EDF gets 100,000 new customers every month... but that's not good news

EDF gets 100,000 new customers every month… but that’s not good news

End of bleeding in EDF. While for years the historic electrician saw some 100,000 customers leave each month for competing providers, the trend was diametrically opposite during the summer. “In general, we have more than 100,000 clients returning to EDF each month, whereas for years we had 100,000 clients leaving us each month. […] We will end 2022 with a higher market share than at the beginning of the year. It’s been a long time since that happened to us.”declared Marc Benayoun, executive director of EDF in charge of the division of clients, services and territories, during a press conference on Monday morning.

“The hundreds of thousands of customers who have returned each month since August correspond exclusively to the residential market”, accurate. In the business market, that is, companies and industrialists, EDF also indicates that it has observed a “significant return” of clients On the other hand, in this market, the electrician does not count” in clients » since their respective volume of consumption may vary. “We count in megawatt hours, but that’s sensitive business data that we’re not sharing today.”Marc Benayoun said.

Loss of money for EDF

Contrary to what one might think, this strong resurgence of private enthusiasm for EDF’s offers is not good news for the company, which expects to lose money. In fact, this recent attraction is largely explained by the behavior of certain alternative suppliers who, as winter approaches, push their customers to terminate their contracts and turn to the regular electrician to benefit from the regulated sales rate ( TRV), which only EDF, soon to be renationalized, can offer. This strategy would allow certain providers to resell the precious stream at gold prices on the stock exchange, rather than deliver it to their customers.

At the beginning of September, the energy police launched an investigation against the provider Ohm Energie. The company is suspected of making undue profits on the markets by reselling electrons purchased cheaply from EDF at exorbitant prices. By early August, most of this provider’s customers had discovered, through a brief message, that their monthly payments would double in September. This summer, however, the company continued to bombard consumers with deep discounts, promising lower prices than the famous TRV.

Lionel Zecri, director of private clients at EDF, took advantage of this exchange with the press” welcome the initiative of Energy regulatory commission (CRE)”. ” Without prejudging the conclusions of these investigations, we expect the greatest firmness from the public authorities if the deficiencies are verified. […] Opportunistic behavior that worsens the situation of clients to the detriment of EDF cannot be tolerated”he said.

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Legal action contemplated

Faced with this influx of new customers, EDF is forced to sell electricity contracts at a loss. “When a particular customer returns to the regulated tariff because he is chased away by his supplier who tells him: ‘this winter it is going to be very expensive, go back to EDF’, this leads us to attend to a client with a tariff shield, while we are going to buy this energy from 500 euros per megawatt hour in the market. It makes us take a loss.” lamented Marc Benayoun.

Consequently, EDF plans to take legal action to obtain compensation for these practices that penalize it. “We reserve the right to enforce our rights in court,” This was indicated by Lionel Zecri. At the moment, the electrician does not communicate about the scope that these practices could have on his accounts.

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