D printers in affordable models (less than $200). It’s still just as slow, however it’s quieter, has excellent adhesion to the build plate and is very easy to use.

  • Voxelab Aquila X2 Open Source 3D Printer with Detachable Build Plate, Resume Printing, Upgraded Version Filament Detection, Build Volume: 220 x 220 x 250mm

    【Aquila Upgrade Version】❶ Filament detection sensor, help detect and notify filament usage during 3D printing. Maximizes print success rate and avoids filament waste.; ❷ Portable handle, compatible with ergonomic structure, easy to carry, take Aquila X2 anywhere with the handle! ❸Vertical screen design, better adapting to operating habits, giving you a smoother printing experience. 【Fully Open Source & Semi-Assembled Kit】Based on open source technology, the print volume reaches 8.66 x 8.66 x 9.84 inches, with full metal frame design and partially assembled kit with motherboard. Removable build surface, it’s great use friendly for beginners. It allows flexible upgrades and various modifications. 【Rapid heating and quiet printing】: The carbon crystal silicon glass plate has strong adhesion, heats up in 5 minutes, and the printing model will not be easily deformed, and the printing sound is less than 50 decibels, Provides a quiet printing experience for the 3D Printing Hobbyist. 【Intelligent Backup System】- Aquila 3D printer has the ability to recover after power outage. It will automatically create a save point when interrupted in the middle of a print, allowing you to resume print progress as soon as power returns. The reliable feature makes it a great printing solution for beginners and veterans alike. 【Reliable After-Sales】: All Voxelab 3D printers, 12-month warranty, lifetime technical support and 12-hour professional customer service.

  • Upgraded VOXELAB Aquila X2 3D Printer with Removable Carborundum Glass Platform, Fully Open Source and Print Resume Function, Works with PLA/ABS/PETG, Size 220x220x250mm

    【Smooth Print & Glass Bed】This printer comes stock with a reliable flat glass bed. This is necessary when working with build gaps to get perfect layer lines every time you print. The Aquila X2 is compatible with 1.75mm PLA, ABS and PETG filament. 【Fast Heat Up & Quiet Printing】Equipped with 32-bit silent motherboard and carborundum glass build platform, it allows the build platform to heat up within 5 minutes and prints stick better without warping. Ultra softness even in the first layer. 【Print Resume & Sensor Detection】Aquila X2 can resume printing after a power outage or other unexpected shutdown. And the sensor stops prints when filaments run out or break, saving a lot of time and money. 【Auto Filament Feeding】Intelligent filament feeding technology, which makes the filament loading and feeding process much easier. Also easy to use with a 4.3-inch color screen, which greatly enhances the user experience. 【After Sales Service】All Voxelab 3d printers have lifetime technical support. If you have any questions about the operation of the product or the software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • VOXELAB 3D Printer Filament, 1.75mm PLA Pro (PLA+), Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02mm, 3D Printing Material 1kg/Spool, Compatible with FDM 3D Printer (Grey)

    Premium PLA Filaments: Clog-free, bubble-free, tangle-free, low-warp 1.75mm PLA 3D printer filament for a smooth and stable 3D printing experience, making printed parts with an exceptional surface finish. 1kg spool: spool diameter: 200mm flange, 53mm hub hole, 65mm width. Filament Dimensional Accuracy: 1.75+/-0.02mm. PLA filament has minimal shrinkage and warping. Vacuum Sealed: Vacuum sealed with a desiccant to keep moisture down. And keep it dry and dust-free after opening the sealed package to avoid breaking or getting stuck. Technical specifications: Recommended extrusion/nozzle temperature: 190 °C to 220 °C, net weight of the reel 1 kg, hot bed 25 °C to 60 °C. Wide Compatibility: Perfectly works and matches all 1.75mm FDM 3D printers. High security performance, Reach certificate, CE, RoHS, MSDA.

Creality, the leader in the 3D printer market

If you are not especially looking to stay at the first price for the purchase of your 3D printer, you should know that you can find something better than Voxelab, which is above all excellent for its price. With a bigger budget and higher requirements, here is the brand that should satisfy you: belief. If you are a fan of 3D printing, surely you have already heard of it since this brand is very popular and presents several models that achieve many sales each year. This brand is also one of the best models of 2022.

The models ender in particular, they are usually part of the 2022 comparisons, since these 3D printer models have great advantages, in particular, precision and, for some models, speed and silence as a bonus.

credibility is a worth sureespecially if you resort to ender 6, which meets all the criteria of a perfect 3D printer: fast, quiet and precise. However, its price is a little less dreamy, since it is sold at almost €600.

  • Creality Official Sprite Extruder Pro Dual Gear Feeding All Metal Design 3.5:1 Gear Ratio for Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 Max, Ender 3 V2, Compatible with BL Touch/CR Touch

    👍【Official Authentic, Quality Assurance】100% official Creality authentic sprite extruder kit, buy the official authentic. For Creality Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 Max, Ender 3 v2.CR/BL Touch includes short cables, supports CR Touch/BL Touch auto leveling sensor ⭕【Easy to turn back on and off to improve performance】The Sprite extruder can be installed on the Ender 3 series to achieve near-end printing and high-temperature printing. Compatible with flexible consumables and high temperature consumables, you can print PLA/TPU/PRTG/ABS, etc., play with different ideas, and bring you a different experience. 🆗【Small Shape, 3.5:1 Turndown Ratio】Small shape, precise structure, only 54x50x64.3, weight 299g, beautiful design, perfect combination of extruder and print nozzle, more powerful functions, to meet your various needs. needs. The gear transmission adopts a reduction ratio of 3.5:1, which is perfectly matched with the motor. The extrusion force can reach 80N (depending on consumables), and the feed and retract control is more precise. 👍【Adjustable Spring, Effective Heat Dissipation】You can adjust the spring preload according to the characteristics of different consumables, the feeding and retracting are more stable, and the model printing is more beautiful. Double fan design is adopted to make the heat dissipation function strong and the model molding more stable through soft force. 🆗【Official Creality Store】We are the official store of Creality 3D! We provide professional after-sales support, more than 20 engineers provide 24/7 customer service, please contact us (seller) directly via “Ask a question”.

  • Creality Ender-3 3D Printer, Power Protection Device, Resume Printing, Print Size 220 x 220 x 250mm

    E-axis operation: The E-axis motor will start to work when the nozzle temperature exceeds 185℃, then before you start printing, please remember to heat the nozzle temperature first. Print Resume Function: Ender 3 has the ability to resume printing even after a power outage or power outage can be assembled in just 2 hours. Advanced extrusion technology: Improved extruder greatly reduces the risk of clogging and poor extrusion; The V shape with POM wheels makes it quiet, smooth and durable. Strict Test: Strict test of key components before delivery and lifetime technical support available. Safety Protected Power Supply: It only takes 5 minutes for the hot bed to reach 110℃.

  • Creality Official Silicone Heatbed Leveling Column for 3D Printer, Heat-Resistant Silicone Pad for Original Stable Heatbed for Ender 3 Series, CR-10 Series (4 Pack)

    👍【Quality Guarantee】100% official Creality, made of premium silicone, it is stable, durable and heat resistant. It has better stability than spring. Outer diameter 16mm, inner diameter 4mm, height 18mm. The heated bed silicone leveling columns are all original and high quality with 100% quality guarantee. ⭕【High Temperature Resistance】The 3D printer leveling column is high temperature resistant and can withstand higher temperatures than the printer, so you can apply it safely. 🆗【Easy Installation】The 3D printer leveling column is easy to install and has strong adsorption capacity. Compared with the original spring, the silicone leveling column is more elastic, shock-absorbing and anti-slip. It is no longer possible to move, and this maintains its level of impression better! Wide Application: 3D Printer Hot Bed Leveling Silicone Leveling Columns replace spring and suitable for most 3D printers on the market. Specially designed for ENDER 3 and CR10. 🆗【Official Creality Store】We are the official store of Creality 3D! We provide professional after-sales support, and more than 20 engineers provide 24/7 customer service, please contact us (seller) directly via “ask a question”.

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