Let's talk about MotoGP: Pecco Bagnaia is scary - Paddock GP

Let’s talk about MotoGP: Pecco Bagnaia is scary – Paddock GP

New career, new demonstration of Francesco Bagnaia. The Italian is too strong, too sharp to be interrupted. This win is far from being like the others, and we’ll find out why in this review at various points.

I) A science of racing worthy of the greatest

Pecco bagnaia It is a problem in several aspects. after the weekendAssen, we conclude that it was the best race of his career. So we decided it was Miano. And now, Sepang. No rider in the MotoGP era has progressed as much in half a season as the Italian.

In Malaysia, he sickens the competition thanks to a brilliant, daring but surgical development of the race. Starting from ninth place, he made an anthology start, the “best” of his career according to him. You should know that in Sepang, the sequence of turns 1, 2 and 3 is very technical and requires extreme precision.

It’s not uncommon for riders to miss the first hard, flat brake, Formula 1 “typical”. The track is wide, several of our heroes can arrive head-on, and the difficulty lies in positioning for turn 2, which determines turn 3 and the next section. Pecco literally played on these difficulties. Perfect start to the race, which is quite rare. Of course, the fall of a George Martin on mission benefited Bagnaia, that’s a fact. But the masterstroke was just beginning.

Bagnaia was not even among the favourites, having fallen in free practice and qualifying. But Italian is unavoidable. Photo: Michelin Motorsport

Quick, the fourth duel “Beast”/Bagnaia of the season is coming. If we count, Bastianini has triumphed at Le Mans as much as Aragonbut Bagnaia was victorious in Miano. For Pecco, this is the worst case scenario. Enea has nothing to lose, he is one of the drivers (if not the one) who is most comfortable on his machine, he is fiery, quite unpredictable and does not seem to care about team orders.

But Bastianini’s main quality remains his racing sense., probably more developed than that of Bagnaia. Once again, the championship leader made no errors of judgement. After passing for the first time, he wisely bided his time and overtook at the right moment, unhurriedly. “a la Rossi”. Bastianini could not answer frankly despite the attempts and the constant pressure that he exerted on the official Ducati. Great driving.

II) in the style of Jorge Lorenzo

Photo: Michelin Motorsport

We haven’t talked about that yet, and this is perhaps the most incredible. Bagnaia was playing for a title, in his third season in Grand Prix. This is the biggest performance at a time of such pressure since Marquez in Valencia in 2017. You must know that revealing yourself in such conditions, when you have to win, could not be more difficult.

History teaches us that. Valentino Rossi himself struggled to do the same.. whether in valence 2006 where Phillips Island 2015, in tense situations, Vale found it difficult to respond present. Marc Márquez, in 2013, had settled for third place in Valencia and got into trouble at Phillip Island, driving feverishly, which was normal for his young age at the time.

Jorge Lorenzo, the king of the wallsHe was always there when the pressure was unbearable. Philip Island 2013 ? Victory despite a tortuous race from flag to flag. Valencia 2013, essential victory to aspire to the title? The result is one of the best performances of his career. We will come back to this point inherent to the “Por Fuera” race in a dedicated article.

The connection with Bagnaia is clear. Achieving similar performance at just 25 years old is simply impressive and leaves one wondering what his full potential is. He had everything to lose, but still took a risk for victory. You have to pay tribute to his maturity and his desire, whether or not he lifts the 2022 trophy.

What did you think of his career? Tell us in the comments!

Bagnaia is great. Photo: Michelin Motorsport

Cover photo: Michelin Motorsport

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