How to reduce the electricity bill with the counter trick?  Good savings at the end of the month

How to reduce the electricity bill with the counter trick? Good savings at the end of the month

To lower your bills, you need to change your daily habits. You must adopt a behavior that allows you to reduce your energy consumption and therefore your bills.

There are different solutions to reduce your bills and save money, especially in terms of setting up your electricity meter and the way you use your appliances in your home.

Reduce your electricity bills

Reduce your electricity bills. source: spm

With rising energy prices, French households are trying hard to save money to lower their bills. Depending on the monthly expenses such as telephone, insurance, electricity, water or gas bills, they can become a burden on the annual budget of all French people. To save money, you can follow this trick with your meter.

  • Refer to meter to reduce bills

the electric meter

The electric meter. source: spm

To reduce your bills and save on your energy consumption, you can use your meter configured by Enedis at peak and off-peak hours, as reported by Total Energies. Off-peak hours correspond to hours when the electricity grid is underutilized. Therefore, it is recommended to use your electrical appliances in these time slots from 12:00 to 17:00 and from 20:00 to 8:00. However, these times may vary by region.

The new counters have been designed so that you can Quickly adjust your heating thermostat and even set the temperature for each room. To reduce your bills, the electricity meter can also offer you an eco mode that will allow you to reduce your energy consumption during off-peak hours depending on the electricity provider you have chosen.

Discover other tips to reduce your electricity bill

The electricity bill

The electricity bill. source: spm

To reduce your electricity bill, you must reduce your energy consumption. If it’s hard to change your daily habits, you can follow these few tips to save some money.

  • Turn off your standby devices to lower your bills

Your electrical appliances in standby mode consume a lot of energy. In fact, even if they are switched off, they remain connected and therefore consume electricity. To turn them off completely, you need to unplug them or set up a backup system. You can get an 11% reduction on your electricity bill. so think about unplug all your electronic devices like your computer, kettle, charger, and game console when you’re not using them.

  • Make the most of daylight to lower your bills

During the summer you can enjoy the daylight. This will allow you not to turn on the light and save energy. You will enjoy the natural light of the sun without worrying about the electricity bill.

  • Lower your hot water temperature to lower your bills

Reducing the temperature of the hot water contained in the storage tank will allow you to reduce your electricity bill. By lowering the hot water temperature, you can reduce your energy bill.

To lower your bills, you can also replace your energy-intensive equipment with devices that use less energy. The investment you make for your purchase will pay off quickly.

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