STRAIGHT.  Fuel shortage: the Government calls to lift the blockades "without delay" and threatens to "intervene"

STRAIGHT. Fuel shortage: the Government calls to lift the blockades “without delay” and threatens to “intervene”

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09:13 : It’s time for the traditional news update.

After the attacks that left at least 19 dead and 105 wounded, Ukraine accused Russia of being a terrorist state. These bombings will be at the center of the G7 discussions.

The National Assembly has begun examining the 2023 finance bill, which the government is preparing to pass without a vote. Franceinfo summarizes everything you need to know about 49.3.

• The government has requested the removal “without delay” lockdowns and threatened“to intervene” by the voice of Olivier Véran, its spokesman, interviewed on RTL. Follow our direct.

Japan has reopened to foreign tourists. The country has lifted its border restrictions entirely to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

A total of five French people are currently detained in Iran, announces the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, who asks for her “immediate release”.

08:57 : Between 150 and 200 non-striking employees demonstrated yesterday in front of the gates of the ExxonMobil refining plant in Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine (Seine-Maritime), reports France Bleu Normandie. An action to express their desire to return to work after 21 days of strike that they say endangers the future of the site.

08:44 : Like his government colleagues, Bruno Le Maire used the threat of requisitions. “If we see that it is blocked, we will have no choice but to seize the necessary means to release the deposits and operate the refineries”he warns.

08:42 : 🗣 Strike at Total and Exxon ➡️ “I tell all our compatriots who are blocked that we are with them”, reacts Bruno Le Maire. “There is only one solution: the unblocking without delay, by negotiation The wage negotiation hand has been extended.”

08:40 : “For me, time is more in terms of hours, to the limit of days, than weeks because it has lasted too long.”

08:41 : Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, is the guest of franceinfo to discuss the fuel situation. He calls for the resumption of negotiations in Total. “It is necessary that in the coming hours an agreement can be reached”ensures. Our compatriots cannot be collateral victims of a conflict between a trade union organization, the CGT, and a private company, Total”He insists.


08:34 : Fuel: “We are discussing with Total for an extension of their discount”, @olivierveran on #RTLMatin with @amandine_begot

08:34 : Finally, Olivier Véran confirmed what Clément Beaune assured at RMC, namely that the government was discussing “With Total in view of the fact that there could be an extension of a few days of the bonus” set by the group.

08:28 : Olivier Véran thinks it will be necessary “some days” find “normal operation” in the most affected regions. The government spokesman assured that “will be the case within 15 days”, that is, before the All Saints festivities. He also found it abnormal that “some strike speculators” made them jump “gas prices at the pump” in some stations.

08:30 : On RTL, Olivier Véran confirmed the difference in the situation between Exxon, where “there is no longer any reason for there to be any lock” following Monday’s agreement between management and unions, and TotalEnergies, where “The CGT continues to call for the blockade”what “we consider excessive and abnormal”. “The entire management is right to ask that the lockdowns be lifted before discussing”according to him.

08:15 : Olivier Véran, the government spokesman, wants to put a “healthy pressure” on the shoulders of all the actors so that they hear the message: “The blockade of refineries and storage centers must not rhyme with the blockade of the lives of millions of French people.” If the situation requires it, personnel requisitions will be made to normalize the situation.

08:09 : #Fuel: “The government asks that all blockades be lifted without delay, otherwise we will do what is necessary to lift them”, @olivierveran on #RTLMatin with @amandine_begot

08:10 : The government asks to raise “without delay” blockades of fuel tanks and threat of“to intervene”according to his spokesman Olivier Véran, guest of the morning of RTL.

08:09 : “That would be war.”

Emmanuel Lépine, general secretary of the CGT of the Professional Petroleum Federation, reacted to the threat of requisitions to unblock the situation regarding fuels. “Nicolas Sarkozy had committed this illegal act and France was sentenced in 2011, the following year, for violating Convention 87 of the International Labor Organization. [sur le droit de grève]So if Emmanuel Macron also wants to condemn the State and above all he wants a rapid extension to other economic sectors because there I can guarantee that it would be a war, let him do it”.he warned.

07:59 : 🎙 Clément Beaune, Minister of Transport: “In Esso, there was an agreement yesterday at the end of the day that should allow part of the situation to be unblocked. For Total, the social dialogue is still bogged down”. #ApollineMatin

07:56 : In RMC, Clément Beaune, Delegate Minister for Transport, assured that the government was not going “Let the Situation Rot Again”. If the situation is not resolved, “We will take additional measures”, he added, without specifying which ones. She clarified, however, that a “OKAY” in Esso you need to enable unlock “during the day” part of the situation. On the other hand, she is “more blocked” total.

07:49 : A “requisition” of striking employees also called by François Asselin, president of the General Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CPME). “When it’s like this unfortunately, you have to show a bit of authority”, assures Franceinfo. he wants employees “What do we need to supply the tank trucks that in turn will supply the service stations”be requisitioned “I appeal to the responsibility of all this staff”declared.

07:41 : Faced with the increasingly tense situation at service stations in France, the government intends to bring everyone back to the negotiating table quickly and efficiently. Stop threatening. In particular, it provides “requisitions” refinery workers. This can be decided by the prefects on behalf of “continuity of public service“In particular. Concretely, this would consist of clearing the pickets, if necessary by calling the police, for designated employees to work.

07:24 : The regional newspapers are interested in the fuel shortage that affects the country, with the same photos of queues at service stations, that for Land Dauphiné Liberé Where the republican berryor those of pumps out of service, for The Ardennes Y Alsace.

07:28 : “The government cannot allow them to blockade the country”the Prime Minister’s entourage insisted. “It will continue to take measures to facilitate the supply of the stations as it has been doing for several days. Everyone must take responsibility. The government will take its own.”

07:29 : Last night a crisis meeting was held in Matignon. The unions and the management of the blocked oil refineries in France must talk to end the shortage as soon as possible. Government “will take responsibility”Matignon warned. “A salary disagreement does not justify blocking the country. Refusing to discuss is turning the French into victims of the lack of dialogue”Elisabeth Borne’s entourage told AFP.

09:03 : Here is the traditional point that opens this direct.

Following Russian attacks that left at least 14 dead and 97 wounded, Ukraine accused Russia of being a terrorist state. These bombings will be at the center of the G7 discussions.

The National Assembly has begun examining the 2023 finance bill, which the government is preparing to pass without a vote. This current passage is denounced in advance by the opposition.

• On Tuesday, the strike action for salary increase in TotalEnergies was renewed. The government has called for the resumption of dialogue and “will take responsibility”Matignon warned.

The filling of drums at the pump will be prohibited everywhere in France by decree, franceinfo has learned from the Ministry of Energy Transition, while almost 30% of service stations experience supply difficulties.

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