STRAIGHT.  France v Fiji: Les Bleues have one foot and four toes in the quarter-finals

STRAIGHT. France v Fiji: Les Bleues have one foot and four toes in the quarter-finals


43′: Hermet puts his hands on the ball and scores a penalty.


43′: Filopon snatches the ball and accelerates but is penalized and possession remains Fijian.


⚡ Here we go again!

The opening kickoff of the second half is given by the Fijians. And already a striker from Les Bleues, from Lindelauf.


⌛​ First half statistics

– Fifteen penalties were awarded during the first act, including eleven for Fiji alone.

– Les Bleues hold the ball 54% of the time.

– Gaëlle Hermet is currently the best tackler in the game, with eight appearances.


🕗 It’s part time in New Zealand

Without being too ostentatious, Les Bleues logically went ahead of the break (20-0) thanks to three tries from Menager, Llorens and Filopon. They have one foot and four fingers in the quarterfinals of this World Cup.


❌ 40′: The transformation of Trémoulière is missed, from the right side.


40′: BLUE TEST! Bourdon plays fast and serves to Touyé who advances and finally passes to Filopon who flattens.


40′: Fijian striker 10m from his in-goal.


39′: Llorens striker, served by Ferer after contact.


37′: French scrum at the Fijian 22m line.


36′: Long run of Fijian possession, but the Blues hold on defensively.


🔄 30′: Already changed to Fiji, Cavuru, in sight against England, replaces Roqica.


✅ 29′: Nice transformation of Trémoulière, with the help of the post. 15-0 for the French team!


🏈 28′: BLUE TEST! Right-back Llorent collapses on his side, after a ball quickly deflected from a maul.


27′: Fiji captain Serevi penalized at the maul.


26′: Vereblavu sanctioned on ground in the 22m of Fiji. Les Bleues opt for the penalty touch.


25′: Bourdon speeds out of the scrum but the French scrum-half is penalized on the ground.


24′: Another penalty missed by Touyé. Many inaccuracies on the Blues side at the start of the match. At the next scrum, the Fijians are penalized.


23′: Llorent accelerates down his right flank, tries to go over it but is hit by Radiniyavuni. The referee asks for the video and sanctions the Fijian with a yellow card.


22′: Roqica is penalized with a knock-on. A technical inaccuracy that offers a scrum to the French.


✅ 21′: Trémoulière does not tremble in front of the poles. 8-0 for the French team.


twenty’: Trémoulière tries it, and fails his opening on the foot. There was a benefit going on. France chooses to try the three points.


18′: New French inaccuracy, with this launch judged unsuccessful by the referee. The Fijians recover the ball from a scrum 15m from their in-goal.


18′: Naikore defends well in a situation of French numerical superiority but the Fijian is sanctioned with a voluntary advance. The Blues make contact.


fifteen’: Medical personnel enter the lawn to attend to Drouin, who is suffering from a hemorrhage.


fifteen’: Filopon manages to scratch a ground penalty.


14′: Les Bleues sanctioned again on the ground. Fijians find a little touch.


12′: Mixed up in midfield for the Fijians, Gaëlle Hermet made a mistake.


❌ 8′: The transformation was lost on Caroline Drouin. 5-0 for the Blues!


🏈 8′: BLUE TEST! A maul forms, the ball is released, Trémoulière finds Ménager who flattens down the left wing.


7′: New penalty for the Blues. Tmoulière plays again. Our goal is a quick first try, not points.


5′: A lot of waste in this beginning of the meeting. This time, it is the Fijians who are penalized. Jessy Trémouière makes contact.


5′: First sequence of possession of the French but the Blues are penalized. The ball returns to the Fijians.


3′ : The French are penalized in the field of the Fijians but they do not find the key.


1′: The Fijians seem to want to avoid the long game as much as possible and strive to retain the ball to try to get through the French line.


⚡ Here we go!

Mr. McLachlan kicks off this matchup between the Fijians and the Blues!


🕗 Kick-off is coming up

In a few moments the match will start. As a reminder, the victory of Les Bleues is fundamental heading into the quarterfinals.


❓ A World Rugby initiative


🔄 Bank of Fiji

Tawake, Vasuturaga, Namositava, Waisega, Adivitaloga, Cavuru, Nagasau and Wilson will start the match on the bench.


🔄​ The Blues bench

These are the players who will start on the bench, along with coach Thomas Darracq: Brosseau, Domain, Bernadou, Feleu, Escudero, Chambon, Queyroi, Jacquet.


A renewed 1️⃣​5️⃣ for Les Bleues

Only four players started against England are also started against Fiji. The composition of the Bleues: Boulard – Llorens, Filopon, Drouin, Mr. Ménager – (o) Trémoulière, (m) Bourdon – Annery, Gros, Hermet (ch.) – N’Diaye, Ferer – Khalfaoui, Touyé, Lindelauf.


▶️ Laure Sansus, missed farewells

Thus, the Les Bleues scrum-half was seriously injured for the last game of his France national team career.


❓​ How much are Fijians worth?

Despite everything, Les Bleues start as big favorites against a rival who is playing in their first World Cup.


❌ Life without Laure Sansus

The France team will have to compose, for the rest of the World Cup, without their scrum half Laure Sansus, victim of a torn cruciate ligament during the Crunch lost to England.


⚡ A decisive match against Fiji

The Fijians received a slap in the face against England (84-19) before reacting well against South Africa (21-17). So they have, like the Blues, a win and a loss before this morning’s game.


🏈​ Reminder of previous Blue results

The French team started with a great victory over South Africa (40-5), before losing head first to the English (7-13).


👋 Hello everyone

Welcome to this direct to follow the last game of the group stage of the French Women’s National Team in this Rugby World Cup. Les Bleues will face Fiji starting at 8:15 am

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