nintendo switch nudite interdiction censure (2)

Nintendo wants to ban nudity in video games (even for adults)

Nintendo is going to war against nudity in the world of video games. He wants to ban “bare breasts” without censorship.

Nintendo Switch Nudity Ban Censorship (2)

Nintendo wants to ban nudity on the Switch eShop

We agree, nudity in video games it is an integral part of some games. This is particularly the case with hentai-style games or adult games. There are also many titles where sex is a real way to bring players back: Cyberpunk 2077 is the case for example, or in GTA V.

In short, it is “fan service”, yes, but many times it is part of the universe of the game in question. Removing nudity from these games, wouldn’t that distort it? In any case, Nintendo is not of this opinion. The publisher of Mario or Zelda has decided to wage war on “uncensored topless” in video games and more widely, Nintendo even want ban any form of nudity in games.

Nintendo Switch Nudity Ban Censorship (2)

In this context, it seems that Nintendo has begun to censor adult games that are currently published in Nintendo Switch Online Store. In fact, publishers who create adult games with nudity can obviously offer their games on the Switch store. But, Nintendo now reserves the right to censor the titles in question.

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Gamuzumi publisher forced to provide other versions of their games

This is particularly the case with game maker Gamuzumi, which specializes in adult games. After the release of their new game titled “Hot Tentacles Shoot”, Nintendo was quickly disillusioned and did not appreciate its explicit content at all. According to Nintendo, the nudity is too present. The game contains, among other things, obscene scenes and “uncensored topless”.

“We received a response from Nintendo and now confirm that they no longer allow uncensored breasts on their console.”

“Basically, obscene content could damage the brand and violate their policies. This means that from now on all games with bare breasts must be censored. And that’s why our Hot Tentacles Shoot game was rejected in the first place. Similarly, our recently announced game, Elves Christmas Hentai Puzzle, was also rejected due to nudity. This is the only information we have at the moment, we will try to submit the games for validation without the nudity this time, let’s see what they say or bring news if needed.”Gamuzumi said.

But, Nintendo’s eShop policy now states that these games must be effectively censored. A noticeable change in the last few days, presumably. For good reason, this was not the case before and Nintendo had to change the hot springs, without informing users elsewhere.

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“Uncensored topless” will be strictly prohibited

As a result, all publishers making video games with nudity will have to censor their games themselves or risk being banned from the Nintendo Switch store. The latter specifically asked publishers of hentai-style games to provide a hybrid and alternative version of their games to the Switch store.

The body parts in question would therefore be the bare chest (of women, apparently). But, we can imagine that overly explicit scenes will have to be skipped, even at the language level. Let’s not even talk about masculine attributes.

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Like Nintendo, Twitch is also going to war against nudity, but not only…

Similarly, know that Twitch has decided to completely ban nudity on its platform. But in addition, Twitch also prohibits live betting. Already in force for many years, the ban on nudity on Twitch was accentuated when the category of lives appeared where users could show themselves in a bathing suit (HOT TUB).

As a result, many channels have jumped on the wave to bring back the lost sexy side of Twitch. Sure, when you get banned for a single visible nipple during a video reaction, it’s a bit tough. Well, know that aside from nudity, Twitch has decided to ban gambling on the platform. According to her, playing live would be a way to promote it.

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