ATHLETE.FR |  5 km French Championship: Gilavert and Allier in the wind

ATHLETE.FR | 5 km French Championship: Gilavert and Allier in the wind

5 km French Championship: Gilavert and Allier in the wind

Louis Gilavert held his ground to become the first French 5km champion, despite gusts slowing down runners on the Albi race circuit on Sunday. Among the women, Mélanie Allier surprised the favorites to take victory at the end of the course.

Although Eole had quite spared the morning races for masters 1 and over and cadet-juniors, the wind made its appearance around 11 am on Sunday morning, on the Séquestre plain where the French 5 km championships were held. in Albi. On the paved and sunny track of the Tarn motor circuit, the elite drivers therefore had to contend with a continuous breeze that seriously dampened the ardor of the most daring. Thus, etienne daguinos He quickly understood that he had to put his ambitions for the France Under-23 record in the closet, despite an intensive preparation course by Font-Romeu. ” I made a lot of effort to create a gap in the part where the wind was coming from behind, but when I got into the wind I saw immediately that it was going to be very difficult. I suffered, and I’m a bit disappointed with the stage, but I still get my first national podium among seniors. “, breathed upon his arrival the member of US Talence, who could do nothing before the attack of Louis Gilavert (Pays de Fontainebleau Athlé) in the last hectometers of the race.
Located behind the Girondin, as a hunter “, the plater from Pays de Fontainebleau Athlé produced his acceleration at the start of the last kilometer to beat one of the other three members of the quartet who had been on their heels after the first half of the event playing together. Gilavert He also acknowledged having suffered during the entire time that his effort lasted, which ended in 14’03”, with a two-second margin over daguiños. ” I broke away 300m from the line and it’s quite rare for them to beat me in these circumstances. But before that I was not comfortable at all, I felt heavy, and every support was a battle. The wind hurt us a lot. So I’m happy, because today I beat my mind. It is with these types of small battles that I will become a championship racer. “Very disappointed with their 15th place finish in the European Championships in the 3000m steeplechase, Seine-et-Marnais decided not to take a summer break in order to try to revive as quickly as possible. The rebound operation started well.

christian donovan (Bannalec Pays de Quimperlé Athlé) completed the men’s podium in 14’10”, maintaining a two-second lead over Youssef Mekdafou (Pierrefitte Multi Athlon Villetaneuse). Seventh in the scratch, Matthew Brulet (AS Saint-Junien) is the first M0 to have crossed the finish line in 14’24”, and could savor a new gold medal won in Albi, four years after a marathon title in the Cathar city. A little earlier in the morning, it’s El Hassane Ben Lkhainouch (Alès Cévennes Athlétisme) who dominated the race reserved for masters 1 and above, winning the sprint in 14’31” against Jean-Jacques Trogneux (Amiens UC), ending a period complicated by injuries and Covid.

Merge out of the woods

In the women’s race, the decision between the three announced favorites was made by elimination. is first alexa lemitre who was ruled out of the game, even before kickoff, due to injury. Well present in the leading pack during the first crossing of the finish line, after 1.5 km of effort, Aude keyboard (Amiens UC) was then forced to put the arrow in the second round. And when everything seemed to line up for julian melody, the AM Montredonnaise driver failed to win her opponents, despite several attempts in the wind. So much so that in the end it was the outsiders who rubbed their hands when France’s recent half-marathon champion had to fold her wings, her legs heavy.
And in the final stretch of the pits, it is melanie allier who took the chestnuts out of the fire. By cutting the ribbon in 16’34”, the Entente Athlétique Rhône Vercors 26 07 athlete offered herself a prestigious victory, even though she had never before been on a national podium. ” I did the fourth fastest time so I thought anything was possible, but the girls in front are international. “, he admitted after the fact, all smiles.
Amid congratulations from his opponents, Drômoise, who will soon be 23, recounted his cautious and profitable strategy. ” My first goal was to last up to 3000m or a little more, to see how it would go in the final package. When I felt the wind, I went behind the girls to protect myself. I followed the train, and seeing that 1,500 m from the track we were all breathing the same, I realized that I had my chance. So I went up a little bit, and that’s how I found myself in front… Credited with 16’08” on the track last summer, Combine surpassed a milestone with this result, on which it intends to build in the coming months. ” A first national podium in all categories is very nice and gives confidence for the future! It remains to be seen where he will choose to try his luck this winter: on the road, on the cross country courses, or maybe even both.

Mihoubi as boss

Jennifer Contois (Bourges Entente Athlétisme) is the one that best resisted the arrival of the new French champion, but had to lower the flag in the last hundred meters, and settled for the silver medal, won in 16’36”. Third in 16’45 ”, cyndie sabatini (Alès Cévennes Athlétisme) had the banana that went away with his third place in the scratch, accompanied by a victory in the masters. Marion LeGoff (Stade Brestois) was fourth with 17’04”, just ahead of the climber Elizabeth Poncet (Athlé Saint-Julien 74) and julian melody.
in the same race melissadejourdan (EA Cergy Pontoise Athlétisme) is the first junior to reach the finish line in 17’16”, Camila Laurent (CA Balma) took the U-23 crown in 17’27”, and templar flower (EA Pays de Brocéliande) was proclaimed junior champion of France in 17’31”. Among the boys, the cadets and juniors were entitled to a race just for them, and he is the France U20 record holder, Ylies Mihoubiwho dictated his law in 14’40”, in front of his club mate at AS Pierrefitte gabriel timba (14’42”). Seventh, the French cross country champion Gaston Rohmer (SR Obernai) triumphed among the cadets in 14’51”.

Photos: © Hugo Aussenac / FFA

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