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Agostini inevitably sees Bagnaia favored over Quartararo in the title race. And he repeats that MotoGP needs a real star.

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After the Sachsenring race, it was hard to think that we would finish today with a MotoGP classification that sees francesco bagnaia to the head and fabio quartararo at 14 points. In fact, with the accident and retirement in Germany, the pilot Ducati He was then 91 points behind the Frenchman. There no longer seemed to be any chance of him getting back into the title fight. yes but here it is…

Since Assen, Pecco switched gears while the defending champion ran into some trouble. The pilot Ducati made a comeback unprecedented in the history of the premier class of the World Championship. With two races to go before the end of the season, the balance is clearly in favor of the Italian, although now is not the time to claim victory. He can still go through anything between Sepang and Valencia.

bagnaiato be crowned MotoGP world champion already in Malaysia, he must add 11 more points in Quartararo. If he succeeded, he would fulfill a career dream. Furthermore, the last Italian rider to win on an Italian bike in the premier class of the World Championship was Giacomo Agostini with the MV Agusta in 1972. Fifty years later, Pecco is able to pull off the feat.

Asked by the newspaper La Repubblica, the great “Ago” spoke about the possibility that the pilot Ducati manages to win the 2022 title: I wish you In the classification he surpassed poor Quartararo and I know that nobody stops him anymore. Perhaps he is already champion in Sepang, although in motorsport it is always better to wait for the calculation. anything can always happen “.

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Augustine: ” I’m sorry to see Quartararo like this »

The fifteen-time world champion was asked why he defined Quartararo What ” poor and here is the answer: I’m sorry to see you like this. It’s good, but today Ducati is Ducati. Together with Pecco, the bike forms an exceptional combination, something beautiful that has overwhelmingly flourished. All you have to do is finish first one more time and you’re almost done. “.

bagnaia He is one step away from making his dream come true and he hopes that any success will help him consolidate himself over the years as a MotoGP benchmark. Winning once is not easy, but winning many times is even more difficult and only true champions succeed. The championship needs stars. During the Interview, Agostini reiterated this concept: we need a character, someone who constantly imposes himself, who conquers and makes fans dream. If there is a different champion every year, people will think that anyone can lead in MotoGP. I’m sure we need a star “.

The return of Mark Marquez It is certainly useful to attract more interest in the upper class, but it is not enough. For this reason, the leaders of the World Championship have decided to introduce the Sprint Race from 2023. We are looking for solutions that can generate more spectacle on the track and encourage more people to follow MotoGP, the future will tell if it works.

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Bagnaia is world champion in Sepang if:

– Win the race and Quartararo does not get on the podium, regardless of Aleix Espargaró’s position

– He is 2nd, Quartararo 7th or less, Aleix Espargaró 3rd or less

– He is 3rd, Quartararo 11th or less, Aleix Espargaró 4th or less

– He is 4th, Quartararo 14th or worse, Aleix Espargaró 5th or worse

– He is 5th, Quartararo out of the points and Aleix Espargaró 4th or worse

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