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The VAFC is afraid but enables

However, in control after Aeron Zinga’s first goal, VAFC had to go through a penalty shootout to shake Red Star (1-1, 3-1 on penalties). Hillel Konaté made three parades during the shooting session to offer the qualification to his team.

situations in spades

Without great rhythm, Valenciennes will go through this first act clumsily. Already in the transmissions there is a lot of waste from the northern game. On several occasions, in transition in particular, Valenciennes lacked precision to exploit these situations. On the other hand, the residents of Ile-de-France play the shots thoroughly. Durand’s center for Ndoye’s header. The former Angevin sees the ball brush Konaté’s post, who started for the first time this season (15′). VA reacts immediately with Hamache, who after a double with Zinga, faces Avognan (16′). Three minutes later, Zinga finds himself in the area in an ideal position, but the latter misses his head (19′).

That same Zinga that we will find half an hour after the best opportunity of the first half. Well served by Diliberto, the striker turns around and crosses his shot, a few centimeters from the opposing goal (31 ′). Zinga is not the only one who lacks precision in the last gesture. Just before the break, Hamache finds a defender on his way after recovering a ball in the box (45′). In the sequel, Nomel inherits the ball facing the goal, and shoots up to everyone’s surprise (45+1′).

VA sinks, but passes!

Finally, around the locker room, the wheel will turn on the side of Valenciennes. A minute after bumping into Avognan again, Aeron Zinga is found on the surface by Hamache. The striker hits hard, the Audonian goalkeeper can only let this ball pass between his legs (1-0, 53′). Hamache was even able to bring the break a few moments later, but his left curl missed the mark (57′). Ile-de-France will react with Slimani (60′) and then Durand (67′), but Hillel Konaté does not break.

Not necessarily worried, Valenciennes will be added to the scoreboard for a stupid mistake. In the area, Buatu loses the ball. Autumn of Alioune take the opportunity to clean Konaté’s skylight (1-1, 78′). Transcended, those of Habib Beye even touch the second goal, but Kouagba’s powerful shot dies in Konaté’s crossbar (85 ‘). In the penalty shootout, Hillel Konaté becomes a hero by launching three opposing attempts. Valenciennes qualified in the eighth round of the Coupe de France but came close to disaster.

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VAFC – RED STAR: 1-1 (3-1, penalties) (0-0)

Matchday 7 of the Coupe de France

Saturday, October 29, 6:00 p.m.

Hainaut Stadium, Valenciennes

Referee: Mr. Leleu

Goals: Zinga (53′) for Valenciennes; Fall (78 ‘) for the Red Star

Reserves: Nomel (62′), Bonnet (90+2′) for Valenciennes; Macalou (45′) by Red Star

Net shot:

Valenciennes: Cuffaut, Berthomier, Bonnet

Red Star: Benali

HFCV: Konaté – Linguet, Buatu, Rabuel, Lecoeuche (c.) (Cuffaut, 76′) – Nomel (Bonnet, 70′), Diliberto, Picouleau – Martin (Berthomier, 76′), Hamache, Zinga (Noubissi, 76′)

substitutes : Sy, Cuffaut, Touré, Berthomier, Boutoutaou, Bonnet, Noubissi

Coach: Nicolas Rabuel

Red Star : Avognan, Vialla (Tré, 58′), Dieng, Kouagba, El Hriti – Guel, Ndoye (c.) (Autumn, 77′), Slimani – Macalou (Cissé, 58′), Anani (Ikanga, 58′), Durand (Benali, 70′)

substitutes : Bonet (left), Hachem, Tré, Ikanga, Fall, Cissé, Benali

Coach: Habib Beye

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