Le départ de Jeremy Davidson du CA Brive était inéluctable avec une situation devenue tendue en interne : explications

Rugby – Jeremy Davidson’s departure from CA Brive was inevitable with a situation that had become tense internally: explanations

How could it be otherwise? How, after another 45-7 against Toulouse, a week after the 47-0 received in Toulon, was the CAB going to find the necessary electroshock to recover?

A few minutes into the game, Jeremy Davidson had returned, alone, to the locker room, while his players gathered in a circle on the field, some even annoyed against the lenses of the photographers. Later, the technician was seen leaving the stadium quickly.

CA Brive announces the provisional suspension of its manager Jeremy Davidson after the heavy defeat against Toulouse

Xavier Ric and Simon Gillham’s phones heated up

During the Hopes match, scheduled at the end of the curtain of the Top 14 match, Xavier Ric and Simon Gillham discreetly chained their phone calls.

After a quick meeting of the new club board after the third defeat in four games at the Stadium, the news finally became official on the networks shortly after 8:30 p.m., through a brief press release.
“The club announces the suspension of its coach as a precautionary measure” and adds that “the current squad continues with its missions with the aim of improving the club’s results. »

Dismissal as a precautionary measure is a temporary measure that allows the immediate suspension of the employment contract pending a definitive sanction, or not, the processing of which requires a certain period of time. Only serious or serious offenses can justify a dismissal as a precautionary measure.

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Very specifically, surely we should no longer see Jeremy Davidson outside the CAB, the one who arrived in 2018, to participate in the reconstruction of the club, then in Pro D2.

A successful first year since Brive had made a strong comeback, winning their access match against Grenoble, a week after failing in the final against Bayonne.

Some players did not want to extend if he stayed

Except that since then, a lot of water from the Corrèze had run under the Cardinal bridge and the situation had become more than complicated. Increasingly alone, the Northern Irish coach, by nature not very communicative internally, was also the subject of various tensions.

According to our information, some players had made it known openly that they did not want to extend their contract if Jeremy Davidson remained in charge. For the record, the latter had been extended, after the good results at the start of last season, until June 2024.

The tough defeat suffered at the Stadium against Toulouse (45-7) was too much for Jeremy Davidson.

The thorny issue of the medical pranksters, increasingly expected by the fans as the infirmary filled up, would also have disturbed the internal dialogues. Therefore, several CVs had been proposed, all or almost all of which were rejected by the technician.

A scout for young talent

Already at the end of last season, relations between Jeremy Davidson and his group had deteriorated as maintenance became increasingly uncertain. And it was rumored that without the presence of Saïd Hirèche to cement a mercifully tight locker room, the CAB might have imploded. The victory at the Stade Français, on the last matchday, had reestablished unity but the problem, without a doubt, was deeper. But, cold, did he really have the means to do better?

How the CAB did not score a single point in 181 minutes

The CAB’s catastrophic start to the season at home will have brought down Jeremy Davidson, however, who is also a good hound when it comes to unearthing young talents such as Esteban Abadie, Hayden Thompson-Stringer, Guillaume Galletier or Joris Jurand, who are essential in the team today.

Therefore, the next few days will allow the two parties to find a financial agreement before, most likely, parting ways. According to the first elements collected, a statement about a possible reorganization could intervene in the middle of the week.

Benjamin Pommier and Pascal Goumy

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