Top 5 reasons to buy Honor 70

Top 5 reasons to buy Honor 70

Honor has done a lot to make your life easier by introducing the best mobile phones and durable items to improve your business and your life. The Honor 70 phone is one of the best and most anticipated games in the series. The Honor 70 is the phone that many people have been waiting for. Examine the specific and distinctive features of this phone.

Why choose Honor 70?

  • Light
  • The main camera is good.
  • Two-day battery life

Bright colors!

The Honor 70 is available in three colors:

  • midnight black
  • emerald green
  • silver crystal

It also has a light-reflective back with a diamond-cut pattern and a stippled finish underneath.

Load Test

Honor The Honor includes a 66W charger and claims that charging the battery to 60% takes just 20 minutes. It seems doable: when the battery was at 17%, it took 10 minutes to get to 50%, 20 minutes to get to 78%, and 30 minutes to get to 100%.


Unique Backplate Design The Honor 70 is a beautiful phone with a unique backplate design that doesn’t get marred by the included bumper. The 6.67-inch 120Hz OLED display is excellent, and the grayscale mode can appeal to a wide audience. Fast charging is almost a requirement these days, so it’s good to see 66W support here.

Dust/Water Resistance Certification

Drawbacks include a distinctly average mono speaker and a lack of dust/water resistance certification, while the camera system might offer more than the competent 54MP wide-angle main camera.

rings and frame

The two camera rings around the back are also tastefully placed. The frame appears to be metal, but it is plastic. This allows it to outperform most competitors on the scale, weighing just 178g despite its large display. The Honor Entry has the appearance of a slim skinny.


offers a clear bumper case Honor offers a clear bumper case which reduces this protrusion and has little effect on the appearance of the backplate, thus maintaining the usual trade-off between a bumper and getting the full backplate.

The bumper also solves a potential problem with the back plate: slippage, which can cause it to slide on the soft arm of a chair and fall to the floor, as well as making one-handed use difficult.

Long screen borders

curved Aside from its slimness, the Honor 70 is quite fashionable, and its slim profile and long, curved screen edges make it look more “premium” than it is. It is 161.4mm tall and fits comfortably in my small palm at 7.91mm thick and 73.3mm wide.

Honor 70 Full HD resolution

The resolution of 24001080 gives a pixel density of 395 pixels per inch.

Single cut function

The big new feature on Honor’s camera is called Solo Cut, and it’s a weird picture-in-picture video mode that lets you focus on one person and show them moving across an image in small groups when shooting a group of people. . It uses artificial intelligence to keep the focus on the person even if they go out and back in the frame, and the main videos and Solo Cut are 1080p and 30 frames per second (fps). I wanted to see if it could recognize animals and vehicles, but it only recognizes people.

Results !

One of the best and most popular companies in the world is an honor that brings you honor 70 with all the features that you love uniquely!

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