Violence during a football match in Ille-et-Vilaine: "The children had nightmares"

Violence during a football match in Ille-et-Vilaine: “The children had nightmares”

“We are still in shock”, confides Charles Prioux, president of the Cadets of Bains-sur-Oust, in the country of Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine), the day after the incidents. His club was led in the derby against the Football-club Atlantique Vilaine (FCAV) (2-0), Saturday 1Ahem October 2022, when a fight broke out between spectators at Redon Municipal Stadium at around 8:30 p.m.

Among the 1,200 spectators, three people – a minor and two adults – were beaten according to the gendarmes. One victim, injured in the face, was transferred to the Redon-Carentoir intercommunal hospital center by firefighters.

An investigation was opened by the Redon gendarmerie brigade to determine the circumstances that led to the violence and identify the perpetrators.

On the sporting side, the Bains players refused to continue the match after the fact. So she was arrested. “The team made this decision unanimously because of the dangerjustifies the president of the club, Charles Prioux. They criticize us for stopping the game because we were losing 2-0. But it was very violent, everyone was shocked. »

Children ‘in shock’

“The match went well on the field, there is nothing to say, recognizes the leader of Bain. But 15 minutes from the end, during a break in play, a dozen people ran across the track to come beat us up. [les supporters de Bains étaient réunis derrière une main courante face à la tribune du stade]. It was stupor, chaos. »

The acts of violence took place where the group of Bains-sur-Oust supporters was, behind the athletics track. | WEST OF FRANCE

Faced with the facts, Charles Prioux “Think about setting up a psychological cell”. “Parents call me to tell me that their children have had nightmares, they haven’t slept”ensure, overcome.

Le Bainsois encouraged victims to “file a complaint against the people who committed the violence”. According to him, a 10-year-old boy was punched in the eye and a 17-year-old boy was punched in the eye. “broken nose and broken jaw”. “Both are shocked and go to see a forensic doctor to see the injuries”, he points out. The gendarmes, contacted, did not confirm the age or the injuries of the victims.

The “beautiful party” spoiled by “external elements”

After the incidents, Charles Prioux is bitter against his opponent on Saturday night. “They mismanaged the security of the field”he repeat. The president of Redon, Anthony Mézière, assures that the perpetrators of the violence are not “not people from the FCAV but from outside”. He pursues: “I am sad because it was a great football party. She was pampered. »

In terms of security, the FCAV did not have “nothing in particular planned”says Anthony Meziere. “We were present at the entrance of the stadium to make sure that no one was a problem, he completes But it was a Regional 1 match, between two clubs that know each other. It is not normal that we have to call commissioners at this level. »

A provocative banner

The Redon leader slipped that a banner of the Bains fans, displayed during the derby, had “shocked”. It was written, white on black: “Your dream? Our fervour! Our wish? You finish (sic). »

After the episode of violence, wishing to “understand what happened” and that “it will not happen again”, Anthony Mézière wanted to file a complaint. As he was not a victim of the events, the gendarmes would have invited him to write a letter to the Brittany league on behalf of the club on Sunday afternoon.

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