GTA Online: news, bonuses and promotions for the week of October 20

GTA Online: news, bonuses and promotions for the week of October 20

New Halloween event available in GTA Online

Bonuses and promotions for the week of October 20 to 26, 2022

This week in GTA Online, the excitement continues with the availability of a new Halloween event, a variant of exporting exotic vehicles while being chased by a Cerberus. Additionally, weekly bonuses offer additional rewards on Auto Shop Exports, as well as the return of the Never Two Without Prey Adversary Mode. On the promotion side, some cars have discounts of up to -50%.

Also, UFOs always appear north of Los Santos, watch the sky at night between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.

New to GTA Online

A crazy driver is roaming the state of San Andreas, a new exotic vehicle export variant is available, check your rear view mirror, a Cerberus truck has you in its sights ready to crash into you.

Exotic Export Halloween Event

A new Halloween event is available for a limited time in GTA Online. This is an export variant of an exotic car, where we’re being chased by the Cerberus truck, it’s a nod to Steven Spielberg’s Duel movie. To generate this event, you must not be in a plane, helicopter, Deluxo, Oppressor and other special vehicles, while at least two people have been in the session for at least 16 minutes.

Here is a map of the different locations:

The locations of the different appearances of the special Halloween exotic car exports, where we are chased by a Cerberus


Lampadati Viseris

Like every week, Rockstar Games offers to win a car by completing a small challenge at the LS auto show, this week we can win the Lampadati Viseris by completing the challenge listed below. Don’t forget to claim your new car through the interaction menu when you’re inside Car Meet once you’ve completed the challenge.

Finish in the top 3 of a street race for 3 days in a row


Thruffade Thrax

Thruffade Thrax

This week in GTA Online, try to win the Thruffade Thrax on the Diamond Casino podium, it’s a supercar priced at GTA$2,325,000.

You can only spin the Wheel of Fortune once a day and you will have a 1 in 20 chance of winning it each draw.


The various events and challenges in the free mode offer triple rewards throughout the week.

Triple wins in freemode events

Take part in the various Freemode Events and Challenges that appear in sessions with 10 people to earn Triple GTA$ & RP throughout the week. Some of these activities propose breaking a road speed record, for example, gaining control of an area of ​​the map, recovering beacons, or recovering a briefcase trying to keep it as long as possible.

Never two without prey, the Halloween Adversary Mode is back in GTA Online for a limited time, while also offering double cash and XP rewards.

Double wins in Adversary mode Never two without prey

The prey has returned, and it has not returned alone. Nothing can stop them except a gang of serial killers armed to the teeth and protected from head to toe. To win the game, the killers must eliminate the prey before they manage to collect all the beacons. Take part in this Halloween Adversary Mode to earn Double Regular GTA$ & RP for the next 7 days in GTA Online.

To participate :
Pause Menu → Online → Activities → Game Activity → Created by Rockstar → Adversary Mode

Exotic Vehicle Export Earn Double GTA$ & RP Through Thursday.

Profits double in export of exotic cars

There is a high demand for exotic vehicles, steal and deliver the exotic cars to the docks to earn Double GTA$ & RP, this includes those from the Cerberus Halloween event.

You can find the cars anywhere on the GTA Online map, they will appear on your minimap as a blue dot when you are near them, available in invite sessions.

Log in to GTA Online before October 27 to receive the Halloween skin

unlockable skins

Log in to GTA Online before next Thursday to receive the free Halloween skin in your wardrobe. Famine.

Also, complete a phone contract to unlock the skin. green vintage mummy.

Here is the list of cars that are available to buy at Simeon's dealership, the Declasse Tampa, the Karin Everon, the Shitzu Defiler, the Ubermacht Zion Classic, and the Western Zombie Chopper

Vehicles available at dealerships

Premium Deluxe Motorsport and Luxury Autos car dealerships renew their car stocks every week, here are the ones on display, as for the Simeon dealership, it is possible to put your future new gamer to the test.

  • luxury car:
    • Overflod Entity XXR
    • Pfister’s Neon
  • Premium Deluxe Motoring:
    • Declasse Tampa
    • karin everon
    • Shitzu Defiler
    • Ubermacht Zion Classic
    • western zombie chopper

Vehicles to test at the Car Meet

In addition, every week it is possible to test different cars on the test track of the Los Santos auto show, here are the ones that are at the moment:

  • Ocelot Lobster
  • Pfister’s Comet Safari
  • tasteless bullet
  • karina s95 (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only)

Against the clock

These are the Time Trials of the Week, Classic and RC Time Trials offer GTA$100,000 each if you beat the target time and GTA$250,000 for Hao’s Special Works.

  • Against the clock : Strong Strider (01:44.00)
  • RC Time Trial: Davis Quartz (01:32.00)
  • HSW Time Trial: pacific cliffs (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only)


Pfister's Comet Safari

Pfister’s Comet Safari


710,000 GTA$
355,000 GTA$

legendary motorsport

tasteless bullet

tasteless bullet


155,000 GTA$
77,500 GTA$

legendary motorsport

Ubermacht Zion Classic
classic sports car


812,000 GTA$
406,000 GTA$

South San Andreas Super Cars

Declasse Tampa
big displacement


375,000 GTA$
187,500 GTA$

South San Andreas Super Cars

Americana Nagasaki Aqua
All terrain


1,755,000 GTA$- 1,320,000 GTA$
1,053,000 GTA$- 792,000 GTA$

Warstock Stash and Transport

Ocelot Lobster

Ocelot Lobster


1,625,000 GTA$
1,137,500 GTA$

legendary motorsport

Pfister's Neon

Pfister’s Neon


1,500,000 GTA$
1,050,000 GTA$

legendary motorsport

karin everon
All terrain


1,475,000 GTA$- 1,106,250 GTA$
1,032,500 GTA$- 774,375 GTA$

South San Andreas Super Cars

(without the apartment)


dynasty 8


These are benefits for Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) members only, you must have an active subscription to the service and link it to your Rockstar Games Social Club account (links here). If you’ve just joined the program, it may take up to 10 days to receive the full bonuses below in GTA Online.

GTA$125,000 is awarded weekly to Prime Gaming members who play GTA Online.

GTA$125,000 offered

Prime Gaming members, log into GTA Online this week to receive GTA$125,000. The money will be paid to you within 72 hours after you login.

Source: Rockstar Games

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