Qatar World Cup: alcohol, clothing, women... The surprising rules that fans will have to respect

Qatar World Cup: alcohol, clothing, women… The surprising rules that fans will have to respect

  • 1 “Do’s and Don’ts”

  • On Thursday, September 29, the organizing committee of the Soccer World Cup released a guide to good conduct to be adopted during the competition that will take place in Qatar, from November 20 to December 18. Baptized as “Do’s and Don’t” and intended for fans and accredited, this document, published by RMC Sport, reveals a series of measures to be observed in a country where uses and customs are very different from those of the host countries. Previous World Cups. For this 2022 World Cup, Qatar expects more than a million visitors to its territory, which has less than 3 million inhabitants.

  • 2 No Shirtless Fans

  • While we’re used to seeing shirtless fans in stadiums, this time it shouldn’t be the case. In fact, the clothing must cover the shoulders and knees. For women, the dress rule is also to wear long pants or long skirts, as well as blouses that cover the neck and chest. On the beach, no flip-flops and Brazilian bikinis. Offensive slogans on clothing should also be avoided. For women, wearing a headscarf is not compulsory except in a mosque, but wearing one is appreciated to “integrate and respect the local culture and avoid unwanted attention”.

    Qatari fans in Doha celebrate their team's victory over Japan in the 2019 Asian Cup final.
    Qatari fans in Doha celebrate their team’s victory over Japan in the 2019 Asian Cup final. (Photo EPA-EFE)
  • 3 “Don’t Approach Hostesses With Your Hands”

  • In Qatar, when a stranger enters a house, it is advisable to greet the oldest person and those of “higher status” first. Regarding female guests, he must not “approach them with his hands”

    and “avoid hugging”. However, it is possible to “verbally greet them keeping a certain distance”.

  • 4 Do not sit cross-legged

  • According to the document, one should never sit cross-legged, which is considered an insult. Therefore, you need to sit on the stands with your legs parallel. Also avoid looking a Qatari in the eye. Such a look is perceived as “rude and inappropriate.” In this country, the left hand is reserved for bodily hygiene. To drink or eat, it is necessary to use the right hand, such as to greet someone or take an object.

    Another jubilant scene, even after Qatar's victory in the Asian Cup final in 2019.
    Another scene of joy, even after Qatar’s victory in the Asian Cup final in 2019. (Photo EPA-EFE)
  • 5 The pint at €17 but not in the stadium

  • Fans are not allowed to bring alcohol. Drugs and pork products will also be prohibited on the site. As for the beer, whose pint should be around 17 euros (the price of a 33 cl bottle between 10 and 15 euros), it will not be served in the stadiums, but only in bars or cafes, and not in public places. Note that public drunkenness is punishable by imprisonment.

  • 6 “Upset Qatar Supreme Committee 2022”

  • According to RMC Sport, the document, published on Thursday on the rules to be respected in Qatar during the World Cup, “shocked and then strongly upset within the Supreme Committee of Qatar 2022”. “Initially accused of being a forgery by the organizers, this document was indeed written by FIFA, explains the news channel. But according to the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee, at no time has this document been reread and less validated by local authorities. According to them, there would be various false information, in particular regarding clothing and the length of the appropriate fabrics ”. Still according to RMC Sport, “today (Friday, September 30, editor’s note) there were tense exchanges between FIFA and the Supreme Committee, proof that, less than two months before the World Cup, relations are far from being fluid between the Two parts.

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