Energy sobriety: football will have to stick to it

Energy sobriety: football will have to stick to it

Football news, especially around PSG, could make you forget that the world keeps turning, going wrong. The looming energy crisis, for example, will force us to change our habits as privileged Westerners. The state’s sobriety plan is here to push us there. It also concerns sport and therefore football, which will have to adapt after having laughed a lot. So, to begin with, what is the carbon footprint of a digital army?

Forty measures. Here is the contribution of the world of sport to the national effort announced ten days ago by the government in the form of an energy sobriety plan that will be rolled out in all economic sectors and aspects of daily life. If among the great family of French sport, in the midst of the CNOSF melodrama at the moment, certain disciplines have begun to carry out their ecological introspection, from sailing to skiing, football will attract all eyes, given its economic weight and the recent controversies around his bad habits (day games with Christophe Galtier’s sailing cars…). Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, the Sports Minister who piles up confidential files on her desk every day, has formulated a series of provisions so that French sport also contributes to reducing the national electricity bill (target, an overall reduction of 10% of energy consumption until 2024). No one will miss, from Ligue 1 to the Lozère district, the clubs belonging to American pension funds as well as the modest municipalities with their municipal stadium. Certain dimensions, such as heating, certainly seem less decisive for an outdoor activity (chlorinated water in swimming pools will lose 1 degree). However, we will have to think about limiting the heating of the grass as much as possible and we can already hear the comments about its condition as soon as winter arrives, especially after the return of the World Cup (perhaps it will be a party for referees). More generally, the thermostat in the changing rooms or premises will be set to the common regime of 19 degrees, in solidarity with the fans hidden under their plaid in front of their television.

Sport, “Tom Thumb of exercise sobriety because it weighs only 1%”

However, the central issue will focus on mobility. Professional football and its passion for the private jet have given rise to much controversy and, as many times, football has served as a somewhat easy scapegoat (especially by a government that, during the previous five-year period, was condemned for climate problems inaction). Finally it seems to have arrived the moment of the great interrogation. Especially since the Minister seems to have chosen the path of educational consultation with the creation of a working group that “by April 2023, it will propose concrete solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” .

In the registration of fans or in the stands, it is planned to promote, with the support of local authorities, the use of public transport (even free). Watch “walk and bike” . Noble intention whose scope will collide with reality on the ground. In much of France, definitely outside the metropolises, the use of these cheaper alternatives simply does not exist or would require a large prior public investment plan to develop a network worthy of the name in all our beautiful provinces. . For example, the shortage of gasoline has already caused the cancellation or postponement of a large number of matches due to the lack of fighters who must keep the car in the garage, not to mention the buses immobilized with empty tanks.

Last point: lighting. No one has forgotten the departure of the minister, who had just arrived at her post, suggesting a possible ban on night sessions. Again the tone changed. Pre-match and post-match lighting will now need to be reduced by 50% during the day and 30% if they occur after dark. Broadcasters may cringe a bit, lamenting an attack on broadcast quality. In any case, football will be scrutinized and criticized at the slightest joke. Because if the sport stays “the Tom Thumb of sobriety exercise, because it weighs only 1%” according to Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, we all know that a Paris-Lyon flight of a few players will inevitably spill more ink than the aeronautical exploits of eleven CAC 40 big bosses.

By Nicholas Kssis-Martov

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