Qatar World Cup 2022: after Bordeaux and Marseille, Paris chooses not to broadcast the World Cup matches

Qatar World Cup 2022: after Bordeaux and Marseille, Paris chooses not to broadcast the World Cup matches

Without fans or giant screens: Marseille, Bordeaux, Nancy and Reims joined this Monday the list of French cities that refused for humanitarian and environmental reasons to promote World Cup matches in Qatar (November 20 – December 18), after Strasbourg , Lille or Rodez. At the end of the day, Paris did the same.

The sports deputy of the Paris city council, the former rugby player Pierre Rabadan, announced on Monday that there will be no fan zone or giant screens in the capital on the occasion of this World Cup.

“This competition has gradually become a human and environmental disaster, incompatible with the values ​​that we want to see carried through sport and especially football”explained the Marseilles municipality, headed by the socialist Benoît Payan at the head of a broad coalition of leftists and environmentalists. “Marseille, strongly attached to the values ​​of sharing and solidarity in sport and committed to building a greener city, cannot contribute to the promotion of this 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar”the city insisted in a press release. “I would really have the impression, if Bordeaux hosted these fan zones, of being an accomplice” of “this sporting event that represents all the humanitarian, ecological and sporting aberrations”, declared for his part this Monday morning the ecological mayor of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic to various media, including AFP. The city of Nancy noted in a press release the “displacement” of “the use of air-conditioned stadiums during this World Cup (…) with the challenges of the ecological transition” and called “to the organizers (…) to “seriously review the rules for the adjudication of the next World Cups” with the purpose of “to integrate these issues” of “sobriety” Y “Respect for human rights”. Finally, for the mayor of Reims Arnaud Robinet (Horizons), “At the time of the pouvoirs publics demandent (…) de réduire (la) consommation d’énergies, de telles installations susciteraient une incompréhension légitime (…) pour l’un des évènements les most controversés de l’histoire sport”.

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“Energetic Aberration”

Among the reasons for this boycott are the treatment of immigrant workers and the death toll in the construction of the eight World Cup stadiums. Although the official figure is only three dead, the International Labor Organization (ILO) reported in a report that 50 workers died in workplace accidents in Qatar in 2020, and 500 were seriously injured, a figure that according to it could be higher due to the lacks. in the accident registration system.

Apart from the human rights issue, Pierre Hurmic also refused to be “incoherent” in relation to the efforts requested of the population in terms of “energetic sobriety”. “You cannot call your fellow citizens to sobriety and yourself be an accomplice in an energy aberration of this nature” he said, adding that “Those who awarded the World Cup to Qatar in 2010 were light years away from energy sobriety”.

The environmental mayor of the city, elected in 2020, clarified that the decision would have been the same if the World Cup had been played in the summer. And there will be no screens if France reach the final, he said. A month and a half after the start of the competition, Mr. Hurmic is convinced “That other mayors will make identical decisions in the coming days”. He also stated that he would not watch the competition.

On Saturday, the socialist mayor of Lille Martine Aubry also announced that a giant screen would not be installed, denouncing a “Nonsense about human rights, the environment and sport”. A decision also taken in Rodez and Strasbourg, in particular.

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