Girondins4Ever - [Amical] Girondins4Ever Tops/Flops after Bordeaux - Clermont Foot: Two midfielders on the Tops, one on the Flops

Girondins4Ever – [Amical] Girondins4Ever Tops/Flops after Bordeaux – Clermont Foot: Two midfielders on the Tops, one on the Flops

the Girondists of Bordeaux He played a friendly match this Thursday, September 22 at 6:00 p.m. to fill this international break. It was in Limoges in front of the Clermont Foot Auvergne 63.

The game ended with a 2-3 loss in the last minutes of the match. The score does not reflect the content of the match. the men of DavidScreenplay However, they were able to get playing time for some and discover the professional level for others.

The opportunity for us to deliver the TOPS and FLOPS players of FCGB during this meeting:

TOPS: Sissokho / Bakwa Entrance / Depussay

Issouf Sissokho: The Malian midfielder was lined up from the start against Clermont football. DavidScreenplay I wanted to give him playing time because he is counting on him for the next matches and the least we can say is that Issouf has returned that confidence! He was on every shot in midfield. In the first period, Bordeaux they largely dominated the discussions, although they failed to nail down the score. Issouf Sissokho He was everywhere, very fair technically, acceleration of the game and remarkable handling and protection of the ball. He was the boss of the Bordeaux entourage. at the exit of Yoann Barbet he even regained the captain’s armband for the second half. A very good performance that means the Malian must play this season!

Entry by Dilane Bakwa: the attack again Girondine he struggled during this match. The first half was rich in possession but poor at times and especially in the definition. Logan Delaurier-Chaubet had trouble finding the duo Aliou Badji Josh Maja and the latter have often missed the last gesture. at half time DavidScreenplay brought Dylan Bakwa, came out in a 4-3-3 and we saw the difference. He pushed back the Clermont defense before he snapped at his percussion. If at times the last gesture failed, the young winger provided a real plus forward, scored a good goal and showed that this season we could not do without him.

Emeric Depussay: It is a great reward for the young midfielder to be at the top of this game. Positioned in the right piston at the beginning of the game, in a 3-5-2, he helped again without complaining about the work. Without hesitation in taking the lane, he also defended well although at times the Clermont striker forced him to take risks. In the second half he regained his position in midfield and did his job there too. Quite accurate in supported passes from him, Emeric Depussay he acted as a leader in this young team. He’s used to it, he was the captain of this young guard last season in National 3during the second half of the championship.

FAILURES: Fransergio / Delaurier-Chaubet / Barbet

Fransergius: It’s cruel but it’s not even necessary to change the photo of the Flops because the Brazilian is back there… It’s not ruthlessness against him but the sad reality. We would like to see a Fransergius in the Tops, author of a successful performance but it is not like that… At the beginning of the game we saw him go up 2-3 times, try two shots, one that ended up in the goalkeeper’s gloves, the other crushed and countered… so that’s it all. Oh yes, on Clermont’s second goal, he is outdone by a turnover and misses the mark. This is the case far too often, his lack of impact and speed being lacking in midfield. When we see the benefits ofIssouf SissokhoofEmeric Depussay and even the second period ofemily makagniwe wonder how DavidScreenplay will be able to leave the totem of immunity to the Brazilian…

Logan Delaurier-Chaubet: The young player had positioned himself in one of the positions he likes the most, that of attacking midfielder. In a 3-5-2 system at the beginning of the match, he was at the tip of the middle, just behind the duo. Aliou Badji Josh Maja. But Logan He struggled to get on the field. He found himself many times in the same line as the attackers, which made him a 9. He did not weigh in the first half except for some incursions that did not end, the last gesture not always being good. In the end, he may be more comfortable on one side. Substituted at half-time by Dylan Bakwa.

Yoann Barbet: The captain did not have it easy once again. Placed in a central three defense but not on the side he played when he was in Queens Park Rangers, Yoann Barbet He could not prevent the team from conceding two goals in the first half. If he doesn’t get directly involved in scoring, he might not be the boss we all hope for. But it was just a friendly match and we know it will get stronger. Let’s not forget that he went a long time without playing an official match. Replaced in ’62 by the young Emmanuel Biumla.

(Photo by Dave Winter/FEP/Icon Sport) – Photo by Icon sport

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