WhatsApp: how to find your chats on a new device or after restoring your device?

WhatsApp: how to find your chats on a new device or after restoring your device?

Written messages, received or sent images, videos and files, this is how to change or restore your phone without losing your WhatsApp chats.

Written messages, received or sent images, videos and files, this is how to change phones without losing WhatsApp data.

WhatsApp has become the application of favorite instant messenger of a lot of people. This is particularly due to its ease of use. A phone and a phone number are enough to connect and write to our loved ones. However, if you change phoneor reset your phone, you will have to re-create a whatsapp account. Prayed, your chat history it does not sync automatically. How then not lose your data ? It’s simple: you must first save your messages. But nothing is guaranteed here either. In fact, there are many people who manage to save their messages, but cannot restore them once in the new account. So how to remedy this? Discover!

How to save WhatsApp messages?

There are two ways to backup your WhatsApp messages: or in the zonein your file manager, either via google drive. The first option allows you to have them offline, but with the risk of losing them due to improper handling. The second option allows you to have your story in the cloud with some freedom. But backup requires internet connection.

local backup

To backup your WhatsApp chats locally, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp;
  • Touch the three vertical dots;
  • Go ahead settings ;
  • To choose discussions ;
  • Go ahead backup chats ;
  • Then click to safeguard.

WhatsApp will automatically start the backup. the copy of your chat history WhatsApp will be stored in your phone memory. But obviously it requires some of your phone’s memory.

Also, you have the option to save specific chats. Be it a group or a personal discussion. This is how you do it:

  • Open WhatsApp;
  • Open the conversation you want to save;
  • Touch the three vertical dots;
  • Go ahead Plus and about export chat ;
  • Choose whether or not you want to attach the media.

Automatically, chat history is generated as a file TXT. that you can receive by email, send by Bluetooth or other means.

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Via Google Drive

To save your chat history in google drivefollow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp;
  • Enter the settings ;
  • Go ahead discussions ;
  • To choose backup chats ;
  • Backup to Google Drive ;
  • Choose the backup frequency you want (except Never);
  • Then choose your Google account.

As soon as everything is ok, go back and press to safeguard and choose the desired network.

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How to restore WhatsApp chats?

New device, later device restoration, your messages are not automatically synced. To restore them, you must first have backed them up. But despite this, others fail to find their chats. To fix it, here’s how.

From local backup

If you change devices, it is impossible restore your saved chats in the zone. If not, you need to transfer the files from the old device to the new one. You should find them in the file. WhatsApp of your file manager.

To restore them:

  • Reinstall the WhatsApp application;
  • Start setup and verify your phone number;
  • WhatsApp will automatically search local backup. If it finds it, it will ask you to Restore. press it!

As soon as the restore is complete, press Next and voila!

From Google Drive

To restore your chats from Google Drive, follow these steps:

  • Reinstall WhatsApp;
  • Launch the app and verify your number;
  • WhatsApp will automatically start a local backup search. If you can’t find it, you should have this notification;
  • Click on Allow ;
  • Then select the address of your google account Where did you save the chats?
  • WhatsApp should find the history and start restoring.
  • When the restore is complete, press Next and voila.

If the restore does not work, make sure you have used the same number and same google account.

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