Chess: new twist on the anal plug deception issue, the evidence would be unappealable

Chess: new twist on the anal plug deception issue, the evidence would be unappealable

For nearly a month, the chess world has been rocked by accusations of cheating one of its rising stars. A situation that followed the defeat of his current world champion, Magnus Carlsen. Hans Niemann, considered an excellent player but not a prodigy, managed to repeat perfect games on many occasions, when even the best players in the world struggle to establish such consistency. Suspicions of deception that gave rise to a new report whose evidence does not favor the American.

checkmate for niemann?

On the occasion of the Saint-Louis chess championship, Magnus Carlsen, current world champion, faced Hans Niemann, a 19-year-old American, 43rd player in the world. On one hand a sports legend, on the other a rising star. Some level difference, which should have resulted in Niemann’s defeat. But chess is full of twists and turns. And at the end of this part, it is Niemann who gets rid of Carlsen. A feat that did not stop raising some eyebrows, including those of Carlsen, who did not hesitate to accuse his opponent of cheating.

Accusations launched by the world champion of the title, supported by other great names in chess, such as Hikaru Nakamura. Especially since Niemann is no stranger to cheating, as the American admitted to cheating when he was 14 and then 16, in purely optional online games on the site. A case that will have been at the origin of eccentric theories, the most popular and the funniest being the use of vibrating anal beads connected by Wi-Fi in the rectum controlled remotely by an accomplice.

To disentangle the true from the false,, the world’s largest chess site, took a serious look at this case to produce a 72-page report. An unprecedented report that ends up accusing Niemann of having cheated in more than 100 online games, including his victory over Carlsen. As well as admitting to cheating when he was younger, the American would have ultimately taken action on many occasions, even in competitive matches where money was on the line. According to this report, published by the Wall Street Journal, Niemann would also have confessed to his actions in private in 2020.

“Looking at the rankings alone, Hans should be ranked in this group of top young players,” the Wall Street Journal quoted in its report. “Although we have no doubt that Hans is a talented player, we note that his results are statistically extraordinary.”

For your report, used an algorithm to calculate the probability of a person cheating based on how fast they move, the computer’s rating of the move, how often they “switch” between their computer screens, and your player history on the site. The goal is to try to determine if a person is using a chess engine to provide them with the best moves in a given situation.

investigations are on the rise

Still, the algorithm cannot be used to determine the probability that Niemann has cheated in board matches, such as Carlsen’s. Nevertheless, the report provided further investigation into this match and others, due to a phenomenon called “unusually erratic growth”. Based on Niemann’s previous results, can indict Niemann. Although the evidence is not irrefutable, since no one has discovered a way to deceive the American player at the time of the events, the evidence is piling up. Inequalities that raise many questions, which will eventually be answered by this report, which will be published online for all to see this Thursday.

In addition to, FIDE, the world governing body for chess, is currently conducting its own investigation. Many members of the chess community ask that this future report also be published online, so that sports fans can compare results and analysis methods. However, this case is far from over. Note that Niemann was banned from the site after these accusations and, above all, his confession. Whether the FIDE report will come to the same conclusions remains to be seen.

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