[J13] Amiens SC – Saint-Etienne: the tops and the flops

Looking for a rebound after the loss in Nîmes, Amiens SC missed the match against a Saint-Etienne still conquerable (0-1) on Saturday. Enough to concede a fourth defeat, the second in a row and the first of the season at home. Discover our tops and failures after this meeting from matchday 13 of Ligue 2.

the covers

The atmosphere of the big games

If Amiens SC failed to fill the tickets for this gala match, there was still some Ligue 1 air left for this Ligue 2 matchday 13 match played in front of just over 11,000 spectators. First of all because of the nature of their rivals, AS Saint-Etienne, who are anything but an ordinary Ligue 2 team. They graced the other stands of the Unicorn, blending without notable incident into the Amiens mass. For its part, the kop Tribune Nord knew how to exist beyond pyrotechnic experimentation even before the starting gun of the meeting. And if the show hasn’t always been on the pitch, the atmosphere had everything from the great evenings of Ligue 1 between 2017 and 2020.

the failures

The first loss of the season at home

If any series necessarily has an ending, there is no doubt that Amiens SC would have liked to stretch theirs a little further at home. After five wins and a distribution of points, Amiens gave up their weapons against Saint-Etienne, who had yet to win away from their bases this season. Regardless of the result, Philippe Hinschberger’s men never knew how to ignite the game and give the feeling that they could return to the game after Ibrahima Wadji’s penalty. However, the Greens remained quite feverish defensively and barely offensive. Which led the Amiens SC coach to state that his team had not been ” up to the event“. In addition to this series finale in front of their home crowd, Picard’s club also conceded two defeats in a row for the first time this season, following last week’s setback at Nîmes. Each time against two relegated teams at kick-off.

A second half without life or desire

In the absence of a really clear chance, except for Tolu Arokodare’s recovery well finished off from a corner by Matthieu Dreyer, Amiens SC seemed to have taken the lead in the first half, managing to take advantage of the slow pace of the pitch. Saint-Etienne rearguard to create danger, especially in Antoine Leautey’s corridor. Unfortunately, the Picards literally sank on the return of the locker room, falling into the opposite false rhythm. After Formose Mendy’s useless foul, Amiens appeared amorphous, unable to sound the revolt and to have a second wind to keep the flame of a lap on the scoreboard. Although the expectation was great around this match that could allow the ASC to temporarily settle in the leader’s chair, the bellows quickly fell. Enough to cause great disappointment in the spans of the Unicorn, even leaving the match some fans before the final whistle.

Insufficient individual services

If the Amiens team did not meet expectations on the occasion of this fourth loss of the season, some individuals also jumped into the water against Saint-Etienne. Along the lines of the last few reassuring starts, Formose Mendy ended up laughing by committing an unnecessary foul with serious consequences in the center of the penalty area. Earlier he had also offered a corner on a careless error in the first half. Awaited as the Messiah since his return, Gaël Kakuta completely missed this first big meeting. Slow, apathetic and imprecise, the attacking midfielder lived through a real nightmare. And the party of Papiss Cissé in the forefront of the attack? If he shows in certain controls and movements that he hasn’t lost anything in his football, the Senegalese lacks intensity to exist for the duration of a match.

Romain PECHON with Benjamin HERMEL

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