saturday games

saturday games

French Cup 7th round Saint-Etienne - Rodez joy Rodez

Released on Friday, Round 7 continues. Regional 1 clubs Orvault and Reipertswiller brought down Laval (L2) and Nancy (N). In Saint-Étienne, Rodez (photo) emerged victorious from the duel between Ligue 2, which lost other representatives including Le Havre. Like National.

The afternoon had started well for the Ligue 2 clubs, who finalized this Saturday, for 17 of them, their entry into the race in this 106th edition of the Coupe de France. The first participants, Sochaux, Paris FC and Niort, negotiated the turn well. It was later spoiled with the elimination of Saint-Étienne and Stade Lavallois -by Orvault (R1) which evolves four divisions below- on penalties, which were joined shortly after by Quevilly Rouen Métropole and Dijon FCO, released in the same circumstances by a team of N3 and N2. The same scenario for AS Nancy Lorraine, a National club, which left the Coupe de France on Reipertswiller’s ground (R1). Shots on goal, on the other hand, smiled at SC Bastia in Prix-les-Mézières (N3). But not the leader of the National, the American Concarneau, who fell on the grass of Vannes OC (N2). In the afternoon, Girondins de Bordeaux responded to the derby against Stade Bordelais (N2).

The results of the seventh day


The number of Ligue 2 clubs qualified for the eighth round before the last matches on Sunday and after Tuesday.


The national clubs are still in contention at the end of the seventh round, where more than half of the participants have been released. On Tuesday, Villefranche-Beaujolais will try to increase this contingent.


The matches went up to the penalty shootout to designate the qualifiers!


Division gap between Orvault, who play in Regional 1, and Stade Lavallois (L2). The Pays de la Loire club achieved one of the best feats of the seventh day.

Orvault creates the feat, Rodez sinks Saint-Étienne

The party must have been beautiful and will probably continue until the end of the night in Orvault (Loire-Atlantique). The Regional 1 club, 10th in its group in the League (with two games less), gave the first surprise of this 7th day by beating Laval, 14th in Ligue 2 and current champion of the National. Théo Kersuzan had given his team the lead (1-0, 32nd) before Geoffray Durbant snatched the penalty shootout (1-1, 84th). Whose fans were victorious in sudden death after seven attempts for each side (6 record 5).

This qualification came on the heels of Rodez’s at Saint-Étienne’s Boiling Cauldron. Unable to decide between themselves at the end of regulation time, the two teams battling in Ligue 2 where a point separates them (Rodez, 17th with 12 pts; ASSE 18th) had to go on penalties. Sébastien Cibois stopped two attempts (see tweet below) and Clément Depres validated the ticket for the eighth round (0-0, 4 chips 3).

Aubervilliers, Saint-Pryve-Saint-Hilaire
and Alençon at the end of the suspense!

Quevilly Rouen Métropole and Dijon FCO, which is hot on the heels of Laval in Ligue 2, where they are ranked 13th and 15th respectively, experienced the same result as the Tangos. The only difference, QRM and DFCO led on the scoreboard before being overtaken and then losing on penalties against Aubervilliers (N3, 1-1, 1 chip 4) and Saint-Pryvé-Saint-Hilaire (N2, 1-1, 2 tab 3) .

“We have no right. We dominated the first half, we have to score the second goal to double the game. We let them come back little by little with long balls and set pieces. We have to enforce the hierarchy and when we lead on the scoreboard against these types of teams, we know there can be a boost of energy with the crowd. It was up to us to control things. we did not “

Omar DAF, coach of Dijon FCO, on the club’s website

Crazy match between Alençon and Le Havre. The players of Nacional 3 rocked the L2 dolphin by taking the lead three times. HAC found the resources to equalize each time but lost, as soon as they entered the race, in the penalty shootout with a last shot by Hakim El-Hamdaoui (3 penalties 5).

It works for them…

Sochaux vs. Hombourg-Haut (R3, 3-0), Grenoble vs. AS Illzach-Modenheim (R1, 4-1), Paris FC at Les Ulis (N3, 3-1), FC Pau at Aigues-Mortes (3-0 ) did not tremble. FC Annecy put on a home show against Combani’s Mahorais des Diables Noirs (R1, Mayotte, 8-1) whose adventure ends here. Fighting in the Championship, Chamois Niortais, 20th in L2, had more difficulties in Mérignac but provided the essentials (R1, 1-0). VAFC and SM Caen, hooked by Red Star (N) and US Saint-Malo (N2) had to go through penalties. No problem for Nîmes against FC Borgo (N, 3-0) or Girondins de Bordeaux against Stade Bordelais (N2, 3-0).

League 2 club matches

saturday october 29

FCE Mérignac-Arlac (R1) – Chamois Niortais FC (L2), 0-1
CO Les Ulis (N3) – Paris F.C. (L2), 1-3
FC Sochaux-Montbeliard (L2) – SSEP Hombourg-Haut (R2), 3-0
AS Illzach-Modenheim (R1) – GrenobleF38 (L2), 1-4
AS Saint-Etienne (L2) – Rodez AF (L2), 0-0 (3 against 4)
USS Aigues-Mortes (N3) – Pau FC (L2), 0-3
Orvault SF (R1) – Lavallois Stadium M.F.C. (L2), 1-1 (6 pens 5)
F.C. Annecy (L2) – Combani DN (R1 Mayotte), 8-1
AS Prix-lès-Mézières (N3) – SC Bastia (L2), 0-0 (2 penalties 4)
Saint-Pryve Saint-Hilaire FC (N2) – Dijon FCO (L2), 1-1 (3 pens 2)
FCM Aubervilliers (N3) – Quevilly Rouen Metropolis (L2), 1-1 (4 tabs 1)
Valencia F.C. (L2) – Red Star FC (N), 1-1 (3 penalties 1)
USA Saint-Malo (N2) – SM Fall (L2), 2-2 (3 against 4)
USA Alençon (N3) – Le Havre AC (L2), 3-3 (5 tabs 3)
Nimes Olympic Games (L2) – FC Borgo (N), 3-0
Bordeaux Stadium (N2) – FC Girondins Bordeaux (L2), 0-3

Sunday October 30

2:00 p.m.: Auray FC (R1) – EA Guingamp (L2)
2:30 p.m.: FC Chambly Oise (N2) – Amiens SC (L2)

Tuesday, November 1

6:00 p.m.: American Raonnaise (N3) – F.C. Metz (L2)

The National
Finished for Concarneau and Nancy

After an impeccable Friday with the classifications of La Berrichone de Châteauroux and Puy-en-Velay, the National clubs have experienced disparate luck this Saturday in the first matches played. Paris 13 Atlético had a blast against FC Liancourt Clermont, who play five levels below (R3, 5-0). American advances (image below) logically discarded Espérance Chartres-de-Bretagne (R1, 2-0). The great feat is signed by US Reipertswiller, a Regional 1 club, which continues the adventure of the Coupe de France by leaving AS Nancy-Lorraine (3-2), currently sixth in National. Led by the Alsatians 2-0 after 63 minutes, ASNL went back to 2-1 and then 3-2 but without success. US Concarneau, fell on the pitch of Vannes OC, 11th in National 2. Gboho (1-1, 13th) had responded to Ebrard’s initial goal (10th) then the VOC eliminated the championship leader after a disputed penalty shootout ( 6th). tab 5).

The joy of the American players Avranches MSM (photo Philippe Le BRECH / APL / FFF).

This was fatal for Red Star at Valenciennes (L2, 1-1, 3 tab 1) but more surprising at Le Mans FC, pushed out by Fougères (N3, 2-2, 8 tab 7) after having led 2 -0 . Mission accomplished for Dunkirk at Beauvais (N3, 3-0). In the end, more than half of the National representatives fell (6 out of 11). Good news anyway: the qualification, today, of FC Villefranche Beaujolais against Rhône Vallées in a late game of matchday 6 (3-2). The Caladois have an appointment at ES Tarentaise next Tuesday (2pm).

national club matches

Friday, October 28

Poitevin F.C. Stadium (N3) – Chateauroux LB (N), 0-1
Le Puy F43A (N) – Andrezieux-Bouthéon FC (N2), 2-0

saturday october 29

USA Reipertswiller (R1) – as nancy lorraine (N), 3-2
FC Liancourt Clermont (R3) – Paris 13 Athletic (N), 0-5
Esperance Chartres-de-Bretagne (R1) – US Avranches MSM (N), 0-2
OC valves (N2) – concarneau (N), 1-1 (6 pens 5)
AS Beauvais Oise (N2) – USL Dunkirk (N), 0-3
American Ferns (N3) – Le Mans F.C. (N), 2-2 (8 tabs 7)
Plabennecois Stadium (N3) – SO Cholet (N), 1-0

Tuesday, November 1

2pm: SS Tarentaise (R2) – FC Villefranche-Beaujolais (NO)

CA Éperlecques passed very close

Petit Poucet Intermarché, CA Eperlecques (Departmental 1, Côte d’Opale) need not be ashamed of their performance against Stade Béthunois (Regional 1). While three divisions separated them from their rivals on the day, Ludovic Darcy’s men bowed to a goal from Frédéric Delsart, conceding a narrow loss despite ending the match with numerical superiority (0-1).

3 representatives of Departmental 1 are still in the race

saturday october 29

  • San Quintin Olympic (N2) – Sport of Hienghène (New Caledonia, D1), 2-1
  • CA Eperlecques (E1) – Bethunois Stadium (R1), 0-1

Sunday October 30

  • 14:00: Marcoussis-Nozay VDB (D1) – Us Le Pays du Valois (R1)
  • 14:00: J. A. Armentieres (D1) – SC Marnaval (R1)
  • 15:00: USA Teteghem (D1) – FC Loon Plage (R1)

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